At Least 14 Dead, 212 Hurt in Car Bombing between Bir al-Abed, Ruwais

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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At least 14 people were killed and 212 others wounded in a car bombing that rocked Hizbullah's stronghold in Beirut's southern suburbs on Thursday, state-run National News Agency reported.

The blast went off on the public road between Bir al-Abed and Ruwais, according to several television channels.

"There are at least six killed and a large number of wounded," a military source told Agence France Presse on condition of anonymity.

Lebanese Red Cross director Georges Kittani said more than 100 people were wounded.

But NNA said 10 bodies were transported to the Sahel Hospital and four others to the Great Prophet Hospital, while 100 wounded people were rushed to the Great Prophet Hospital, 50 to Bahman Hospital and 20 others to al-Bourj Hospital.

"According to the interior ministry, the blast was caused by a car bomb," MTV reported.

"The human remains found 10 meters from the blast location might be those of a suicide bomber," al-Manar television said.

Live TV footage showed burning cars and pillars of black smoke bellowing from the blast scene.

“Gunfire was heard in the vicinity of the blast scene,” al-Jadeed television reported.

“The blast went off near Mahfouz Stores in Ruwais,” OTV reported, as MTV said the explosion took place "under a bridge facing the Harkous Chicken Restaurant."

Al-Mayadeen television said a security cordon was imposed around the location.

According to MTV, the bomb weighed between 60 and 80 kilograms of explosives.

Media reports said a large number of families were still trapped inside the burning buildings in the area.

Later on Thursday, a group calling itself the Brigades of Aisha Umm al-Moemeneen claimed the bombing in a YouTube video and threatened further attacks.

The video -- which surfaced shortly after news of the attack broke -- shows three masked men, two of them holding rifles, in front of a white flag inscribed with the Islamic profession of faith.

"We... send a message to (Hizbullah chief Sayyed) Hassan Nasrallah's pigs," said one of the men, wearing a white mask.

On July 9, a booby-trapped car exploded at a parking lot in Bir al-Abed, leaving 53 people wounded and causing extensive material damage.

In May, two rockets slammed into the Beirut southern suburb of Shiyyah, wounding four people.

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Thumb Senescence 15 August 2013, 18:58

Apparently Reuters has said there are 9 dead.

Also, anyone know why it's only Al-Manar covering this an no local agencies? It's been the same clip playing over and over again.

Thumb Senescence 15 August 2013, 18:59

(and other agencies are using the same feed)

Thumb Senescence 15 August 2013, 19:07

I see, is it really that isolated?

Btw, LBC is showing a different feed (from OTV). Al-Jadid and MTV are showing the Al-Manar feed.

Thumb Senescence 15 August 2013, 19:10

......, who or what is Aline?

Thumb Senescence 15 August 2013, 19:12

(nevermind about the channels, they're all feeding Al-Manar)

Thumb proudlebanon 15 August 2013, 19:18

Even Al Arabiya is showing the Manar feed. I'm guessing there is some reason related to the location of the bombing which is a HA stronghold.

Thumb proudlebanon 15 August 2013, 19:19

Yes, pretty sad how long it took for emergency services to reach the area. When Achrafiye bombing happened (50m from my house) the ISF were there in maximum 10 minutes.

Thumb benzona 15 August 2013, 19:40

He mistyped Alive ya khafif. Not Aline!

Thumb _mowaten_ 15 August 2013, 19:42

or the other TV stations didn't bother to go there. like you guys they dont care about a terrorist attack if it's in dahiyeh

Thumb proudlebanon 15 August 2013, 19:49

Yes mowaten the journalists throughout Lebanon (including OTV and Mayadeen) all decided they wouldn't bother going there. LOL. It has nothing to do with Hezb control and restrictions on the area.

Thumb Senescence 15 August 2013, 20:03

Oh, the capitalization made me discard that theory.

Thumb proudlebanon 15 August 2013, 20:10

Two hours after the blast FT!

Thumb proudlebanon 15 August 2013, 20:11

Anyways I looked at MTV, OTV, Mayadeen, and FTV and they were all recycling the same footage/news and then switched to Arabiya where they had far more info than any of the Lebanese stations. Kind of pathetic.

Thumb benzona 15 August 2013, 19:06

Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind..... And it isn't over yet.

Thumb benzona 15 August 2013, 19:09

3 people disagree with you. I. Wouldn't be surprised if they are M8ers because it might be them attacking their own stronghold to justify another war against the free Syrians or the Israelis. The nazis had the same strategy.... They'd kill one of their own to manipulate the sheep.

