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Science Says: Record Heat, Fires Worsened by Climate Change

Heat waves are setting all-time temperature records across the globe, again. Europe suffered its deadliest fire in more than a century, and one of nearly 90 large fires in the U.S. West burned dozens of homes and forced the evacuation of at least 37,000 people near Redding, California. Flood-inducing downpours have pounded the U.S. East this week.

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Heatwaves from the Arctic to Japan: A Sign of Things to Come?

Intense heatwaves like the one which fuelled Greece's deadly wildfires are set to become increasingly frequent around the world due to climate change, experts warn.

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California Brush Fire Kills One, Forces Evacuations

A raging wildfire raced into a town in northern California early Friday, killing one person and sending people fleeing, authorities said.

The so-called Carr fire outside Redding swept across a river late Thursday and is only six percent contained.

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Typhoon Barrels Towards Flood-Hit Western Japan

A powerful typhoon is on track to batter parts of western Japan that were hit earlier this month by devastating flooding and landslides, Japanese officials warned on Friday.

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Untouched Ocean Habitats Rapidly Shrinking

Shipping, pollution and overfishing have reduced areas of "wilderness" to just 13 percent of the world's oceans, a study showed Friday, warning untouched marine habitats could completely vanish within half a century.

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Vanuatu Orders Volcano-Hit Island to Evacuate Again

Vanuatu renewed a state of emergency on the volcano-hit island of Ambae Friday and ordered the compulsory evacuation of all residents.

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Flames Ravage Greek Seaside as Wildfires Kill 74

Raging wildfires killed 74 people including small children in Greece, devouring homes and forests as terrified residents fled to the sea to escape the flames, authorities said Tuesday.

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Fires Sweep Much of Europe as Countries Swelter in the Heat

Dozens of wildfires have hit countries across northern Europe and Greece as a heatwave continues to hold across much of the continent. 

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Record Heat Broils Japan, Prompting Warnings

Japanese officials issued new warnings Monday as a deadly heatwave blankets the country, producing record high temperatures in Tokyo just two years before the city hosts the 2020 Summer Olympics.

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Japan Heatwave Kills over a Dozen, 12,000 Rushed to Hospital

Japan's severe heatwave killed at least 15 people and sent more than 12,000 to hospital in the first two weeks of July, official figures show as the temperature neared 40 degrees C (104 F) in many cities on Sunday.   

Twelve people died of heatstroke in the week ending July 15 after three perished in the preceding week, according to latest data.

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