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Pompeo to Visit Netanyahu before Israeli PM Heads to Washington

Locked in a tough re-election campaign, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week will host a visit from the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo before flying to Washington for a possible meeting with President Donald Trump.

But Pompeo's Jerusalem visit -- sandwiched by additional stops in Kuwait and Beirut -- reflects a larger agenda than simply lending US support to an important regional friend at a key time. 

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Gaza Border Protests Called Off after Israel Air Raids

Weekly protests along the Gaza-Israel border were called off Friday after a military escalation between the Jewish state and Palestinian militants in the territory, organisers announced.

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Turkey Slams Israeli PM Netanyahu's 'Blatant Racism'

Turkey on Tuesday denounced Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's "blatant racism" after he called Israel the nation-state of "the Jewish people" only, not all its citizens.

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Netanyahu Campaign Draws Accusations of Incitement

When Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has run into political trouble in the past, he has lashed out at the media, the political opposition and Israel's Arab minority with incendiary and divisive language to galvanize his nationalist base.

Ahead of April 9 elections, Netanyahu has zoned in on prominent Arab lawmaker Ahmad Tibi.

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Key Issues in Israel's Upcoming Elections

Here are some of the main issues in the campaign for Israel's April 9 general elections:

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Israel Carries out Fresh Hamas Strikes over Incendiary Balloons

Israeli jets struck a Hamas military target in the Gaza Strip in retaliation for balloon-borne explosive devices late Tuesday, the army said, the fourth such strike in recent days.

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Israel Strikes Gaza after 'Explosive Balloon' Damages House

Israeli aircraft targeted several militant sites in Gaza after an "explosive balloon" launched from the Palestinian enclave damaged a house in the Jewish state, the army said Thursday.

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Netanyahu to Talk Iran with Putin in Moscow

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday was set to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss how to prevent Iran from "entrenching in Syria". 

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Main Challengers to Netanyahu Announce Alliance for Israeli Polls

The two main challengers to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in April polls announced an electoral alliance on Thursday in a bid to defeat him.

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Israel Leaked Video of Gulf Ministers at Anti-Iran Meet

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office leaked video of Gulf Arab ministers slamming Iran during a closed-door session of a Middle East conference in Warsaw, Israeli media reported Friday.

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