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Coronavirus Delivers Tough Blow to Lebanon's Dying Economy

Through 15 years of civil war and various bouts of violence since, Lebanon's Barbar eatery never closed its doors, serving up sandwiches to customers even if it meant doing so from behind sandbags.

The coronavirus pandemic, however, has managed to do what various wars could not: Close bars, restaurants and entertainment spots across the tiny Mediterranean country. It's an economic gut punch at a time when Lebanon is already mired in the worst financial crisis in its history.

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Survivors of Lebanon, World Conflicts Offer Perspective amid Pandemic

As Western countries reeling from the coronavirus pandemic awaken to a new reality of economic collapse, overwhelmed hospitals, grounded flights and home confinement, it's tempting to think the end of days is at hand.

But for millions across the Middle East and in conflict zones farther afield, much of this is grimly familiar. The survivors of recent wars, too often dismissed as the pitiable victims of failed states, can offer hard-earned wisdom in times like these.

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Doctors Plead for Supplies, While Nations Seek to Slow Virus

Doctors and nurses pleaded for supplies such as masks and ventilators that are critical in their battle to treat a surging number of coronavirus patients, while governments on Tuesday continued to roll out measures that have put more than one-fifth of the world's population under some form of lockdown.

High in the Himalayan mountains, Nepal became the latest country to compel its citizens to stay at home, joining large parts of Europe, Southeast Asia and the entire West Coast of the United States. By shuttering businesses, clearing streets and keeping people away from one another, authorities hope they can slow the spread of the pandemic and keep their health care systems from becoming overwhelmed.

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Fitness Enthusiasts Think Outside the Gym during Coronavirus

Steve LaTart in Minnesota is thinking of installing a space heater in his basement to recreate the atmosphere of his hot yoga classes now that his gym has closed due to coronavirus fears.

LaTart's says it's part of the "new, weird, strange workout plan" he has devised during a nationwide trend of self-isolation and social distancing as the government recommends limiting gatherings to 10 or fewer people.

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Man Found Killed, Reportedly over Fakhoury Ties

A retired policeman was found killed Sunday morning inside his grocery shop in the town of Miyeh w Miyeh near Sidon, the National News Agency said.

MTV said he was shot by a silencer-equipped pistol from a close distance.

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Jordan Goes on Virus Lockdown as Iran's Death Toll Mounts

Air raid sirens echoed across Jordan's capital on Saturday to mark the start of a three-day curfew, the latest mass lockdown in the Middle East aimed at containing the coronavirus, which has claimed another 123 lives in Iran, home to the region's worst outbreak.

The latest deaths bring Iran's overall toll to 1,556 amid 20,610 confirmed cases, according to figures released by the Health Ministry. Iran has faced widespread criticism for its lagging response to the outbreak, which has even infected and killed some senior officials.

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U.S. Official Says No Deal Made to Free Fakhoury

A senior U.S. official said Friday that there was no deal made to secure Amer Fakhoury's release from Lebanese prisons.

Speaking to reporters on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly, the official ruled out the possibility that a promise was made to send aid or to release Lebanese prisoners held in the U.S.

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Filthy Lucre: Paper Money Shunned for Fear of Virus Spread

In a world suffering a pandemic, cash is no longer king.

A growing number of businesses and individuals worldwide have stopped using banknotes in fear that physical currency, handled by tens of thousands of people over their useful life, could be a vector for the spreading coronavirus.

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U.S. Senator Says Fakhoury 'is Finally Coming Home'

A Lebanese-American citizen who had faced decades-old murder and torture charges in Lebanon has been freed, a U.S. senator who had pushed for his release announced Thursday.

Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen said in a statement that she had spoken with Amer Fakhoury on the phone soon after his release.

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Football Paralysis Sparks Questions about Player Contracts

It was the dream scenario for David Silva at the end of his trophy-filled, decade-long career at Manchester City.

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