Thumb _mowaten_ 15 August 2013, 19:41

you are really a sick sick person benzona, it's actually pityful to see you fooling yourself into such blindness.

Thumb benzona 15 August 2013, 19:47

Well, it's plausible and it shouldn't be ruled out.

The Lebanese Chabiha do torture, kill and desecrate Syrian kids. When you witness such behaviour, blowing up a few of their own to reboost the sinking popularity is credible.
Anyway, we won't forget they were giving away baklavas after blowing up prime minister Hariri, Pierre Gemayel, and our other pure Lebanese martyrs.

Thumb _mowaten_ 15 August 2013, 20:01

not only is it completely improbable when you know HA and the rules they respect, but it's completely unnecessary (they already have immense popularity among their supporters) but it's counter-productive (harms their image and challenges their ability to protect the people, which is their fundamental mission).

oh and about the baklava story, everybody already knows it never happened and is pure propaganda inventions, so i'm not sure that shamelessly lying supports your point.

Thumb geha 15 August 2013, 19:10

m8 remember: not a single true Lebanese will weep for you.
what you did in murders, explosions, terrorist acts are now catching up with you. deal with it on your own.
the weapons of hizbushaitan are the reason such things are happening.

Thumb Bandoul 15 August 2013, 21:03

You stand corrected geha, I weep for any Lebanese civilian who is slaughtered in this way. What did the average Lebanese citizen living in Dahyeh ever do to deserve to be butchered in this way? C'mon people act like human beings. We are not animals, real people and real blood of innocent civilians has been shed and this is unacceptable no matter the reason.

Thumb _mowaten_ 15 August 2013, 22:11

bandoul dont bother, geha just hates shias, all his talking is just a way for him to rationalize his hatred. for him the mother walking her kids in the street is as guilty as a combatant.

Thumb geha 16 August 2013, 06:57

As much as you try to portray me as anti shia will never work.

the average Lebanese living in dahyeh supports this Iranian terrorist militia and they are the reason this terrorist militia is able to do all the killings, stealing, bombings and terrorist acts.
since they identify with this terrorist militia, I consider they are not my problem.

Thumb beiruti 15 August 2013, 19:12

Consequences of taking a unilateral decision to become involved in the Syrian Sectarian Wars. To keep the logistical line open to resupply weapons to Hezbollah's arsenal, they have opened Beirut to reprisal bombings.

Thank you Nasrallah from bringing the dirty war in Syria home to Beirut!

Missing kamal1 15 August 2013, 19:12

Couldnt agree more with anonymetexas...u may not agree with hezz but this is an attack in beirut that has killed lebanese compatriotes. Yes what hezz is doing is wrong but nothing justifies the comments above glorifying this terrorist attack...lead by example people, your not better then them if your happy today

Missing kamal1 15 August 2013, 19:12

Couldnt agree more with anonymetexas...u may not agree with hezz but this is an attack in beirut that has killed lebanese compatriotes. Yes what hezz is doing is wrong but nothing justifies the comments above glorifying this terrorist attack...lead by example people, your not better then them if your happy today

Thumb bigsami 15 August 2013, 20:17

Kamal I don't think most are glorifying the attacks (absolutely right, that is wrong) BUT I think EVERYONE is sick of what this PERSIAN militia has brought to Lebanon & it's innocent people!

Missing kamal1 15 August 2013, 20:37

Bigsami, hezz might be a prob yes, however there are bigger evils outthere seeking to destroy the whole region, just watch the news from iraq to egypt, something sinister is at play here...only solution is for us lebanese to unite

Thumb benzona 15 August 2013, 20:46


We don't give a damn about Iraqis, Egyptians, Syrians.... They Can topple their own dictators.
We have no reason to show solidarity towards them, the problem is when one terrorist militia sides with a dictator and attacks innocent civilians without the approval of the Lebanese government, nor its people. As bigsami said they brought doom on several occasions to the country. July 2006..... And now in 2013.

They're a trouble-magnet.... Uniting to save their bums is not an option. The attacked people in Syria have the right to retaliate against their aggressors....

Thumb Bandoul 15 August 2013, 21:05

@bigsami, I hear you, but still...this is a time for mourning the innocent dead, not political point scoring.

Thumb Bandoul 15 August 2013, 21:08

@ben, you know I am your friend...this is not the right time to point out the shortcomings of HA. Plenty of time later after the dead are buried and the wounded tended for the analytical debate.

