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Pro, Anti-Assad Demos in Lebanon: Clashes in Tariq Jedideh, Shooting in Nabaa

Around 200 Syrian expats rallied in front of the Syrian embassy in Beirut on Sunday, shouting slogans in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who is facing unprecedented domestic pressure as protests and clashes erupt across Syria, Agence France Presse reported.

Demonstrators in front of the embassy in the Beirut area of Hamra held pictures of Assad, chanting "With our souls, with our blood, we will sacrifice for you, Bashar" as Lebanese security forces and army troops cordoned off the area and started checking IDs.

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Rebels Control Libyan Oil Town of Ras Lanuf

Rebels on Sunday routed forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammer Gadhafi out of the key eastern oil town of Ras Lanuf and were pursuing them further west, Agence France Presse correspondents reported.

"The town is entirely in rebel hands. They are manning checkpoints in and out of the city and are pursuing Gadhafi forces west," one of the correspondents said.

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Six Troops Killed in Qaida Attack East of Sanaa

A suspected al-Qaida attack on an army convoy killed six Yemeni soldiers and wounded four others on Sunday in Marib, east of the capital Sanaa, a military official said.

He said two vehicles were seized by the assailants in the attack about three kilometers (two miles) north of Marib.

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Lights Off as 'Earth Hour' Circles the Globe

Lights went off around the world Saturday as landmark buildings and ordinary homes flipped their switches while the annual "Earth Hour" circled the planet in what was dubbed the world's largest voluntary action for the environment.

In Paris a minute's silence was observed for Japan as the city of light went dark, with illuminations switched off at the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame cathedral, City Hall, opera houses and many bridges, fountains and public places.

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Israel Strike Kills 2 in Gaza after Call for Calm by Palestinian Militants

An Israeli air strike killed two people in the Gaza Strip on Sunday, medics said, a day after Palestinian militants said they were committed to calming tensions if Israel reciprocated.

"Two Palestinians were killed and another wounded Sunday morning in an Israeli air raid on targets east of Jabaliya," said Adham Abu Senmya, spokesman for the Gaza emergency services.

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Workers Evacuated as Radiation Soars at Japan Nuclear Reactor

Extremely high levels of radiation were detected in water leaking from reactor two of the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant, forcing the evacuation of workers, its operator said Sunday.

A spokesman for Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) said the level of radiation found in the leaked water in the turbine room was 10 million times higher than it should be for water inside the reactor, indicating damage to the fuel rods.

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Police Again Stifle Weekly Algeria Demo

Algerian police again stifled an attempt by pro-reform activists to rally against the government in what has become a weekly ritual.

Only a few dozen demonstrators turned out on May 1 Square in central Algiers with the intention of marching to Martyrs Square some three kilometers away.

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Obama: Libya Mission Succeeding, Saved Civilians

U.S. President Barack Obama said Saturday the international mission in Libya was clear and focused and succeeding and had saved countless innocents from a "bloodbath" threatened by Moammar Gadhafi.

Under increasing pressure to explain his strategy to Americans, Obama gave his most detailed review of the conflict so far, and insisted American national interests were behind his decision to order U.S. forces into U.N.-mandated combat.

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Saudi Beheaded for Murder

A Saudi man convicted of murder was beheaded by the sword in Arar in the kingdom's north on Saturday, the interior ministry said.

Sutam bin Ayd al-Salabi was sentenced to death for beating and stabbing Mossaed bin Ali al-Salabi to death during a dispute, the ministry said in a statement carried by the official SPA news agency.

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Yemen Army Kills Six al-Qaida Suspects

The Yemeni army killed six suspected al-Qaida fighters in a clash on Saturday in the southern province of Abyan, a stronghold of the Islamist network, a security source said.

"The al-Qaida members launched an armed attack on a military unit stationed at a power plant in Loder. The military responded, killing six of the attackers," the source told Agence France Presse.

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