Blast Reported in Tyre Area amid Israeli Mock Raids


A blast went off on Sunday evening in the southern area of al-Fawwar between al-Hallousiyeh, Badyas and Deir Qanoun al-Nahr, Future TV reported.

Citing reports, the TV network said Israeli aircraft might have detonated an electronic transmission device.

“Hizbullah has cordoned off the area,” Future TV added.

Earlier on Sunday, state-run National News Agency reported “intensive Israeli mock raids at medium altitude over the southern areas of Nabatiyeh, Iqlim al-Tuffah, Marjeyoun and Khiyam."

NNA noted that Israeli aircraft “did not leave the Lebanese airspace over the South all through the day.”

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Missing peace 03 February 2013, 23:29

“Hizbullah has cordoned off the area,”

it should be the job of the army not a political party!

Thumb smarty 04 February 2013, 00:19

Very disturbing, it is.

Missing abraham 04 February 2013, 00:24

@ peace
maybe the report forget or deleted the word(until the Army units) arrived
could that happen?
only in the cinical minds like you

Missing peace 04 February 2013, 00:37

yes sure after hezbis allow the army to do their job... normal isn t it?

Thumb geha 04 February 2013, 07:37

until this army shows us it treats the killers of Samer Hanna as they should, it is not an acceptable army.
treating part of the Lebanese as rogue Lebanese while accepting anything from hizbushaitan and affiliates is not a national army.

Missing phalangistes 03 February 2013, 23:39

Military sources to LBCI: The army does not take a permission to enter any Lebanese region... Hahahahahahahaha they forgot to say: except for the coordoned area by hizballah!

Thumb shab 04 February 2013, 09:54

Bomb som more stocks of the filthy militia

Thumb geha 04 February 2013, 11:12

this is exactly what is wrong in this country.
it is governed by thugs and traitors.
therefore any Lebanese has a duty to get armed and fight against this occupation.
any group or militia or army responding to this government is to be considered therefore as part of this 'Vichy" like government of traitors.
by these words you have justified the killing of our soldiers: Imbecile!

Thumb geha 04 February 2013, 13:03

you are a blind misguided ignorant:
hizbushaitan enjoys nothing and are traitors executing iran orders. wake up and realize it.
governments are not the law: show us one law that says they are legal.
I do not divert anything: all weapons outside the state are illegal, and so many times shia backed by hizbushaitan have killed and injured army personnel and never was one caught because hizbushaitan would not allow it.
that is the tryth and the reality of things. live with it: we are occupied as you so rightly say it above by an Iranian entity.

Thumb whyaskwhy 04 February 2013, 14:44

Hizballah scared them off! Luckily for Lebanon they did not blow them out of the sky with their Ali Grayshan SAM rockets or the Hassan Khosh7ari ICBMs... yes indeed I am glad to hear that Hizballah controled the apease the situation naturaly.

Thumb geha 04 February 2013, 15:33

FT, you do not get off easy: show us a law that says hizbushaitan are legal.
otherwise stop spreading your lies.

Missing greatpierro 04 February 2013, 18:26

It is exactly the problem in this country. Hizbullah are governing the country thanks to the couverture offered by Aoun and to their weapons. They are untouchables, above the law, they do not deliver wanted men and suspect. Yet Christians M8 support them.

Default-user-icon Hafez (Guest) 04 February 2013, 19:31

Hizballah is not supposed to cordon off areas. They are not a legitmate security service. Where are the police or the army? By all legal means Hizballah should not even have 99% of the weapons that they have. They are a threat to all of lebanon.

As a lebanese citizen I know that the main reason for zionist warplanes flying over my home is because there is an illegal militia living in my area with missles pointed at the zionist state. I dont blame the IDF for taking precautions to preserve the safety of their state. I just wish that us lebanese had the same. Hizballah doesn't care about us at all. They care about money power and pleasing their Iranian Masters.