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Climate Feedback Site Allows Scientists to Correct Media Errors

In one case, a writer claimed a mini Ice Age would befall Earth in 15 years. In another, an op-ed touted global warming as saving countless people from freezing to death.

A new project called Climate Feedback, run by a French scientist living in California, took these and other stories to task, and in the past year has critiqued climate change stories in the New York Times, Rolling Stone, the Telegraph, Forbes magazine, the Wall Street Journal and more.

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India Sets New Heat Record as Temperatures Soar

Temperatures have soared to a scorching 51 degrees Celsius in one Indian city, meteorologists said Friday, with the ferocious heat setting a new national record.

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UK Energy from Coal Hits Zero for First Time in over 100 Years

The amount of electricity generated from coal in the UK has fallen to zero several times in the past week, grid data shows.

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Obama's Methane Rule an Aggressive Step toward Tackling Climate Change

The Obama administration announced on Thursday new rules to cut methane emissions from the oil and gas industry almost in half – tackling a powerful climate pollutant in the president’s final months in the White House.

The rules, stronger than earlier proposals, are aimed at reducing methane emissions from the US by 40% to 45% over 2012 levels by 2025 by requiring companies to capture gas from oil wells, and find and plug pipeline leaks. America is currently the world’s largest oil and gas producer.

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Naomi Klein Criticises Lack of Global Action on Climate Change after Sydney Peace Prize Win

The Canadian author and social activist Naomi Klein has criticized Australia’s climate change policies after winning the Sydney Peace prize for her work exposing the structural causes of the planet’s climate crisis.

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Fort McMurray Wildfire Cuts Canada's Oil Output by a Third

A wildfire that partly destroyed the city of Fort McMurray has cut Canada’s oil output by as much as a third after forcing the oil sands industry to effectively shut down in the province of Alberta.

The majority of Alberta’s oil sands had stopped production and would only start back up when it was “absolutely safe”, said Rachel Notley, the premier, who predicted that production would restart soon.

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Election 2016: Climate Change Policy a Vote Winner for Majority of Australians

Strong climate change policy is a vote-changing matter for a majority of Australians, a new poll shows, establishing the issue as an important battleground one week into the election campaign.

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British Gas to Offer 'Free' Power on Saturdays or Sundays

Britain’s biggest energy supplier British Gas is to offer households free power on Saturdays or Sundays as it attempts to halt an exodus of customers to cheaper rivals.

The Telegraph understands the energy giant is preparing a national campaign to launch the so-called FreeTime tariff this summer, in the hope of retaining customers and persuading them to let it install smart energy meters in their homes.

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Austria's Treasured National Resource, its Glaciers, are Melting Fast

Nearly all of Austria's 900 glaciers retreated last year amid record-setting heat, according to Austrian scientists. The rapid melting mirrors a trend across the Alps and underscores scientists' warnings of accelerating, extreme climate impacts caused by human-caused greenhouse gas emissions.

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Study: Coal Spill Risk to Australia's Great Barrier Reef

Any major coal spill on Australia's Great Barrier Reef could kill some colorful corals within two weeks and stunt the growth of fish and seagrass, a new study revealed Tuesday.

While coal spills are rare, environmentalists have been increasingly concerned about the risks to the reef from ships carrying the commodity mined in Queensland state through its waters.

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