"Motion Capture Systems" the 39th team to qualify for this year's MIT semi-finalist round


This story is provided by MIT Enterprise Forum - Pan-Arab Region.

Egyptian “Motion Capture Systems” has been selected as one of the semi-finalist teams for this year’s MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab Region Start-Up Competition for the Ideas Track.

Yasser El-Cherbeny and Khaled Wagdy’s great passion for computer animation was finally embodied through Motion Capture; a system that acquires natural human movements and applies it onto a computer generated 3D character to be utilized in animation and/or motion analysis.


Yasser was always preoccupied by creating tools that help artists to produce stunning animation with ease. It was obvious to him how motion capture has impacted the filmmaking, animation and gaming industries and created new possibilities that did not exist before.

Nevertheless “this technology was only accessible by big budget studios because of its high cost and complexity in operation” clarifies Yasser who kept two goals in front of him while designing the project: finding new solutions to significantly reduce complexities and cost of the existing motion capture technologies and as well as creating productive systems that can be used to produce high quality animation.

Problem & Solution

Motion Capture Systems considers that Character animation is one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks in any animation product such as movies, games, commercials.

Having a tool to produce realistic high quality character animation in real-time instead of weeks and even months seems to increase productivity; reduce costs and let artists focus more on the creative process. This is where the idea of establishing Motion Capture Systems aroused.

It encloses many other applications in different industries other than entertainment such as performance evaluation for athletes, trainings, simulation & virtual reality in education, gait & motion analysis in medical and even military applications.

Advice for entrepreneurs

By applying to the competition, the team aspires taking the project to the next level; from developing prototypes to the process of creating a real product and to build a solid business company. This scalability made Motion Capture Systems believe in one and only tip that they would like to share with all entrepreneurs: “DON’T GIVE UP no matter how LONG it takes”.

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