"AlarME" the 29th team to qualify for this years's MIT semi-finalist round


Egyptian “AlarMe” has been selected as one of the semi-finalist teams for this year’s MIT Enterprise Forum Arab StartUp Competition for the Ideas Track.

Despite their divergent specializations in computer science, engineering and medicine, Mohamed Abdallah, Mokhtar Ahmed, Mahmoud Sayed, Abdulatif Mamdouh and Mutassem Chaaban all mobilized their knowledge and experience towards one common cause: helping epileptics overcoming major neurological seizures. That’s how AlarMe technology has been shaped.

Idea Inspiration

An epileptic seizure that attacked Mokhtar’s friend during his math exam was to him beyond a bad incident “The doctor deployed huge efforts to help my friend but still he needed to rest. My friend failed the exam because his answer sheet was cut” told Mokhtar Ahmed. At this very moment, he realized how much earlier alerts is important to epileptic people. A solution must be brought into light; for 16 months, keen researches and reviews were jointly followed with other team members.

Utility and usage

Epileptic seizures generate involuntary changes in muscles’ control, consciousness and general sensation due to sudden abnormal electric impulsions in the brain. Since recent statistics show that epilepsy is affecting about 60 million people of all ages worldwide, AlarMe is a usable engine to 0.8% of population. But what does it consist of?

AlarMe is an alert technology equipped with Sensor that detects any unfamiliar changes in the brain signals and sends it via Wi-Fi to the patient’s Smartphone to analyze these changes. It helps to predict imminent seizures and tells patients through alert messages to take a safety action such as “Resting” or “Stop Driving”. The devise also sends alert message to the patient’s doctor, family and the nearest hospital.

Epileptic seizures can occur at any time and are capable to cause pathetic harms. The faster the alert is triggered, the faster action can be taken to prevent serious injury or, in the most severe instances, brain damage or even death. Thus, AlarMe is developed as a highly sensitive, reliable, easy-to-use device that provides a quick alert when a seizure occurs.

Advice for Entrepreneurs

“We advise future entrepreneurs to find their motivations because the world is full of passion. All what you have to do is to follow their motivation, express themselves and not give up achieving their goals”.

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