"Ultrasonographone" the 43rd team to qualify for this year's MIT semi-finalist round


This story is provided by MIT Enterprise Forum - Pan-Arab Region.

Algerian “Ultrasonographone” has been selected as one of the semi-finalist teams for this year’s MIT Enterprise Forum Arab Start-Up Competition for the Ideas Track.

The project consists of a portable, safe, noninvasive, easy-to-use and relatively inexpensive, ultrasound system that could be interfaced with almost any Smartphone to assist first aids and doctors in their daily lives even in remote places where no access to any other medical imaging system is possible.


Witnessing the delay of patients, even some close friends and family members to access and sometimes to afford any kind of medical imagery system in time for a quick medical diagnosis and a better chance for recovery, the four-engineer team felt that it was their duty to bring some relief and help to those in need to make the world a safer and healthier place.

Hence, the need for a new challenge, the feeling of readiness and self-confidence to move forward are the reasons for making the first step and starting the Ultrasonographone project, always believing that a journey of a thousand miles is started by taking the first step.

Problem & Project

As the access to nowadays advanced medical imaging techniques is relatively expensive, difficult or impossible to a large number of people in some countries, the Ultrasonographone’s orders of magnitude smaller and cheaper than current scanning machines. The device satisfies the growing need for portable, hand-held and rapid ultrasound scanners.

The main goal of Ultrasonographone is the improvement of healthcare services by offering a hand-held, affordable and high-quality medical imagery system for all healthcare centers and consequently reducing the time needed for a final medical diagnosis. The project could be extended to include advanced services such as 3D imaging, a real time health-monitoring application for patients of different chronic diseases, virtual first aid trainings and updates and much more.

Advice for entrepreneurs

“We believed on the originality and the value of our project from the very beginning. We have that strong belief of never giving up, of trying all our chances, of definitely succeeding one day. By this belief, we expand entrepreneurial sharing and making life easier for as many people as we can have” states Safya bouacha, a co-founder.

The MIT Enterprise Forum of the Pan Arab Region was perceived as second chance given to the project to rise again. The team considered the competition as an adventure and a chance to meet skilled and experienced professionals in different fields.

More guideline than an advice, Ultrasonographone team always liked the saying “Cut your own wood and it will warm you twice.”

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