Thumb benzona 15 August 2013, 21:34

Bandoul : of course you're my friend and I accept your criticism. However, it's fairly obvious that we can already point out the reasons behind this attack.... No needs to be a whizz...!

Thumb lebanon_first 15 August 2013, 19:14

Sad. Very sad... when will all this useless savagery end?

Missing coolmec 15 August 2013, 20:11

@ the_roar
No one in the right mind should or can cheer this horrible bombing. May I remind you that the dead are innocent Lebanese,mostly women and children and those children are the future generation. Those mothers should be busy in taking their kids to the beach or any other place and not worrying whether their kids are alive, lost a limb or traumatized.

Thumb proudlebanon 15 August 2013, 19:15

And thus, the Iraq-ification of Lebanon has been completed. Thank you, Hezb, for throwing Lebanon into the Syrian crisis.

Thumb proudlebanon 15 August 2013, 20:40

that's a good one FT. The "...not" thing is not really my style since i'm not a 12 year old american girl.

Default-user-icon Skando Ballanti (Guest) 15 August 2013, 19:23

Thank you Farts 14 and Sanni First for bringing terrorism to our prairies. You really shine at such matters and more so your Saudi masters as they have been doing in Iraq and more recently in Egypt just to name a few. takbir

Thumb benzona 15 August 2013, 19:25

Nobody celebrates when cilivians are targetted. We don't kill Syrian kids, nor desecrate their bodies...

We value life....

Only a twisted mind like yours would think we'd ever become like you!

Thumb benzona 15 August 2013, 19:35

Miami boy. LOL. My message was for mazen2013

Thumb Senescence 15 August 2013, 19:26

So then, can anyone tell me what people in Lebanon should be feeling about this?

I mean, security is known to be a problem but people generally live with it. To see (as proclaimed by many) the "most secure" of places being victim to terrorism, can anyone reassure the people that this won't spread elsewhere and that the security situation for Lebanese other than in HA strongholds isn't planned to be the same?

We've seen lots of bombs and such being apprehended by security forces in Arsal and other places, and I think people would agree there are more explosives in circulation than those that were captured; is this now a national security issue like we've seen in the bast or just 'warnings' to HA?

Despicable act of terrorism, targeting residential areas.

Thumb proudlebanon 15 August 2013, 20:26

One wonders who put up these red lines in a government that does not have a single FM/LF/Kataeb representative...hmmm....

Thumb Machia 15 August 2013, 19:27

This is another very sad day for our country. God protect all the Lebanese.

Thumb Senescence 15 August 2013, 19:27

No it doesn't. Why are you even cheerful that AlQaida, as you implied, has mad a trip over these here parts?

Thumb _mowaten_ 15 August 2013, 19:30

yea of course, the terrorists who cowardly assassinate innocent civilians are not to blame

Thumb benzona 15 August 2013, 19:32

Is this how you describe hezbollah? Careful mate, you might not get your paycheck at the endof the month if you keep saying what you beleive.

Do I need to remind you you're a paid propagandist and that you need to be one 24/7.... No breaks alowed!

Thumb _mowaten_ 15 August 2013, 19:45

dont try to sound smart benzona, it's not working. you know very well who i'm talking about.

Thumb _mowaten_ 15 August 2013, 19:55

anyway, you guys keep cheering those terrorists and justifying the murder of innocent civilians. if that's the best "victory" you can claim for your pathetic selves then i actually can't even condemn you for it, only feel sorry for you.

only remember that, when the takfiris attacked hermel with rockets and raided border villages (randomly killing innocents) HA's response was quseyr: 3400 nusra/fsa rebel scumbags taken out in two weeks.

what do you think HA will do now?

Thumb benzona 15 August 2013, 19:58

Movaten if Isfahan : tell us here, who from us cheered the attack? You're insane, imagining things.

Thumb justice 15 August 2013, 20:01

@mowaten of Iran: Please, tell us what your Hizb will do now, Please! Even in tragic moments such as these, your arrogance knows no boundaries! You kill them over there they will kill you over here! Get it through your sectarian head. You and your Leader have destroyed Lebanon!

Thumb bigsami 15 August 2013, 20:05

Oh give it break Motormouth aka BSThrower! Your so predictable & lame! Get a life!

