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Gaza's Bloody Hamas-Fatah Quasi Civil War

Gaza's quasi civil war of 2006-2007 killed hundreds of people and opened rifts between Palestinian political movements Fatah and Hamas which are still felt today.

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Thousands of Foreign Troops in Syria _ But Will They Leave?

Syria's long-running civil war may be winding down slowly, but the country is awash in weapons and a confounding array of local militias and thousands of foreign troops, some of which may never leave.

With crucial aid from allies Iran and Russia, President Bashar Assad has regained control over large areas of Syria in advances that appear to have put to rest the possibility of a military overthrow, at least for now. But his rule is extremely reliant on continued assistance from Iranian-sponsored militias, which have spread across the war-ravaged country.

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The Disputed Partition of Palestine 70 Years Ago

The UN plan that partitioned Palestine into two states, one Jewish and one Arab, was adopted 70 years ago.

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Key Markers for Russia's Support for the Syrian Regime

Russia has been a staunch diplomatic, military and political supporter of President Bashar al-Assad since the Syrian conflict began in 2011.

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The Tricky UN Resolution on Middle East Peace

Fifty years ago, the UN adopted a resolution on an Israeli withdrawal from occupied territories that remains the reference for peace in the Middle East, even though it has never been implemented.

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Srebrenica Massacre Haunts UN Peacekeeping

UN peacekeeping hit a rock-bottom low when blue helmets in Bosnia failed to prevent the Srebrenica massacre in 1995, a year after peacekeepers pulled out of Rwanda as it was convulsed by mass atrocities.

The debacles in Bosnia and Rwanda loom large over UN peace operations to this day and have brought about a shift toward more robust missions focused on protecting civilians. 

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IS Not Dead Yet but 'Caliphate' Dream in Tatters

Its "caliphate" has imploded, its de facto capitals in Iraq and Syria have fallen, and hundreds of its fighters have either surrendered or fled.

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France, Lebanon and the Hariri Family Have Close Ties

France under President Emmanuel Macron has played a lead role in trying to avert a fresh crisis in Lebanon amid claims that its prime minister Saad Hariri was being detained in Saudi Arabia.

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Hizbullah, Iran's 'Crown Jewel' of Regional Influence

Lebanon's Hizbullah, blamed by Saad Hariri for his shock resignation as premier, has grown over the three decades since its founding into a mighty army used by Iran to project regional influence.

Hariri criticized the powerful Shiite movement for alleged meddling across the Middle East during a televised interview from Saudi Arabia on Sunday, his first media appearance since he stepped down on November 4.

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US-Philippine Ties: A History of 'Best Friends' Fighting

A meeting between US President Donald Trump and Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte in Manila on Monday follows a stormy 16 months in their nations' decades-long alliance.

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