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Scientists Find Gas on Venus Linked to Life on Earth

The atmosphere of Venus contains traces of phosphine gas -- which on Earth can be attributed to living organisms -- scientists said on Monday, in a fresh insight into conditions on our nearest planetary neighbour.  

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Egypt Invites Musk after 'Aliens Built Pyramids' Tweet

Egypt has invited Elon Musk to visit its famed pyramids after the SpaceX and Tesla founder posted a satirical tweet stating that clearly extra-terrestrials had built the giant monuments.

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SpaceX Craft Departs ISS for Earth

The SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft shoved off from the International Space Station on Saturday with two U.S. astronauts on board, beginning their journey back to Earth despite a storm threatening Florida.

NASA footage showed the capsule drifting slowly away from the ISS in the darkness of space, ending a two month stay for the first U.S. astronauts to reach the orbiting lab on an American spacecraft in nearly a decade. 

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UAE's Nuclear Power Plant: Energy and Politics

The United Arab Emirates' Barakah nuclear power plant, a first for the Arab world, successfully started up Saturday in a region grappling with conflicts.

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U.S. Says Unlikely to Use China, Russia Virus Vaccine as Race Heats Up

America's top infectious diseases official has raised concerns over the safety of COVID-19 vaccines being developed by China and Russia as the world scrambles for answers to a pandemic the WHO warned will be felt for decades.

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UAE Starts Up First Arab Nuclear Plant

The oil-rich United Arab Emirates on Saturday announced the startup of its Barakah nuclear power plant, scoring another first for the Arab world.

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Israeli Firm Developing 30-Second Coronavirus Breath Test

An Israeli company is developing a coronavirus breathalyzer test that gives results in 30 seconds, billing it as a "front line" tool that can help restore a sense of normality during the pandemic.

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China Launches Mars Probe in Space Race with U.S.

China launched a rover to Mars on Thursday, a journey coinciding with a similar US mission as the powers take their rivalry into deep space.

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UAE's Amal Spacecraft Rockets toward Mars in Arab World 1st

A United Arab Emirates spacecraft rocketed into blue skies from a Japanese launch center Monday at the start of a seven-month journey to Mars on the Arab world's first interplanetary mission.

The liftoff of the Mars orbiter named Amal, or Hope, starts a rush to fly to Earth's neighbor that is scheduled to be followed in the next few days by China and the United States.

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UAE Mars Probe Launch from Japan Rescheduled for July 20

A Japanese rocket carrying the first Arab mission to Mars will blast into space on Monday, after being delayed by bad weather, the launch company said Friday.

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