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Apple Awarded $290 mln in Samsung Patent Case

A U.S. federal jury Thursday ordered Samsung to pay $290 million in damages to Apple in a partial retrial of a blockbuster patent case involving the two smartphone giants.

The award revises the $450 million in damages originally granted in the landmark suit, but thrown out by a judge. It is in addition to nearly $600 million in patent infringement damages upheld from the trial last year.

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Jury Ends Day 2 of Samsung-Apple Deliberations

Jurors failed to reach a decision and will return for a third day of deliberations to determine how much Samsung Electronics owes Apple for copying key features of the iPhone and iPad.

A previous jury found Samsung guilty of infringing several Apple patents in making and marketing 26 devices, and it ordered Samsung to pay $1.05 billion. But U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh tossed out $450 million of those damages and ordered the new jury to recalculate damages for 13 of the devices.

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LG Looking into Claim Smart TVs Grab User Data

LG Electronics Inc. said it is investigating a claim that some of its smart TVs send information on home viewing habits back to the company without consent.

The investigation comes after a British blogger, using network traffic analysis software, detailed how his LG smart TV logged the channels he was watching even after an information collection feature was disabled.

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Video Game Console War Heats with Xbox One Launch

Microsoft on Friday releases its Xbox One game console, taking on Sony's PlayStation 4 in a battle for the hearts and minds of Internet-era home entertainment.

Sony last week unleashed its new champion in the long-running console war, getting a slight jump on Microsoft heading into the prime holiday shopping season.

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Australia Police, Central Bank Websites Hacked

Australian police and central bank websites fell victim to cyber attacks Thursday with an Indonesian hacker claiming responsibility, reportedly demanding that Canberra apologize in an intensifying row over spying.

The row -- triggered by reports that Australian spies tried to tap the phones of the Indonesian president, his wife and ministers -- has pushed ties between Jakarta and Canberra to their lowest level since the turn of the century.

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Toyota Vows Fuel Cell Model by 2015 in Green Push

Toyota is promising a mass-produced fuel cell car by 2015 in the latest ambitious push to go green by an industry long skeptical about the super-clean technology that runs on hydrogen.

Satoshi Ogiso, the Toyota Motor Corp. executive in charge of fuel cells, said Wednesday the vehicle is not just for leasing to officials and celebrities but will be an everyday car for ordinary consumers, widely available at dealers.

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Driven to Distraction: Carmakers Mull Gadget Risks

Talking on the phone while driving is illegal in a growing number of countries, but with the explosion of in-car technologies the potential for drivers being distracted is greater than ever.

The dangers of gadget distraction were highlighted Tuesday in Los Angeles, where the LA Auto Show devoted a whole day to the opportunities in the so-called Connected Car, as well as the risks.

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Xbox One a Great Game Player _ and More

What is the Xbox One?

If you're a video-game aficionado, you know the answer: It's Microsoft's latest game console, and it arrives in North America and Europe on Friday. To gamers, Xbox means cutting-edge adventures such as "Halo" and "Gears of War," and well as the brand that brought online competition to the masses through Xbox Live.

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Google to Pay $17 mn in Privacy Settlement

Google has agreed to pay $17 million to settle an investigation by US states into its use of unauthorized tracking software on Apple Safari Web browsers, officials said Monday.

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced the multistate agreement on Google's "unauthorized placement of cookies on computers using Apple Safari Web browsers during 2011 and 2012."

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Yahoo Vows to Encrypt Website Traffic

Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer on Monday said the Internet firm will begin encrypting data to protect users from online snooping.

By April of next year, Yahoo will have encryption in place to protect information shared by users of its online properties as well as information exchanged between the Internet firm's data centers, Mayer said in a blog post.

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