Thumb proudlebanon 15 August 2013, 20:05

he is saying we cheered the attack because this is what he and his hezb cohorts usually do when one of our politician is killed or there is a bombing in our area...they cheer and think we are savages as they are

Thumb _mowaten_ 15 August 2013, 20:07

justice dont pretend to care about the victims of the blast, nor about lebanon, you're not fooling me i know what you are.
and for the record, what destroys lebanon is not the people who are defending it, it's those who are attacking it and the locals who side with them against their countrymen.

Thumb _mowaten_ 15 August 2013, 20:33

thanks for showing me the example bigsami, that comment of yours was such a novelty, i would have never expected that from you.

"proudlebanon" dont lie, i never cheered any terrorist attack. it's not because i disagree when you accuse HA systematically without any evidence that i support it. also, stop being a hypocrite and look at the comments here, gabby strutting about them "coming for nasrallah" (as if they were men enough to attack him, all they can do is cowardly attack innocent civilians), starsky above trying to whitewash the terrorists by aggressively blaming the attacked and not saying a single word about the actual bombers...

Missing rudy 15 August 2013, 21:36

It was israel

Missing kamal1 15 August 2013, 19:33

Gabby14 im not arguing over the politics that lead to this dilemna our country is in...all im saying is we shouldnt be happy that people die, if some of them where happy when great M14 patriots where murdered then they are without conscience, we should be better and condemn this in all cases. From both sides of the aisle, the educated and moral people should condemn these kind of acts of terror because at the end, the normal citizen is just powerless and innocent, even if they support this party or the other. In a nutshell, maybe a little baby was present there, would u still be talking the same way. You have the right to say that they brought this on themselfs, but nobody has the right to be happy that civilians are dead, wether here or in syria.

Thumb _mowaten_ 15 August 2013, 19:38

your unsubstantiated accusations fail to hide the fact that you're justifying terrorism and implying that one should bend to terrorists.
this is not blowback, this is merely a continuation.

remember when those lowlifes fired rockets on hermel and attacked villages on the border? that resulted in the quseyr operation.
you think this one will go unpunished?

i wont repeat your words from your comments above, but i suggest you give the same warning to your takfiri goat lovers.

Missing greatpierro 16 August 2013, 04:13

mowaten, you are weeping all over and feeling what M14 have been feeling for the past 8 years when they were targeted will bombings, killings, and invasion of beirut. Was it not in Dahiyé that bacclawa was distributed when one of the many M14 leaders killed. Was it not on NBN that the news speaker wished live that Fatfat got killed after the news that Eido got booby trapped killed.
Of course this bombing today is a terrorist act and is condemnable. It could be Israel, but more likely from Syria as the lebanese authorities have been warned that big quantities of explosives have entered Lebanon at the hand of Islamists.
If this is happening today it's due to the policy of HA especially its involvement in Syria and hostility to the sunni in general.

Thumb _mowaten_ 16 August 2013, 10:31

dont hijack the bombings to m14 only greatpierro, i always condemned all these attacks as attacks against lebanon as a whole, not one side. i remain convinced that they were part of a scheme to divide the lebanese people (looking back it's ever so clear today that these served to turn half the population against the other, who benefits from that?)

Thumb _mowaten_ 15 August 2013, 19:40

you're trying to sound smart, but it actually could very well be. wouldnt be the first time mossad commits terrorist acts to destabilize the country and stir strife.

Thumb benzona 15 August 2013, 19:50

Choufo el kheffiyeh

Thumb Bandoul 15 August 2013, 20:55

Doesn't the article refer to the body of a suicide bomber? When did Israel start employing suicide bombers? 3ajeeb!

Thumb Senescence 15 August 2013, 21:30

Bandoul, I'm not blaming anything on anyone, but consider the following:

Given FSA and Al-Qaida are working together in Syria, it doesn't really stretch one's imagination too far to think Al-Qaida did this with some assistance from those mentioned in the link.

Thumb Bandoul 15 August 2013, 21:40

You may be right and are probably are. Not sure why you singled me out...I was responding to the statement "wouldnt be the first time mossad commits terrorist acts to destabilize the country and stir strife"

Thumb Senescence 15 August 2013, 21:48

Oh, I referred to you because of how you were I think trying to deny Israeli involvement due to the nature of the explosion--suicide bombing.

Neither am I saying it was Israel, just that it's something to think about.

Missing shootingstar 15 August 2013, 19:42

Freedom is not cheap!

Missing samiam 15 August 2013, 19:45

another in long line of bombings in this country. so sad. hassoun must realize that his words and actions have consequences and that his followers are going to pay the ultimate price.

