"Ubility Net" the 25th team to qualify for this years's MIT semi-finalist round


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Lebanese "Ubility Net" has been selected as one of the semi-finalist teams for this year's MIT Enterprise Forum Arab Start-Up Competition for the Ideas Track

Idea Inspiration

Entrepreneurs Ziad Mabsout, Yasmin Mabsout and Khaled Dassouki met almost a year ago as the idea was being casually discussed. They decided that it is to be seriously taken into a more advanced level. They have since then, worked together to develop the idea on the technical and business levels. With diversified interests and experiences, Khaled worked on the technical aspect, Ziad took on the market for a study and Yasmine managed the audit and juridical part of Ubility Net.

About Ubility Net

The team behind Ubility Net aims to produce a Wi-Fi network access controller that bills network usage based on a combination of the used application, quality of service, time and amount of data. For those unfamiliar with the term Wi-Fi access controller, it is a network getaway that is deployed in all paid public Wi-Fi network. Airports, hotels and malls are few examples. Wi-Fi access controllers authenticate users, control and bill their internet consumption. Users of public Wi-Fi networks are usually billed either according to time usage (e.g. an hour of internet consumption) or by the amount of data used (e.g. 100 Kilo Bytes of usage). Besides that, internet usage is no longer limited to simple web surfing but rather includes frequent usage of mobile applications that we use throughout our daily life. The majority of mobile users goes online to access their emails, bank accounts and social networks on the move and is willing to pay extra to have a better quality connection and enhance their online experience. Ubility Net access controllers will allow internet operators to assign offers tailored to the requirements of every client. Operators will now be able to come up with specific offers consisting of a group of applications with predefined service quality and prices.

Advice for Entrepreneurs

"Stay focused and passionate about the idea", the team summarizes their advice for entrepreneurs. If they do, they will definitely be successful and find the right way to implement it. "Every moment you spend on your idea is your moment", and success that comes easy sure doesn't taste the same when you reach the finish line after running through great challenges.

The team is eager to develop their idea further and has already started developing a proto type. They believe that participating in the MIT Enterprise Forum Arab Startup Competition will enrich their experience and set them on the right track to launch their startup. They are looking forward to meet the region's leading entrepreneurs and discus their wide with experts to enhance it. The feedback will "for sure be of added value". The goal is to win the first prize and they definitely can't wait to get to Doha.

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