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Amazon's 'Tallest Tree' Safe from Fires, Say Scientists

Intrepid Brazilian and British scientists say they have located the Amazon's tallest tree in northern Brazil, untouched by a spate of wildfires that have raged in the rainforest for weeks.

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Spacecraft Carrying Russian Humanoid Robot Docks at ISS

An unmanned spacecraft carrying Russia's first humanoid robot to be sent into orbit successfully docked at the International Space Station on Tuesday, following a failed attempt over the weekend, Moscow's space agency said.

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Docking Aborted for Russia's First Humanoid Robot in Space

An unmanned spacecraft carrying Russia's first humanoid robot to be sent into orbit failed to dock automatically at the International Space Station on Saturday, in a new setback for Moscow.

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Scientists a Step Closer to Saving Northern White Rhino from Extinction

Veterinarians have successfully harvested eggs from the last two surviving northern white rhinos, taking them one step closer to bringing the species back from the brink of extinction, scientists said in Kenya on Friday.

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India's Moon Probe Enters Lunar Orbit

India's Chandrayaan 2 spacecraft entered lunar orbit on Tuesday, executing one of the trickiest maneuvers on its historic mission to the Moon.

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Controversial Study Links Fluoride in Water to Lower IQ

A study published Monday links exposure to fluoridated tap water during pregnancy to lower IQ scores in infants, but several outside experts expressed concern over its methodology and questioned its findings. 

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Japan Approves Growing Human Organs in Animals for First Time

Scientists in Japan will begin trying to grow human organs in animals after receiving government permission for the first study of its kind in the country.

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Can Diet Help Cancer Treatment? Study in Mice Offers Clues

Diet is already a key part of managing diseases like diabetes and hypertension, but new research adds to a growing body of evidence that it could help cancer treatment too.

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India Farmers Shocked as Suspected Meteorite Crashes into Rice Field

A suspected meteorite the size of a football plunged into a rice field in eastern India, startling farmers, authorities said Thursday.

Onlookers said the light brown-colored object sent them fleeing from the field when it fell at their rural village on Wednesday afternoon, sending up smoke.

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China Launches First Private Rocket Capable of Carrying Satellites

A Chinese startup successfully launched the country's first commercial rocket capable of carrying satellites into orbit Thursday, as the space race between China and the US heats up.

Beijing-based Interstellar Glory Space Technology -- also known as iSpace -- said it launched two satellites into orbit around 1:00 pm Beijing time (0500 GMT) from Jiuquan, a state launch facility in the Gobi desert.

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