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WikiLeaks: Feltman Said Destroying ‘Maronistan’ Passageways Would Deal a Blow to Embassy

Former U.S. Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman reportedly asked Washington to pressure Israel into keeping the Greater Beirut Area intact during the 2006 war with Hizbullah.

In a WikiLeaks cable published by al-Akhbar newspaper on Tuesday, Feltman said destroying bridges that link Beirut with the Christian heartland which he described as “Maronistan” would isolate Christian towns from each other.

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WikiLeaks: Saniora Predicted that Hizbullah Would Vanish from South

Former Premier Fouad Saniora expected Hizbullah to disappear from the south, saying it couldn’t lie “in the same bed with the Lebanese army and UNIIFL,” said a WikiLeaks cable published by al-Akhbar daily on Monday.

According to the cable, Saniora told ambassadors of the permanent members of the U.N. Security Council on August 14, 2006 that he had given Hizbullah a chance “to disarm immediately or after the Israeli withdrawal or hand over its arms to the Lebanese army.”

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WikiLeaks: March 14 Christians Supported Extending July War to Allow Israel to 'Finish the Job'

Christian officials in the March 14 camp feared during the July 2006 war that the conflict would empower Hizbullah more than ever before, revealed a leaked U.S. Embassy cable published exclusively in Al-Akhbar on Saturday.

The WikiLeaks cable, dated August 5, 2006, reported on a meeting between then U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Jeffrey Feltman, then assistant to the U.S. Secretary of State David Welsh, Phalange Party leader Amin Gemayel, his slain son former minister Pierre, National Liberal party leader Dory Chamoun, National bloc leader Carlos Edde, March 14 general secretariat coordinator Fares Soaid, MPs Georges Adwan, Nayla Mouwad, Nassib Lahoud, and minister Butros Harb.

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WikiLeaks: Sfeir Expressed Concern over Shiites Displaced in 2006 War

Former Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir has reportedly informed ex-U.S. Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman during the 2006 war about his concern over displaced Shiites, saying they should return to their homes.

According to a WikiLeaks cable published by al-Akhbar daily on Friday, Sfeir expressed his concern over Shiites fleeing the bombing in the south and residing in Beirut and Mount Lebanon during a meeting with Feltman in Bkirki on August 3, 2006.

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WikiLeaks: Hamadeh Said the Army Would be Humiliated if Hizbullah Hands Over Arms

Al-Akhbar daily on Thursday unveiled what it said was a WikiLeaks cable exposing MP Marwan Hamadeh telling former U.S. Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman that the Lebanese army would be embarrassed if Hizbullah handed over its weapons to it.

Al-Akhbar published the Arabic translation of the document filed by Feltman dated July 29, 2006, during the Israel-Hizbullah war.

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Feltman: We Are Keen on Seeing Lebanese Commitment to International Resolutions

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman stressed that U.N. Security Council members have expressed their keenness on seeing a Lebanese commitment to international resolutions following the formation of a new government led by Caretaker PM Najib Miqati.

Feltman told pan-Arab daily al-Hayat in remarks published Friday that his talks with French officials in Paris touched on the developments in Lebanon. Security Council members have expressed to him their keenness on Lebanon’s commitment to resolutions 1701 and 1757, he said.

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Feltman to Paris Wednesday for Talks on Lebanon, Tunisia

The top-ranking U.S. envoy for the Middle East, Jeffrey Feltman, said he would travel to France on Wednesday for talks on the situation in Lebanon and Tunisia, following a visit to Tunis.

"I'm going to meet with the French tomorrow to talk about Tunisia and Lebanon," he told reporters in Tunis.

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Hariri Denies Receiving Phone Call from Feltman and Statements Attributed to him on Extremists

Prime Minister Saad Hariri denied on Thursday that he received a phone call from U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman during Wednesday's Cabinet session.

Hariri's Press Office stressed in a statement that this information is fabricated, incorrect, and baseless.

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Hizbullah Hits Back at Feltman, Says He is Israeli Agent

Hizbullah blasted Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman for a testimony in which he said Hizbullah is the most technically-capable terrorist group in the world.

Feltman "plays the role of an Israeli official in America," Hizbullah said in a statement.

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