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Coal is Still King in Global Power Production

Coal remains the most widely used means of electricity production in the world. It also happens to be the biggest emitter of climate-changing carbon dioxide of any fuel.

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Flooding, Traffic Chaos as Heavy Rains Lash Sydney

Flights were cancelled, railway lines closed and motorists stranded on flooded roads, as a month's worth of rain fell on Sydney early Wednesday, leaving emergency services battling to respond.

Severe thunderstorms and heavy rainfall lashed Australia's largest city, with the local Bureau of Meteorology reporting more than 106 millimetres of rain fell in some places within a few hours.

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In Lebanon, Climate Change Devours Ancient Cedar Trees

High up in Lebanon's mountains, the lifeless grey trunks of dead cedar trees stand stark in the deep green forest, witnesses of the climate change that has ravaged them.

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Trump Says Doesn't Believe Own Government's Climate Warning

U.S. President Donald Trump has said he doesn't believe his own government's report last week warning of massive economic losses if carbon emissions continue to feed climate change unchecked.

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Dead Fish to Power Norwegian Cruise Liners

Norwegian cruise operator Hurtigruten plans to use dead fish to power some of its ships, it said on Monday, as it seeks to reduce its pollution and climate change impact.

Leftover dead fish from Norway's large fishing industry will be mixed with other organic waste to make a liquefied biogas to be used instead of heavy fuel oil, said Hurtigruten, which runs cruises to the Arctic and Antarctica, among other locations.

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Swiss Poised to Reject Bid to Save Cow Horns

Swiss voters on Sunday appeared set to reject a proposed constitutional amendment to preserve cow horns while approving a law that gives insurance companies broad leeway to spy on suspected welfare cheats.

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Australia's Spring Brings Fires, Snow, Wild Winds and Dust Storms

Dust storms, raging bushfires, gale-force winds, heatwaves, thunder and snow, flash flooding and driving rain -- Australia is enduring a bout of wild weather that's hit all parts of the vast continent in recent days.

Varied weather is not uncommon during spring in the southern hemisphere nation as summer beckons.

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Researchers Measure Carbon Footprint of Canada Hydroelectric Dams

Squatting on spongy soil, a climate scientist lays a small cone-shaped device to "measure the breathing" of a peat bog in the northern part of Canada's Quebec province.

Michelle Garneau, a university researcher and a member of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), is collecting the first data on areas flooded to build the new Romaine hydroelectric dams in a bid to assess the project's impact on the region.

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Drought-Fueled Dust Storm Blankets Sydney

A large dust storm swirled over eastern Australia on Thursday, driven over the coast by a weather front barrelling across the drought-stricken interior.

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Online Climate Meet Offers Talkfest Without the Gas

World leaders will participate in an innovative climate change summit on Thursday that will take place entirely online so it is carbon neutral.

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