Cabinet Agreements on Verge of Collapse as Hizbullah Seeks to Mediate

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Hizbullah will reportedly make a new initiative to put back the cabinet formation efforts on track after the latest deal on the name of retired Internal Security Forces Maj. Gen. Marwan Charbel collapsed.

An Nahar daily said Tuesday that Hizbullah might move in the next few days to find a consensual exit to the government impasse.

It said all achievements made so far on the cabinet, including the agreement between President Michel Suleiman and Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun on naming Charbel for the interior ministry post have collapsed.

Any resumption of consultations between the different parties of the March 8 forces would begin from the starting point or from the previously reached agreement of giving 19 ministers to the March 8 coalition in return for 11 seats for Suleiman, Miqati and Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat, according to the newspaper.

The 19-11 formula was threatened last week after disagreement between Aoun and Suleiman over their shares. The president asked for another Maronite minister after he alleged that the number of March 8 ministers became 20 following Aoun’s nomination of Charbel.

The last meeting between the representatives of the FPM leader, Hizbullah and the speaker with Premier-designate Najib Miqati was held last Wednesday.

Miqati is allegedly waiting for their answers on several issues including the distribution of portfolios.

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