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In Israeli Desert, World's Highest Solar Tower Looks to Future

In the middle of southern Israel's desert, engineers are hard at work building the world's tallest solar tower, reflecting Israel's high hopes for renewable energy.

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Solar Impulse 2 Leaves New York, Begins Atlantic Crossing

The sun-powered Solar Impulse 2 aircraft set off from New York's JFK airport early Monday, embarking on the transatlantic leg of its record-breaking flight around the world to promote renewable energy.

The flight, piloted by Swiss adventurer Bertrand Piccard, is expected to take about 90 hours -- during which Piccard will only take short naps -- before landing at Spain's Seville airport.

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3 International Space Station Astronauts Land in Kazakhstan

An International Space Station crew including an American, a Briton and a Russian landed safely Saturday in the sun-drenched steppes of Kazakhstan.

The Soyuz TMA-19M capsule carrying NASA's Tim Kopra, Tim Peake of the European Space Agency and the Russian agency Roscosmos' Yuri Malenchenko touched down as scheduled at 3:15 p.m. local time (0915 GMT) about 90 miles (145 kilometers) southeast of Zhezkazgan in Kazakhstan.

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Groundbreaking Discovery of Organic Molecule in Space

Researchers have found an organic molecule essential to biology in interstellar space for the first time, announced experts Tuesday, a discovery that could help solve a long-time mystery.

Like humans, the organic molecules that make up the universe can lean left-handed or right-handed, a preference known as chirality. Most molecules on Earth lean left -- but scientists don't know why.

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Scientists Discover Potentially Habitable Planet Orbiting Two Suns

Astronomers have discovered the largest planet outside our solar system orbiting two stars, at a distance that would make it potentially habitable for people, scientists announced Monday.

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Musk Explains His 'Cargo Route' to Mars

SpaceX chief Elon Musk shed light Saturday on his new plan to send an unmanned spaceship to Mars as early as 2018, as part of his quest to some day colonize the Red Planet.

Musk, the Internet entrepreneur who cofounded of PayPal and currently also runs Tesla Motors, earlier this year announced on Twitter that he was "Planning to send Dragon to Mars as soon as 2018." But there was little in the way of details at the time.

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Pioneering Solar Pilots 'Make Sci-Fi a Reality'

The Swiss pilot readying to cross the Atlantic in a solar-powered plane on the next leg of a record-breaking, round-the-world mission says he is making science fiction reality.

Bertrand Piccard, a psychiatrist and balloonist, will next command Solar Impulse 2 when meteorologists determine the best five-to-six day window for the ocean crossing from New York to either Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal or Morocco, depending on the wind and the weather.

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'Nihonium', 'Moscovium', among New Periodic Element Names

Four new elements have been added to the periodic table after discoveries by Japanese, Russian and U.S. scientists, an international authority said, with the new substances including Asia's first entry on the chart.

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Mexican Engineer Extracts Gas from Urine to Heat Shower

Mexican engineer Gabriel Luna-Sandoval was urinating one day when he realized that the yellow liquid could be of "vital" use elsewhere.

Nine years later, he invented a machine that he said can transform urine into a biogas to serve as a household heater to take hot showers or cook.

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How Candy Makers Shape Nutrition Science

It was a startling scientific finding: Children who eat candy tend to weigh less than those who don't.

Less startling was how it came about. The paper was funded by a trade association representing the makers of Butterfingers, Hershey and Skittles. And its findings were touted by the group even though one of its authors didn't seem to think much of it.

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