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Mars Isolation Experiment in Hawaii Ends

The six people who went into isolation for a year in Hawaii to help NASA plan for a mission to Mars emerged Sunday, happy to breathe fresh air and meet new people.

The team was based on a barren, northern slope of Mauna Loa, living inside a dome that is 36 feet (11 meters) in diameter and 20 feet tall.

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From Solo Cup to an Asteroid: NASA's Newest Space Mission

The idea for a device that could unveil the origins of life in our solar system began with a Solo cup.

Next month, an invention inspired by that plastic, disposable beverage cup will launch into space aboard the United States' first robotic mission aimed at scooping up 4.5 billion-year-old dust from an asteroid.

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U.S. Astronauts Begin Spacewalk to Install New Docking Port

With more private spaceship traffic expected at the International Space Station in the coming years, two U.S. astronauts embarked on a spacewalk Friday to install a special parking spot for them.

The spacewalk began at 8:04 (1204 GMT) when Americans Jeff Williams and Kate Rubins switched their spacesuits to internal battery power.

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China Launches World First Quantum Satellite

China launched the world's first quantum satellite Tuesday, state media reported, in an effort to harness the power of particle physics to build an unbreakable system of encrypted communications.

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Scientists Warn Anthrax Just One Threat as Russian Permafrost Melts

A recent anthrax outbreak in the far north of Russia left a child dead, 23 people infected and the government scrambling to deploy hundreds of rescue workers and soldiers to stop any further spread.

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Study: When Ships Pass, Whales Eat Less

Noise from ships impedes humpback whales from foraging for food, and could have long-term impacts on the health of these majestic creatures, according to a study released Wednesday.

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20 Science Questions for U.S. Presidential Candidates

A coalition of U.S. groups representing more than 10 million scientists and engineers published 20 questions on Wednesday they want every U.S. presidential candidate to answer ahead of November's vote.

The questions range from how to support vaccine science, to defining the scope of America's goals in space, to the candidates' views on climate change and what would they would do about it.

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Egypt Bids Farewell to Nobel Prize Winning Chemist Zewail

Nobel prize-winning Egyptian-American chemist Ahmed Zewail was given a state funeral with military honors on Sunday in Cairo attended by Egypt's president and top officials.

Zewail, who served as a science and technology adviser to U.S. President Barack Obama, died on Tuesday in the United States aged 70.

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Scientists Say Hoped-For Physics Particle was Just a Blip

Hopes for a new particle discovery that might have up-ended the standard model of physics were dashed on Friday, as scientists admitted that a "bump" in the data was actually just a "blip."

A great deal of excitement was generated by the December 2015 announcement that a fluctuation in the data had been found independently by two groups of scientists working on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a massive underground atom-smasher run by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).

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First Evidence of Legendary China Flood May Rewrite History

Geologists have found the first evidence for China's Great Flood, a 4,000-year-old disaster on the Yellow River that led to birth of the Xia dynasty and modern Chinese civilization, researchers said Thursday.

The findings in the journal Science may help rewrite history because they not only show that a massive flood did occur, but that it was in 1920 BC, several centuries later than traditionally thought.

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