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UK's Brexit Plan is 'Real Blow' to City of London

The British government's new blueprint for Brexit is a "real blow" to London's all-important finance sector as it will damage jobs, tax revenues and growth, a City official said Thursday.

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SGBL Completes Acquisition of Banque Richelieu in France and Monaco

Lebanon's SGBL bank has announced the completion of the acquisition of Banque Richelieu France (formerly KBL Richelieu Banque Privée), Banque Richelieu Monaco (formerly KBL Monaco Private Bankers) and Richelieu Gestion (formerly KBL Richelieu Gestion), after obtaining the green light of the relevant regulatory authorities, notably the Central Bank of Lebanon (CBL), the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority (ACPR - France).

This group of companies, with an aggregate amount of assets under management of US$ 3.6 billion, will be steered by Compagnie Financière Richelieu, which is chaired by SGBL Chairman and CEO Antoun Sehnaoui and fully owned by SGBL.

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California Stands to Suffer if U.S.-China Trade War Worsens

Churning out everything from cars and computer chips to nuts and wine, California's mighty economy will suffer big time if the U.S.-China trade war worsens.

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Uganda to 'Review' Social Media Tax after Outcry

Uganda will review a tax on the use of social media, the prime minister said Wednesday after a protest against the controversial measure was broken up by police firing live rounds and teargas into the air.

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Libya Resumes Oil Exports from East

Libya is resuming oil exports from its eastern production heartland, its National Oil Corporation said Wednesday after a showdown between the war-torn country's rival authorities.

The internationally recognised NOC was handed back control of four terminals in the oil crescent on Wednesday morning, it said in a statement, adding that "production and export operations will return to normal levels within the next few hours".

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Trade War Ramps Up as US Threatens $200bn in Chinese Goods

The United States and China have fired the next shots in their escalating trade war, with Washington threatening to impose fresh tariffs on another $200 billion in Chinese goods and Beijing vowing to retaliate.

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Tesla Unveils Shanghai Factory Plans amid U.S.-China Trade Row

Tesla on Tuesday revealed plans to build a factory in Shanghai that would dramatically increase its notoriously constrained production capacity, with boss Elon Musk making his electric-car company's biggest overseas move yet just as a U.S.-China trade battle heats up.

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India Muscles Past France in World Bank Ranking

India has become the world's sixth-biggest economy, pushing France into seventh place, according to updated World Bank figures for 2017.

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Cuba Reauthorizes Private Sector, but with Tighter Controls

Cuba on Tuesday reauthorized private businesses after a year-long freeze, but with tighter controls than before on a segment of the economy that now makes up 13 percent of the island's workforce.

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Asian Markets Mostly Gain as Trade Woes Give Way to Earnings Hopes

Asian markets mostly rose on Tuesday following another strong lead from New York, as optimism about the US economy and the beginning of the earnings season provide a distraction from trade tensions.

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