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Israel Says 12 Palestinian Buildings Destroyed in Controversial Demolition

Israel said Tuesday a total of 12 Palestinian buildings it considered illegally constructed were demolished in a controversial operation the previous day, while a UN preliminary assessment showed 24 people displaced.

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Libya Government Forces Say Repel Haftar Attack on Tripoli

Forces loyal to Libya's UN-recognised government said they fought off a "major" attack on the capital Tripoli led by strongman Khalifa Haftar that left casualties on both sides.

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UAE Not Leaving War-Torn Yemen despite Drawdown

The United Arab Emirates, part of a Saudi-led military coalition, is not leaving war-torn Yemen despite an ongoing drawdown and redeployment of Emirati forces, a UAE minister has said. 

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Yemen Rebel Long-Range Arsenal Grows Lethal

From ballistic missiles to unmanned drones, Yemen's Huthi rebels appear to have bolstered their fighting capabilities, posing a serious threat to mighty neighbour Saudi Arabia.

In June alone, the Iran-aligned Shiite Huthis launched at least 20 missile and drone attacks on the oil-rich kingdom, Iran's regional foe, some resulting in casualties and damage.

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Top Omani Diplomat to Visit Iran amid Regional Tensions

Oman's top diplomat will head to Iran this weekend, the Gulf country announced Monday, amid increased regional tensions with the Islamic republic.

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France Condemns Israeli Demolitions of Palestinian Homes

France condemned a move by Israel on Monday to demolish Palestinian homes near Jerusalem, saying the destruction set a "dangerous precedent" and violated international law.

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Libya Warplane of Haftar's Forces 'Lands in Tunisia'

A warplane belonging to the forces of Libyan strongman Khalifa Haftar made an emergency landing in neighboring Tunisia on Monday, an allied administration based in eastern Libya said.

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Airstrikes Kill 50 Civilians in Syria's Northwest

Regime and Russian air strikes killed 50 people in northwest Syria on Monday, most of them in a crowded market, a war monitor said, in the latest violence to plague the opposition bastion.

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China Thanks UAE for Backing Beijing's Xinjiang Policies

China on Monday thanked the United Arab Emirates for backing its security crackdown in Xinjiang, state media said, as President Xi Jinping played host to Abu Dhabi's crown prince.

Beijing has come under growing international scrutiny for placing an estimated one million mostly Muslim ethnic minorities in internment camps in the name of counter-terrorism, but Muslim countries have largely refrained from criticising China.

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Palestinian Given Life Sentence over Israeli Soldier Death

An Israeli military court on Monday sentenced a Palestinian to life in prison for murdering an Israeli soldier in the occupied West Bank last year, the army said.

"The military court in Judea (the West Bank) handed a life sentence... to the terrorist Islam Naji (Abu Hamid)," a statement from the army read.

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