Thumb benzona 15 August 2013, 20:19

How would you know? Did you see them? I'd like to check them out but Hassin is nowhere to be found. Well, he's already underground, closer to the graveyard....

3abel el drone that will take him down if he doesn't get judge in the Hague for his numerous crimes.

Missing samiam 15 August 2013, 20:27

that's because his aren't on the line

Missing samiam 15 August 2013, 20:30

if you are saying that hizb iran is protecting us from the 'evils abound', then the rest of your point is moot. He is inviting the same people in syria and iraq to lebanon--and these aren't the people anyone wants for a neighbor. he should stick with more pressing things like educating (notice not indoctrinating) his people to make themselves and this country better, not doing his best to turn lebanon into another gaza strip

Missing samiam 15 August 2013, 21:36

wrong--first you must strengthen your country from within by strengthening the foundation of your nation by making it a nation of rules and laws and improving transparency. If you don't do that, you start a system of cronyism and move the country towards lawlessness and corruption (like it is now unsurprisingly). hizb iran has been trying to deflect what is going on in the country by blaming it on zionists and anyone else who doesn't like them. the time has passed when they could have integrated into society without losing face, but they keep digging a bigger hole for themselves to get out of and that's not good for anyone.

Thumb justice 15 August 2013, 20:02

How poetic!

Thumb proudlebanon 15 August 2013, 20:08

Jumblat as always thinking of politics before everything accuse Israel of this is just as stupid as saying that Israel killed Hariri...this was the work of salafists/AQ as revenge for Qusayr nothing more nothing less.

Thumb benzona 15 August 2013, 20:11

+1 from me, I appreciate the creativity.

Thumb benzona 15 August 2013, 20:12


Thumb bigsami 15 August 2013, 20:12

"Unlike when M14 or anti hassoune people die....." but of course because HA themselves are involved in some fashion or another....protecting/hiding the monsters among themselves.

Thumb proudlebanon 15 August 2013, 20:17

FT you have a M8 cabinet majority of which is FPM since the beginning of the Syrian crisis...the real problem is HA don't want the LAF encroaching on their territory in B2aaaaaa3

Thumb proudlebanon 15 August 2013, 20:24

FT no one is denying the wrongness of targeting civilians. And this is a terrorist attack.

However, the chance of these revenge bombings was a consideration that the HA rulers decided wasn't important enough before their wacky adventures in reef homs.

Thumb proudlebanon 15 August 2013, 20:28

Two years of an FPM/HA government and we have counterfeit medicine scandals, isolation from all of our traditional allies, an economy in free fall, a dead tourism industry, nonstop kidnapping, and now bombings in our capital city. God bless the wise governance of FPM/HA....tfeh...failures and scum.

Thumb proudlebanon 15 August 2013, 20:49

Like I said before I am not a savage and don't enjoy seeing innocent people dying. The above has taken place due to your poor governance and continuing policy of isolating us from our political and economic allies as well as your rampant corruption and stupidity.

Thumb bigsami 15 August 2013, 20:30

Good point ice-man. Wouldn't be surprised at all this was a gift (w/ much more to come) from the FSA. They warned that Persian monkey that if he sends more of his filth into Syria he will see the gates of hell. GO FSA!

Thumb proudlebanon 15 August 2013, 20:32

Because Israel has no geo-political motive nor capability to strike this far into a Hezb stronghold...whereas there are 1 million Syrians running loose on our streets who hate SHN and HA is logic and common sense that makes me think this was an AQ-affiliated attack rather than 1980's era propaganda about

Default-user-icon sarah (Guest) 15 August 2013, 20:34

sorry for the bad language !

Default-user-icon grumpy (Guest) 15 August 2013, 20:36

At the face of this tragedy everyone feels humble except few, like the hand who committed the crime and Nasrallah and his handlers who strive on tragedies to keep the flock of sheep in order.

Thumb proudlebanon 15 August 2013, 20:38

eh habeel why don't you answer orangi boy. who controls the border it's either the government which is FPM dominated or the General Security which is HA dominated. I didn't know that Mustaqbal was in charge of border security. The Hariri Martyr brigades, lol.

Missing un520 15 August 2013, 20:49

Hezbollah had it coming for sure, but still lives lost is never anything to Cheer about. And now it will possibly escalate into tit-for-tat-bombings.

Thumb proudlebanon 15 August 2013, 20:50

"looking for a French embassy"

that made me laugh pretty hard.

