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Israelis Angry at Netanyahu over New Outbreak, Economic Pain

With an unprecedented new surge in coronavirus cases battering Israel's economy, one of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's closest confidants was dispatched to a TV studio recently to calm the nerves of a jittery nation. Instead, he dismissed expressions of some of the public's economic pain as "BS."

The flippant comment by Cabinet minister Tzachi Hanegbi is symptomatic of what critics see as a bloated, out-of-touch government. It also has become a rallying cry for anti-Netanyahu protests spreading, like the virus, across the country.

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Israel Launches Spy Satellite as Leaders Hint It was behind Natanz Fire

Israel said it successfully launched a new spy satellite into space on Monday as its leaders hinted it was behind a massive fire at an Iranian nuclear site last week -- potentially ratcheting up a long-running covert war.

If Israel was responsible for the fire at the heavily fortified Natanz facility, it would mark another in a series of daring strikes against Iran's nuclear program attributed to Israel, while also risking Iranian retaliation on either Israeli or Western targets.

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Israel, Iran Leaders Trade Twitter Blows

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday warned arch-foe Iran after supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei tweeted comments accusing Israel of "state terrorism" and calling for "eliminating the Zionist regime".

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20 Years after Withdrawal, Israel, Hizbullah 'Brace' for War

Twenty years after Hizbullah pushed Israel's last troops from southern Lebanon, both sides are gearing up for a possible war that neither seems to want.

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Israel Soldier Killed by Rock Thrown in West Bank, Army Says

An Israeli soldier was killed by a rock hurled by a Palestinian in the occupied West Bank on Tuesday, an army spokeswoman told AFP.

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Israel MPs Approve Netanyahu-Gantz Unity Government

Israeli lawmakers approved the formation of a unity government between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his erstwhile rival Benny Gantz Thursday, paving the way to an end to more than a year of deadlock.

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Israeli Helicopters Fire Missiles at Southern Syria Sites

Israeli helicopters fired missiles at sites in southern Syria overnight, Syrian state media reported early Friday, days after similar air strikes were blamed on Israel.

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Palestinian Killed by Israeli Fire in West Bank

A Palestinian was shot dead by Israeli army fire in the occupied West Bank late Sunday, the Palestinian health ministry announced.

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US, Israel Cancel Military Exercise over Coronavirus

The United States and Israel have scrapped the remainder of their joint military exercise Juniper Cobra 20 over the coronavirus outbreak, the US European Command based in Germany said Thursday.

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Israel Votes for Third Time in 12 Months

Israelis were voting for a third time in 12 months on Monday, with embattled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seeking to end the country's political crisis and save his career.

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