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Czechs Launch First Auction of 4G Mobile Frequencies

The Czech telecommunications watchdog CTU has launched its first auction of fourth generation mobile telephony frequencies, with a fourth mobile operator likely to enter the market, its website said on Friday.

"CTU has done its best for the auction to be transparent, professional, and to accelerate the development of new mobile high-speed broadband services," CTU head Pavel Dvorak said.

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Experts Say Cyber War on Iran has Only just Begun

A U.S. cyber war against Iran's nuclear program may have only just begun and could escalate with explosions triggered by digital sabotage, experts say.

Although the Iranian regime remains vulnerable to more cyber-attacks in the aftermath of the "Stuxnet" worm that disrupted its uranium enrichment work, Tehran may be receiving help from Russian proxies for its digital security, some analysts say.

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Hackers Post Pilfered Yahoo! Passwords

Yahoo! on Thursday was digging into how hackers looted nearly a half million passwords and email addresses from one of its servers.

A hacker group calling itself D33DS posted online a massive trove of data it said was unencrypted in a file pilfered from the Sunnyvale, California-based Internet pioneer "as a wake-up call not as a threat."

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Internet Media Firm Buys Faded Social News Site Digg

Faded social news star Digg announced Thursday that it has been bought by online media company Betaworks in a move aimed at reviving the firm's cache.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed but online reports estimated the purchase price at $500,000.

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San Francisco Sours on Apple Computers

San Francisco city officials on Thursday said that they have soured on Apple computers due to the Macintosh maker's decision to bail out of a program to promote making electronics earth friendly.

The California company behind coveted iPads, iPhones, iPods and Macbook computers in June abandoned the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool global registry for "greener electronics" and did not respond to requests for comment about the move.

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Iraq Internet Law Slammed by Rights Groups and Activists

An Iraqi draft law that would jail web users for life for a variety of ill-defined crimes has been condemned by rights groups and activists who have slammed its vague language and hefty penalties.

Little more than a year after revolutions, in part sparked by Internet-based campaigns, rocked the Middle East and ousted several dictators, Human Rights Watch has warned the bill would "constitute serious curtailments" of Iraqis' freedoms, while activists have questioned many of the bill's provisions.

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Amazon Testing New Smartphone

The online retail giant Amazon is testing a new smartphone and may launch production later this year or early next year, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

The story, datelined Taipei, said the company is working with Asian component suppliers to test the new device, which would enter a crowded market dominated by Apple's iPhone, Samsung's Galaxy handsets and LG models.

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Big German Cars Favored In New EU Car Emission Rules

The European Commission presents proposals to limit automobile carbon emissions Wednesday that environmentalists complain will offer favored treatment to manufacturers of big German cars.

In a draft of the proposals obtained by Agence France Presse, the European Union executive calls for a cap on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 2020 of an average 95 grams per kilometer per new passenger vehicle, against 130 grams today.

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Spending on IT to Hit $3.6 Trillion this Year

Industry tracker Gartner on Tuesday said that worldwide spending on information technology (IT) was on pace to hit $3.6 trillion this year despite trouble in the global economy.

The revised estimate by Gartner projects that IT spending will be slightly more than previously expected, climbing three percent from the prior year's tally.

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LG Electronics Seeks To Win Race for Next-Generation TV

South Korea's LG Electronics, long overshadowed by Samsung Electronics, is confident it can outpace its bigger rival in the race to dominate the world's next-generation TV market.

LG, the world's second-largest TV maker after Samsung, believes its technology will give it the edge in organic light-emitting diode (OLED) sets, which are expected to drive the industry in the future.

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