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Israel Votes for Third Time in 12 Months

Israelis were voting for a third time in 12 months on Monday, with embattled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seeking to end the country's political crisis and save his career.

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Israel Ends Ban on Palestinian Farm Exports, Resolving Trade Spat

Israel has ended its ban on Palestinian agricultural exports after the Palestinian Authority lifted its curb on calf imports from Israeli livestock farmers, the defence ministry said Thursday, seemingly resolving a months-long trade dispute.

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Anger at Trump Plan Could Mobilize Arab Voters in Israel

It might have seemed to be one of the more innocuous elements in President Donald Trump's deeply divisive Middle East peace initiative: the suggestion that a densely populated Arab region of Israel be added to a future Palestinian state, if both sides agree.

Instead, the proposal has infuriated many of Israel's Arab citizens, who view it as a form of forced transfer. They want no part in the Palestinian state envisioned by the Trump administration, with many comparing it to the areas set aside for black South Africans as part of the apartheid government's policy of racial segregation.

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Second Palestinian Killed in West Bank Clashes

A Palestinian wounded in clashes with Israeli troops in the West Bank town of Jenin has died of his injuries, bringing to two the number killed on Thursday, the Palestinian health ministry said.

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Israel Strikes Hamas Targets after New Gaza Rocket Fire

Israeli aircraft struck Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip early Friday in response to new rocket fire from the blockaded territory, the army said.

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Israel Strikes Gaza for Second Day after Incendiary Balloons

Israeli forces struck Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip for a second consecutive day Thursday, the army said, saying it was in response to incendiary balloons launched from the strip.

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Israeli MPs Vote to Start Netanyahu Immunity Talks

Israeli lawmakers on Monday voted in favour of discussing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's immunity request, bringing the premier's legal woes to the fore weeks ahead of an election.

Netanyahu lodged his immunity request with parliament earlier this month in a move critics said was aimed at delaying court proceedings until after the March 2 polls.

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Israel Releases Man Convicted of Spying for Syria

Israel has announced the release of two prisoners -- one of whom was convicted of spying for Syria -- as part of a swap deal brokered by Russia.

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Israel Hits Gaza with Air Strikes after 'Rocket Fire'

Israeli military aircraft carried out air strikes against the Gaza Strip Wednesday night, the army said, in what it called a response to a rocket fired from the Hamas-controlled Palestinian enclave.

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Israeli Strike on Syria Killed 3 Regime Loyalists, Says Monitor

A war monitor said Monday that air raids in Syria the previous night, blamed on Israel, killed at least three foreign pro-regime fighters south of the war-torn country's capital. 

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