Thumb _mowaten_ 15 August 2013, 20:53

motive: push for a shia/sunni confrontation (if that's not the best imaginable scenario for israel i dont know what is)
ability: seriously??? i dont believe you are so naive as to think israel cannot send a booby trapped car in dahiye

Missing pice 15 August 2013, 21:00

The killing of innocent people is never defendable but can be understand due to the way that Hezb and their leaders act under the orders of the Iranian extremists and their money and arms providers.
Calling it 'resistance' is the biggest lie in history - for me it is pure terrorism

Missing pice 15 August 2013, 21:09

les auteurs ne peuvent justifier cet acte tout comme le Hezb ne peut justifier son agissement dans le passé et dans le présent;
il est grand temps que ce parti soit exterminé et interdit à tout jamais pour enfin retrouver un Liban où il fait bien de vivre en paix et en tranquilité.

Thumb Senescence 15 August 2013, 21:12

the_roar, some might dispute israpundit quoting Al-Manar as biased.

As a substitute, here's which provides Wikileaks excerpts dealing with treason in the Lebanese political circle.

Thumb Bandoul 15 August 2013, 21:17

I weep for any Lebanese civilian who is slaughtered in this way. What did the average Lebanese citizen living in Dahyeh ever do to deserve to be butchered in this way? C'mon people act like human beings. We are not animals, real people and real blood of innocent civilians has been shed and that is unacceptable no matter the reason. Politicizing and justifying is even worse.

Thumb Bandoul 15 August 2013, 21:36

May God, the same and one and only God, of the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims, grant us all, Jews, Christians and Muslims alike, the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Thumb jabal10452 15 August 2013, 21:24

There is no excuse for killing innocent civilians. None. It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree with HA. Civilians were savagely killed. There is zero excuse for this, and any attempt to explain away this butchery is immoral.

Thumb Senescence 15 August 2013, 21:39

Glad to be of service. Lebanese politics is indeed treacherous waters to tread.

Thumb Senescence 15 August 2013, 21:43

Glad to shine some light on the extent of duplicitousness in Lebanese politics.

Thumb Senescence 15 August 2013, 22:10

people-power, yes indeed, Lamb is a bleeding heart liberal who vehemently opposes Israel's doing to Palestinians and as such, biased. (that is why, for example, there is no mention of HA cables being discussed, and the discussion is centered around those who oppose HA).

That is exactly why I said to pay attention to the wikileaks excerpts which one can download(as a torrent, I think, can it still be downloaded?) instead of considering Lamb's interpretations.

You may verify the cables at your own volition.

Default-user-icon Birkanjo Dappaliss (Guest) 15 August 2013, 22:18

One of those killed is the former PM Rafic Hariri Part II. This means that the STL farce is going to get involved and uncover all those who funded, plotted and executed this crime. Decent people, REJOICE. Thank God that Rafic Hariri Part II was among the dead!

Missing people-power 15 August 2013, 22:23

Endless: Franklin Lamb is a pro-Assad, HA-fanboy. He is also known to be an associate of Samaha.

And before FT ejaculates over my web site sources, it was just from a simple google search, I don't endorse any pro-Zionist website.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 15 August 2013, 22:31

Another sad day for Lebanon. RIP to all the innocent lives that were lost. I hope us Lebanese one day can set our differences aside and work on building a strong state for all our children to live in peacefully.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 15 August 2013, 22:31

Another sad day for Lebanon. RIP to all the innocent lives that were lost. I hope us Lebanese one day can set our differences aside and work on building a strong state for all our children to live in peacefully.

Default-user-icon Truth (Guest) 15 August 2013, 22:33

It's probably Aboul Adass who resurrected and did it !

Thumb primesuspect 15 August 2013, 23:13

Wat a way if celebrating the Holy Virgin's day...

This attack is sick.

Default-user-icon David (Guest) 15 August 2013, 23:39

What's going on in the ME is haterate and retaliation as a result. They should have figured out by now that this road is the road to suicide. Forgiveness is the road to live. O, people the Bible is so clear on this. Why can't they understand? I know it's hard but this philosophy of hating your enemy and retaliating him, leads to what? Only more dead people. Forgiveness and love is what breathes life.

The ME needs the philosophy of Jesus Christ!

Default-user-icon Paul Moawad (Guest) 15 August 2013, 23:42

Christian Areas will be next to provoke war.

