'Integreight' the 7th Team to Qualify for this Year's MIT Semi-Finalist Round


Egyptian “Integreight” has been selected as one of the semi-finalists teams for this year’s MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab Region Startup Competition for the Start-up Track.

When Amr Saleh an electronics and communication engineering student graduated from university the only thing he could think about was the amount of time he and his friends had spent in the electronics lab completing tasks that took so much time and gave little results.

“I thought about the valuable time that had been wasted in the lab analyzing circuits and cutting wires when instead I could have been designing new applications and circuit boards which is really what matters in our field.” Says Amr.

Frustrated with this idea, Amr teamed up with seven of his university colleagues and founded “Integreight” which designs smart electronic solutions, starting with a Smart Breadboard device that shortens both the time and efforts needed when designing electronic circuits.

Engineering students use breadboards to test their electronic circuits, however breadboards are considered as extremely time consuming due to the large number of wires that need to be connected.

Integreight’s smart breadboard is a multifunctional prototyping device for electrical and electronic circuits; it eliminates the usage of wires used to connect the components of a circuit on a breadboard.

Integreight’s patented solution is a hybrid between software and hardware where users can do all the wiring virtually through software simulation saving students valuable time.

The impact of using such a product in university labs is extremely valuable. Because students will have more time they will be able to focus more on designing and creating various applications rather than wasting their time cutting wires, this will increase their creativity and ability to deliver innovative and practical solutions.

Integreight also added a remote experimentation feature in their product which allows users to have access over the circuit remotely through a web application where they can see their experiments through live video streaming.

The company is currently based in Egypt but plans to have its headquarters in the United States.With more than 200,000 engineering students in the United States alone and with the absence of competing products, the market for Integreight’s solution looks promising, both local and international universities have shown interest in Integreight’s revolutionary product.

“If you are facing a problem and you choose not to do anything about it now you will end up never doing anything and if you wait for others to find solutions to your problems chances are that nothing will ever change.

This is the second time we apply to the MIT Competition which goes to show that persistence and determination are what really makes an entrepreneur.” Says Amr.

Integreight will attend a two day workshop in Qatar in April 25 along with 49 other teams, where they will receive coaching, training and network with other entrepreneurs from the Arab region and meet the region’s major players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Semi-finalist ideas or startups in ICT, digital media, and mobile will automatically qualify for the Oasis 500 training and acceleration program http://www.oasis500.com/ , which is a six-day training program that covers all business aspects, including business modeling, financials, pitching, facilitation and marketing.

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