Artheum to Inaugurate the Beirut Jewelry Design Week in March

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Artheum announced the scheduling of Beirut Jewelry Design Week Fair that focuses exclusively on Beirut-based designers/makers of contemporary jewelry- individuals who create both the concept and the finished work, Artheum said Monday.

The Fair aims to shed light on the phenomenal emergence of Lebanese creators who are reinventing the very essence of jewelry meaning and creation.

The inaugural event is set to debut at Artheum, on March 8th- till March 16th 2013.

Throughout the Jewelry Design Week, Artheum aims to bring together key names- both established and emerging Jewelry designers who are creating imaginative pieces through a mixture of craftsmanship, creativity and patronage that challenges traditional notions, Artheum added.

The Fair aims to offer to the public the opportunity to explore the current and evolving vitality of contemporary jewelry design in Lebanon and shed light on the growth and development of Jewelry creation and its many facets through the creative diversity and originality witnessed over the last few years.

Moreover it aims to support and perpetuate the professional pursuit of outstanding design and craftsmanship, to encourage opportunities for artistic growth and to promote education and appreciation of the art of fine craft and contemporary jewelry.

Jewelry Design Week is a citywide celebration of Beirut’s unique position in the world of jewelry design, a one-of-a-kind selling exhibition, featuring trend-defining contemporary jewelry pieces from local and international designers and providing a focal point for visitors, as the fair will assist a new breed of jewel design talents.

The launch of The Jewelry Design Week is a pivotal moment for Lebanon's jewelry industry, providing a much-needed alternative buying opportunity, showcasing emerging and established artists and craftsmen selected for their individuality and innovation in contemporary jewelry design, Artheum concluded.

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