Default-user-icon voiceofreason (Guest) 15 August 2013, 23:47

to think that in this day and age, people still resort to this kind of violence, and expect change to take place, is baffling. This is our problem, we are not united as a people. We are sheep. We don't think for ourselves and we don't come to our own conclusions. Each and every one of us is on edge, we are stressed, full of angst, and hate for one another. In the year 2013, aren't we tired of this? Don't we want peace? Don't we want a stable functional country, with a government that actually cares about the well-being of their people, their supporters, and their country? If this segregation continues, and we don't open our eyes and unite as one country, and not as 4 religions, and counting... nothing will ever change. In the year 2013, corruption is the only driving power that truly unites, and defines Lebanon. It is shameful. You can all attack me now...

Missing VINCENT 15 August 2013, 23:57

While we are at it, what does H.A. know about running the business of a country, its civil institutions, economy, commerce, etc.? You're telling me that they are learning from the Persians, or brought their experiences from their dealings in South African Countries? I like to see how far Iran can advance minus all the money they generate from selling their nature resources. So, these are your idols?

Thumb cedre 16 August 2013, 00:02

Cui bono "to whose benefit?", literally "as a benefit to whom?" is a Latin saying which is still used.

It is a Latin adage that is used either to suggest a hidden motive or to indicate that the party responsible for something may not be who it appears at first to be.

Missing para202 16 August 2013, 00:05

What goes around comes around. You don't help a state massacre tens of thousands of people without some payback. Judgement Day is coming!

Missing neil419 16 August 2013, 00:28

Go hang yourself smart one! Haka badri

Missing para202 16 August 2013, 01:14

Hang your own self scumbag. If you support low life hizbullah helping Assad butcher his people, that's your problem. I just said what you sow you reap - a hellstorm is coming toward Dayiha. Going to be a parking lot when iran action starts. You can hang yourself with Sayid Nasrallah when the rat hole he hides gets a bunker buster on it. He's a dead man walking and that's why he hides under a rock.

Missing kamal_jamra 16 August 2013, 03:38

You mean unlike the bearded monkeys of hezballah and shiites?

Yes look at Syria where bashars dogs (military or shabbi7a militia) make up more than half of the dead and look at iraq where shia are being killed by the hundreds a week. In egypt you are correct though but had hezballah tried to set up a party in egypt, they would be genocided as well by the egyptian military who hates iran. So whats your point exactly? death, genocide, destruction but only against muslims but somehow shiites wont be affected by what you are calling for? The world hates your God bashar mind you.

Call for peace instead of genocide. Stop supporting hezballah if you are sincere and not a ten faced taqiya liar. Show some respect to the innocents who were harmed today instead of threatning genocide.

Thumb scorpyonn 16 August 2013, 08:16

no worse than some ignorant Iranian puppet like you who pays homage to these Islamic clerics who are using you as a puppet on a string. Go live in Iran with all of those liars and thieves and rid us of your medieval ways-- let us see how well you get along with them you ignorant follower.

Missing pice 16 August 2013, 00:12

l'arroseur arrosé !!

nouveauté: habituellement les explosions ont lieu dans les quartiers chrétiens

Thumb cedre 16 August 2013, 00:36

its a false flag Einstein...

Default-user-icon Coolmec (Guest) 16 August 2013, 09:00

@ Neil 419
Dis donc t'es toujours de bonne humeur toi?

Default-user-icon Mobious (Guest) 16 August 2013, 00:15

In all these comments, not one person said RIP to those who died! All you care about is who to blame.
I wish I could see Lebanon united against such cruelty, but no all I see is hatered.
Until the Lebanese and decide they are more important than their leaders, these people had died in vein. RIP.

Default-user-icon trueself (Guest) 16 August 2013, 00:38

My heart is bleeding for all the innocent people that are dying unnecessarily. This also reminds me of the war in Lebanon where many innocent people died while going to work or walking on the streets. HA should have known that its involvement in Syria will not be kept without retaliation from the Syrian free army or the Sunnis that support them in Lebanon. HA should understand that he's immediately called upon to stop involving itself in the war in Syria and killing the innocent Syrian people. This is a vicious cycle where only the innocent people pay its price. I hope this madness stops one day and we all go back to our senses and work hard to rebuild our economy instead of going on in supporting an endless war that has no beginning and no end. If this is not possible, maybe Lebanon could be partitioned and every party takes a part and start norishing it.

Missing samiam 16 August 2013, 00:39

again, you type, but you don't make any sense since the propaganda is strong within you. ramble on dude....

Thumb shab 16 August 2013, 01:02

It was a dispute between two car delars, or a faullty gas canister.

