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Lieberman: Iran Involved in Lebanese Developments, Suppressing Syria Protests

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman stated on Monday that even though the international community has focused its attention on the developments in the Arab world and negotiations between Palestine and Israel, the real danger in the region comes from Iran,

Confronting this danger should be a priority for Israel’s foreign policy, he added.

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Geagea: Contacts Ongoing with March 14 to Sets Plans for Next Phase in Lebanon

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea called on Monday for the launch of a “serious investigation” into Friday’s clashes in Tripoli “instead of wasting time in laying blame on each other.”

He said before reporters that the final solution to this issue lies in making Tripoli a weapons-free city.

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Ministerial-Security Meeting on Tripoli Unrest: Security Forces Protect Civilians without Discrimination

A ministerial-security meeting was held on Monday morning under Prime Minister Najib Miqati to address the situation in the northern city of Tripoli in the aftermath of Friday’s clashes.

The meeting was attended by Defense Minister Fayez Ghosn, Interior Minister Marwan Charbel, Army Commander General Jean Qahwaji, and Internal Security Forces chief Ashraf Rifi.

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Miqati Says he is Seeking for Arms-Free Tripoli, No Compromise on Civil Peace

Prime Minister Najib Miqati said he backs calls for announcing Tripoli an arms-free city, stressing he does not differentiate between Jabal Mohsen and Bab al-Tabbaneh districts which witnessed armed clashes on Friday.

“The situation in Tripoli is under control,” Miqati told As Safir daily published Monday. “The Lebanese army is playing its full role on the ground in cooperation with the Internal Security Forces.”

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Arslan’s Apology to Miqati Opened Way for Solution to his Resignation

Lebanese Democratic Party leader Talal Arslan’s resignation dispute after the formation of the government is likely to end through the nomination of his brother-in-law Marwan Kheireddine to replace him, al-Liwaa newspaper reported on Monday.

Sources told the newspaper “since the portfolios have been occupied and there’s no chance to replace any minister after being done with the handover ceremonies in all ministries,” Kheireddine is likely to replace Arslan as minister of state.

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Miqati Readies STL Clause Amid Efforts to Hold Vote of Confidence Session End of June

Premier Najib Miqati said Monday that he had readied his draft policy statement and would suggest an approach on the controversial issue of the international tribunal during the ministerial committee’s meeting.

The committee tasked with drafting the statement would meet on Tuesday. However, Miqati would hand over copies of his draft to the committee members on Monday to allow them to make their remarks during the meeting at the Grand Serail.

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Berri Says ‘Golden Triangle’ Consolidates Lebanon

Speaker Nabih Berri urged the new cabinet to speed up the drafting of the policy statement by the end of the month to compensate the government formation delay, An Nahar newspaper reported on Monday.

“PM (Najib) Miqati’s cabinet has the chance to accomplish achievements in different sectors,” he said.

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Opposition Members in Paris to Agree with Hariri on Next Steps

Several opposition officials have traveled to Paris to discuss with former Premier Saad Hariri the approach that the March 14 forces would take after the formation of PM Najib Miqati’s cabinet.

An Nahar daily said that among the March 14 politicians who went to France are Phalange party leader Amin Gemayel, MP Marwan Hamadeh and former lawmakers Fares Soaid, Samir Franjieh and Bassem al-Sabaa.

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Barak: Assad’s Fall Would Deal Severe Blow to Iran, Hizbullah

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has said that Syrian President Bashar Assad has lost his legitimacy and the fall of his regime would deal a blow to Iran and Hizbullah.

In an interview with French daily Le Figaro over the weekend, Barak said: “If Assad falls, this would deal a severe blow to Iran and Hizbullah, a significant weakening of the Shiite arc.”

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Jumblat: Only National Dialogue Capable of Preventing Strife

Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat has said that only national dialogue among the country’s political factions would prevent the country from “sliding into strife.”

In remarks to As Safir daily on Monday, Jumblat said: “After the drafting of the cabinet policy statement we should return to the national dialogue table which alone could protect us from the slide into strife and turmoil.”

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