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Mexico Finds 2 Sculptures of Mayan Warriors

Mexican archaeologists have found two 1,300-year-old limestone sculptures of captured Mayan warriors that they say could shed light on the alliances and wars among Mayan cities during the civilization's twilight.

The life-size, elaborate sculptures of two warriors sitting cross-legged with hands tied behind their backs were found in May in the archaeological site of Tonina in southern Chiapas state along with two stone ballgame scoreboards.

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Team Unearths First Roman-Era Basilica in Egypt

Egyptian officials say archaeologists have unearthed the first basilica erected in the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria.

Antiquities authorities say the basilica is dated to the Roman era and was built on the ruins of a temple from the Ptolemaic reign that ended with the death of Cleopatra.

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In Israel, Diggers Unearth The Bible's Bad Guys

At the remains of an ancient metropolis in southern Israel, archaeologists are piecing together the history of a people remembered chiefly as the bad guys of the Hebrew Bible.

The city of Gath, where the annual digging season began this week, is helping scholars paint a more nuanced portrait of the Philistines, who appear in the biblical story as the perennial enemies of the Israelites.

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German Exports Resume Growth

Exports from Germany, Europe's biggest economy, bounced back in May, helping the country's trade surplus to widen, official figures showed Friday.

Germany exported goods and services worth €92.1 billion ($132 billion) in May, the Federal Statistical Office said. That was up 4.3 percent from the previous month and 19.9 percent in year-on-year terms.

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Game Downloads, Big Fun at a Small Price

Video-game publishers seem to believe their audience would rather risk sunburn than have fun in air-conditioned comfort, so you won't find many major new games in stores during the summer. But that doesn't mean there's nothing new out there — and you don't need to search any further than the online services Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Store.

One studio that's made a big impression in the download-only market is Double Fine Productions, led by industry legend Tim Schafer. Its new release is called "Trenched" (Microsoft, for Xbox 360, $15), and it's a witty mash-up of the third-person shooter and tower defense genres.

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U.S. Judge Has Robe Stolen While in Men's Room

A sticky-fingered person might be wandering the streets of Philadelphia in a flowing judicial robe.

A municipal judge on Wednesday said he had his official garb taken from the robing room at the city courthouse while he was in the men's room. Judge Joseph Waters Jr. says he had left the door of the room unlocked.

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5 Funniest Workplace Comedies

One's an arrogant sadist. Another is a shameless sexual harasser. A third is just a narcissistic fool.

They're the horrible bosses of "Horrible Bosses," the latest in a long line of comedies about how badly work can suck.

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Latvia's New President Takes Oath, Vows to Improve Economy

Latvia's new president was sworn in Friday at a time of political turmoil in the small Baltic country where voters could soon decide to dissolve Parliament.

Andris Berzins, 66, defeated outgoing President Valdis Zatlers in a parliamentary ballot last month. The vote came just days after Zatlers called a referendum on dissolving the legislature, which he said was controlled by wealthy oligarchs. It was the first time in Latvia's 20-year, post-Soviet history that a president had used that power.

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Israel, Europe Turn Back pro-Palestinian Activists

Scores of pro-Palestinian protesters trying to reach Israel were blocked at airports in Europe and two American activists who arrived in Israel were deported early Friday, Israeli officials said.

Israel increased security at the Ben-Gurion International Airport ahead of the activists' arrival and asked foreign airlines to prevent blacklisted travelers from boarding Israel-bound flights, as hundreds said they would travel to Israel to protest Israeli policies toward the Palestinians.

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Chavez Looks to Inner Circle as he Fights Cancer

Hugo Chavez has built an entire career on being Venezuela's one-man political messiah. Now his precarious health appears to be prompting him to look into his inner circle for those he thinks are most capable of managing his socialist revolution while he undergoes cancer treatment.

Those standing out include Chavez's elder brother, his foreign minister, his energy minister and a few trusted military officers, both current and former. They are all time-tested loyalists and committed leftists. Yet if Chavez has his mind set on any particular heir to power, he hasn't yet sent clear signals as to whom it would be.

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