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Hawaii Volcano Lava Flow could Threaten Homes

Scientists are monitoring lava flowing from a Hawaii volcano eruption that could threaten homes.

The June 27 lava flow, named for the date it began erupting from a new vent, isn't an immediate threat to homes or structures downhill of the flow, but could become one in weeks or months if it continues to advance, the U.S. Geological Survey's Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said. The Kilauea volcano has been continuously erupting since 1983, but new vents — or points where lava reaches the surface — have opened up periodically.

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Experts Probe Launch Failure for EU's Satnav Project

Factfile on the European global navigation system GalileoView Photo

Factfile on the European global navigation system Galileo

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Study: Three-Million-Year-Old Child Skull Had no Soft Spot

A three-million-year-old child's skull uncovered in South Africa has no signs of the kind of soft spot that would be seen in human children with larger brains, a study said Monday.

The findings are the latest contribution to long-running debate over whether the Taung Child fossil may have represented the earliest signs of a fusing skull.

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Invasive Insect Threatens Iconic Florida Citrus

Citrus has always been synonymous with Florida.

The orange adorns the state license plate. The University of Florida's famed football stadium was named after an orange magnate. There is even a county called Citrus.

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Study: Honeybee Genome Throws up Survival Clues

Honeybees probably originated in Asia, not Africa, said scientists Sunday who had teased interesting tidbits from the busy little pollinators' genome that they hope can be used to protect it.

They sequenced the genomes of 140 honeybees from 14 populations from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, United States and Brazil, looking for DNA clues as to how the insects responded to survival threats throughout their 300,000-year history.

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Wildlife 'WikiLeaks' Targets Africa Poaching Elite

Poachers slaughtering Africa's elephants and rhinos with impunity are often shielded from police by powerful connections, but a group of conservationists has turned to the anonymity of tip-offs to try to stem the killing.

The founders of WildLeaks -- a sort of WikiLeaks for the environment -- say it is the first secure, online whistle-blowing platform dedicated to wildlife and forest crime.

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Europe Launches Two Navigation Satellites

Two satellites for Europe's rival to GPS were lifted into space on Friday to boost the Galileo constellation to six orbiters of a final 30, the European Space Agency (ESA) said.

The launch of satellites Doresa and Milena, the first with full operational capability, brought the system a step closer to becoming fully functional.

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Famed Galapagos Tortoise 'Pepe the Missionary' Dies

"Pepe the Missionary," a giant tortoise who rose to fame as one of the most photographed animals on Ecuador's Galapagos Islands, has died at age 60, officials said Friday.

Pepe, who lived in a corral at the Galapagos National Park's Interpretation Center, died of natural causes, said the park's ecosystems director, Victor Carrion.

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Arianespace: Galileo Satellites Not on Right Orbit

Two European Galileo satellites launched by a Russian-built rocket on Friday from French Guiana have not reached their intended orbit, launch firm Arianespace said Saturday. 

"Observations taken after the separation of the satellites from the Soyuz VS09 (rocket) for the Galileo Mission show a gap between the orbit achieved and that which was planned," the company said in a statement.

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Study: Australian Spider Grows Bigger in City

Australian spiders may live happily in the bush, but a new study has found that at least one species also thrives on city life and grows bigger in urban areas.

The University of Sydney's Elizabeth Lowe said while research showed invertebrates were sensitive to urbanization, not all species were negatively affected by living in cities.

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