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Endangered Clouded Leopard Kittens Born in Miami Zoo

Two clouded leopard kittens were born this month at the Miami Zoo, a treat for the doting keepers and a victory in the fight to preserve a vulnerable species.

The medium-sized cat, which is not closely related to the African leopard, lives in forests of South East Asia and fewer than 10,000 are thought to exist in the wild.

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Solar-powered Plane Lands in China on Round-the-world Flight

A groundbreaking solar-powered plane successfully flew from Myanmar to central China early Tuesday as part of an historic round-the-world journey promoting renewable energy use.

The organizers of the Solar Impulse 2 flight wrote in a statement that the plane landed in Chongqing, China, at 1:35 a.m. Tuesday, after leaving Mandalay, Myanmar, more than 20 hours earlier.

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Study: Refueling Planes Mid-Air Could Cut Fuel Use by 23%

A system for refueling passenger planes mid-air could slash the amount of kerosene needed for a long haul flight by nearly a quarter, researchers said Monday.

Kerosene reserves make up about a third of the weight on long distance passenger flights at take-off so reducing them and refueling mid-air could mean huge savings, said the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), which participated in the study.

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Solar Impulse Departs Myanmar for China

Solar Impulse 2 took off from Myanmar's second biggest city of Mandalay early Monday and headed for China's Chongqing, the fifth flight of a landmark journey to circumnavigate the globe powered solely by the sun.

The single-seater aircraft's team spent more than a week waiting in Mandalay for weather conditions to improve in southwestern China for what will be one of the most challenging legs of the round-the-world attempt so far.

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Antarctica both Alluring and Forbidding

Their beady little eyes, squarish torsos and adorable waddling make penguins one of the main attractions for tourists who come to Antarctica. But far from the surface waters where they swim with seals and whales, deep in the oceans and across thousands of miles of frozen continent is another side of Antarctica that is both forbidding and mysterious.

It's in those places that scientists study the rapid melting of icebergs and global warming, look for clues about humanity's past that could help us see the future and even find forms of life that survive and thrive in extremely harsh conditions.

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Earth Hour Kicks off in Australia, Lebanon Joins in at 8:30 Local Time

The Sydney Harbour Bridge and the sails on the nearby Opera House went dark Saturday, as lights on landmarks around Australia were switched off for the global climate change awareness campaign Earth Hour.

Millions are expected to take part around the world in the annual event, including Lebanon which is set to join in at 8:30 Beirut time, organised by conservation group WWF, with hundreds of well-known sights including the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Seattle Space Needle set to plunge into darkness.

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Europe Resumes Galileo Satnav Deployment

Europe resumed deployment of its beleaguered Galileo satnav programme on Friday, launching a pair of satellites seven months after a rocket malfunction sent two multi-million euro orbiters awry.

Galileo's seventh and eighth satellites blasted off from Europe's spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, at 2146 GMT (6:46 pm local time), to join four orbiters already in the constellation.

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Soyuz Spacecraft Docks at ISS for Year-long Mission

A Russian Soyuz spacecraft with three crew on board successfully docked at the International Space Station Saturday after blasting off from Kazakhstan, NASA said, launching a year-long mission on the orbiting outpost.

The Soyuz-TMA16M spacecraft's crew included a U.S. astronaut and a Russian cosmonaut who will be the first to spend an entire year on the ISS.

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The Salton Sea: A Time-bomb amid California Drought

At first sight the Salton Sea looks putrid, with dead fish scattered among patches of fetid water in a vast salty lake in the middle of the Californian desert.

In the fourth year of a historic drought in the western United States, some say the wetland is an environmental time bomb.

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Ice Around Antarctica Shrank by almost 20 Percent

The ice floating around Antarctica has thinned by nearly 20 percent, according to research published Thursday, depleting the bulwark that prevents the permanent collapse of glaciers covering the southern continent.

The study, based on satellite measurements between 1994 and 2012 by the European Space Agency, sheds new light on how Antarctic ice responds to climate change.

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