Default-user-icon hyp (Guest) 16 August 2013, 01:07

So much hatred. So much intolerance. Aib ya jama3a. If you have an opinion then it's great but please respect the opinion of others as you may not always be right

Missing elmacoburger 16 August 2013, 01:09

It's not a dialect accent, it's arabic fis7a ie standard arabic used formally such as by journalists, clerics, politicians, people making comments on tv and so on.

Default-user-icon The Truth (Guest) 16 August 2013, 02:32

terrorists killed by terrorists. Seems like a good day to me.

Default-user-icon orthodoxeh (Guest) 16 August 2013, 02:36

and the magic just turned on the wizard hassouna abo dwaleeb

Default-user-icon The Truth (Guest) 16 August 2013, 02:49

Anything that happens in Lebanon is blamed in Israel (with or without proof, usually without), but I thought Huzb Allah was supposed to be defending Lebanon from Israel?

Missing nuetral 16 August 2013, 03:27

R:I:P to the people who lost their lives and to the wounded I pray a speed recovery.

May God bring all Lebanese together and peace be upon all of us in Lebanon for we are all

Missing bigjohn 16 August 2013, 07:22

I agree with you nuetral, but that is not what Zionists and their Lebanese collaborators want.

Missing helicopter 16 August 2013, 04:07

Later on Thursday, a group calling itself the Brigades of Aisha Umm al-Moemeneen claimed the bombing in a YouTube video and threatened further attacks.............
Retarded and bajam. Violence is not the answer to any political disputes. What goes around comes around. We want radicals and militants from all sect to go away and save the innocent civilians from all sects. RIP to the victims of this atrocity.

Missing bigjohn 16 August 2013, 07:19

The ONLY ones that have gone away and will NEVER come back to Lebanon are the Pro-Israeli collaborators!

Thumb smarty 16 August 2013, 04:34

Hizbullah has learned a lesson, it is nowhere safe even in beirut.
Mr Nasrallah will be forced to dig a little deeper because the Shia Sunni animosity is much more corrosive than his resentment towards the enemy on the southern border.

Missing bigjohn 16 August 2013, 07:17

well this is what you would like Ehud, but the Israel remains the number one enemy of all LEBANESE "smarty" that is why ALL Lebanese Sunni leaders denounced this attack and blamed the Israeli terrorist state!

Missing cedars 16 August 2013, 05:28

The rockets were missing their targets, so they sent you a package in a car as they promised on public TV when the Syrians were attacked and you were dancing in the streets of Qusayr. You were told to disassociate but as in 2006 you acted above the state or I should say forgot the People-Army-Resistance equation and acted based on the Iran-Syria-Resistance equation.

Missing bigjohn 16 August 2013, 07:04

normal American idiot "Miami-Dolphin"..The liberation allowed the Christians of Qusair to come back. No Sunnis who remained under rebel control left the city after the government forces took it over.

Missing bigjohn 16 August 2013, 07:06

"the chance of these revenge bombings was a consideration that the HA rulers decided wasn't important enough before their wacky adventures in reef homs" Will you say the same if a powerful bomb exploded in the USA mr. collaborator?

Missing bigjohn 16 August 2013, 07:13

Those who are blaming the attack on HA military interference in Syria I just have one question. When Al qaeda bombed New York on 9/11, did you blame the US for their imperial war in Iraq (and the rest of the war) that has killed millions of innocent civilians? If not, then you are nothing but a collaborator for the Zionist American Israeli enemy!

Missing bigjohn 16 August 2013, 07:15

Or a Zionist Israeli criminal!

Missing bigjohn 16 August 2013, 07:25

correction...(and the rest of the world..not war)

Missing greatpierro 16 August 2013, 08:28

did you not blame the 9/11 attack on US intervention in Irak? So now you should blame theis attack on HA intervention in Syria.

Missing bigjohn 16 August 2013, 07:45

This attack was done by an covert underground group who is in hiding (whether it is the Israelis or a Sunni extremist group). HA has nobody to go after in Lebanon. These types of attacks against civilian buildings started in Iraq against the Shiite, then Syria, and now Lebanon. This attack is exactly what Nasralla has warned against the Takfiris, which is why he has been justifying his intervention in Syria.

Thumb scorpyonn 16 August 2013, 08:06

Well let me tell you- if this so called resistance stayed out of Syria none of this would happen.

Default-user-icon hafezz (Guest) 16 August 2013, 08:39


Thumb Maxx 16 August 2013, 12:04

You forget another small detail: of the thousands killed in Qusayr, the vast majority were civilians too. Hypocrite much?

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