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Uphill Battle to Tackle Indonesian Shark Fishing

Sharks are hauled ashore every day at a busy market on the central Indonesian island of Lombok, the hub of a booming trade that provides a livelihood for local fishermen but is increasingly alarming environmentalists.

Now a Singaporean is luring the fishermen away from Tanjung Luar market, where an array of other sea creatures including manta rays and moray eels are also sold, by offering them jobs as local guides for the growing number of tourists visiting the island.

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Rare Rhino Dies in U.S.

A rare species of rhinoceros is one member closer to extinction after one of only six surviving animals died, zoo keepers said Monday.

Northern white rhinoceros Angalifu, believed to be 44 years old, died on Sunday at San Diego Zoo possibly of old age, said spokeswoman Darla Davis, adding that post-mortem results were pending.

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Study Sheds Light on How Humans Tamed Wild Horses

Humans tamed horses some 5,500 years ago, and an international study of ancient and modern horse genes Monday sheds light on the traits people saw as valuable, including speed, vigor and learning ability.

Researchers also discovered that a long-gone and previously unknown population of wild horses contributed a large chunk of genes to contemporary horses, according to the findings in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a peer-reviewed U.S. journal.

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November Global Temps Dip, Earth Still Nears Heat Record

The Earth is still on track for a record-breaking year for heat even though the average global temperature last month dipped to the seventh warmest since 1880, U.S. government scientists said Monday.

The globally averaged temperature over land and ocean surfaces in November 2014 tied with 2008 as the seventh warmest for the month since record keeping began, said the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

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Study: Your All-Electric Car May not Be So Green

People who own all-electric cars where coal generates the power may think they are helping the environment. But a new study finds their vehicles actually make the air dirtier, worsening global warming.

Ethanol isn't so green, either.

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Observers Slam 'Lackluster' Lima Climate Deal

A carbon-curbing deal struck in Lima on Sunday was a watered-down compromise where national intransigence threatened the goal of a pact to save Earth's climate system, green groups said.

The hard-fought agreement sets out guidelines for the submission of national greenhouse-gas pledges next year.

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Dead Dolphin Triggers Fears after Major Bangladesh Oil Spill

A dead dolphin has been found in Bangladesh's protected Sundarbans delta following an oil spill which has spread over several hundred square kilometers, heightening fears for the area's rare wildlife.

The Dhaka Tribune newspaper published a photo of the mammal on Sunday, saying it was found floating in a canal off the Shela river where a crashed tanker has leaked thousands of litres of oil.

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Photographer Salgado Tells AFP 'Planet near Extinction'

Sebastiao Salgado looks at images in his "Genesis" exhibition on December …

World renowned Brazilian photographer Sebastiao Salgado has crisscrossed the globe to document the extremes of globalization, migration and unchartered territories, but is most troubled by mankind's reckless plundering of the planet, which he says is lethally short-sighted.

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What Now for the Paris Accord?

Four years ago, the world's nations vowed to forge a pact by the end of 2015 that would tame climate change and bequeath a safer planet to future generations.

Operational from 2020, the accord would curb heat-trapping carbon emissions and hold global warming under two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit).

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CERN Gears up to Relaunch High Energy Particle Collider

Europe's physics lab CERN said Friday it was on schedule to fire up the world's biggest particle smasher again early next year, with almost double the energy of its previous run.

CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) went offline in February 2013 for an 18-month overhaul after identifying what is believed to be the Higgs boson, the long-sought maker of mass theorised in the 1960s.

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