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UAE Says Huthis Will Have Role in Yemen's Future

Yemen's rebels will have a role in their country's future, a UAE minister said Sunday, voicing optimism that a recent peace deal between the government and southern separatists could lead to a wider solution.

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Israel Court Rejects Russian 'Hacker' Appeal against U.S. Extradition

Israel's top court upheld Sunday an extradition order of a Russian alleged hacker to the United States, where he is wanted for fraud.

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Iraqis Struggle to Maintain Sit-ins after Deadly Crackdown

Iraqi protesters clashed with security forces in Baghdad on Sunday, following a deadly crackdown that Amnesty International warned could turn into a "bloodbath".

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Report: Heavy Fighting between Syrian and Turkish Troops

Syria's state news agency is reporting intense clashes between government forces and Turkish troops in the country's north.

SANA said Saturday's clashes included heavy machine gun fire and occurred in the village of Um Shaifa near the town of Ras al-Ayn.

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Saudi Recruitment of Twitter Workers Reflects Insider Risks

Allegations that two former Twitter employees spied on users for the Saudi government have spotlighted the threat posed by insiders who exploit their access to the mountains of sensitive data held by tech companies.

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Iraq Protests Dig in for Third Week, as Politicians Do the Same

Anti-government protests in Iraq entered their third week on Friday amid fresh bloodshed, but leaders appeared to have closed rank around the country's embattled premier.

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Hamas Arrests Three Suspected Jihadists at Gaza Border

Hamas security forces in Gaza foiled an attempt by three suspected jihadists to sneak into Egypt and arrested them after an exchange of fire Friday, the Palestinian Islamist movement said.

The forces "foiled a dawn attempt to infiltrate Egypt by way of the southern Gaza Strip border", said the interior ministry of the Hamas-ruled coastal territory.

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UNRWA Commissioner-General Resigns

United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) Commissioner-General, Pierre Krähenbühl, informed United Nations Secretary-General on Wednesday that he would be resigning from his post effective immediately, UNRWA said in a press release.

Secretary-General António Guterres thanked Krähenbühl for his commitment and dedication to UNRWA and to Palestine refugees. The Secretary-General also reiterated his appreciation to UNRWA for its excellent work, which he described as being essential to the well-being of Palestine refugees.

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For East Syria, US Troops are About Much More than Oil

As U.S. troops beef up in eastern Syria to protect oil fields, residents hope their mission will bring stability and prosperity to the remote and resource-rich region —and keep the Syrian government out.

Their hopes reflect the expectations being piled onto the operation, even as President Donald Trump flip-flopped on the scope and duration of troops deployment. He initially ordered all troops out of Syria last month, then decided to keep a force in place to hold the oil infrastructure.

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Kuwaitis Protest: New Political Crisis on the Horizon?

A demonstration held outside the Kuwaiti parliament over alleged rampant corruption was reminiscent of past crises that have marred political life in the oil-rich Gulf state.

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