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New App to Give Voice to Sept. 11 Witness histories

Their voices tell their stories — witnesses and first responders recounting where they were and what they saw when terrorists attacked the World Trade Center.

Now, a web startup called Broadcastr is putting those oral histories on the Internet and on smart phones for the world to hear.

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Google Buys eBook Technologies

Google, which opened an online bookstore last month, said Thursday that it has acquired eBook Technologies, a company which makes digital reading products.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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Microsoft Fights Apple Claim to "App Store" Name

Microsoft is fighting rival Apple's claim that it has dibs on the name "App Store," arguing the term is generic and can be used by any shop selling programs for gadgets such as smartphones.

Microsoft has asked the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to deny Apple's request to "exclusively appropriate" the term "app store" based on the success of the iPhone, iPod and iPad maker's online software shop bearing that name.

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Ten Years on, Wikipedia Eyes a Better World

Ten years after its debut as a geeky online encyclopedia, Wikipedia today wants to use its huge, growing popularity and spirit to spread knowledge across the world.

In the decade since it was born, the free, non-profit encyclopedia that anyone can edit has profoundly changed the way people access information, becoming almost the default source for quick online references.

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ConnectU Faces Skeptical Judges in Facebook Appeal

A skeptical panel of judges is mulling whether Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg duped former

Harvard classmates in a $65 million settlement of a lawsuit charging that he stole the idea for the website recently valued at $50 billion.

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China Schools Issue GPS Phones for Safety

Schools in Beijing are giving GPS-equipped mobile phones to students, as China seeks to tackle the twin problems of missing children and campus violence, state press said Monday.

The Beijing Red Cross Foundation distributed the first batch of 20,000 GPS phones, which can be worn as a watch, to primary and middle school students over the weekend, the Global Times reported.

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No, Facebook is Not Shutting Down

A rumor Facebook was shutting down wafted over the Web on Sunday, forcing the hugely popular social network to deny it had any intention of closing.

The rumor was started by a satirical online website whose other news flashes include such items as "Alien Spaceships to Attack Earth in 2011" and "George Clooney Running for President."

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Japan Twitter Users Set New Record on NYE

A flood of Japanese Tweets sent as the New Year arrived in Tokyo boosted global traffic within the network to a record 6,939 tweets per second (TPS), the microblogging site has reported.

The figure more than doubles the previous record of 3,283 TPS, set during Japan’s surprise victory over Denmark in last summer’s World Cup in South Africa, it said.

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US rule likely to trigger Facebook IPO in 2012

With so many investors becoming fans of the company, Facebook will be legally required to begin sharing more information about its finances and strategy by April 2012, according to documents distributed to prospective shareholders.

Some of the numbers that began trickling out Thursday were eye-popping — most notably a net profit margin of nearly 30 percent, much higher than most people had previously speculated.

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Israel Airport Wifi Blocks Political Sites

Israel's Airport Authority said on Thursday it is examining its wireless Internet service at Ben Gurion airport after learning it blocks access to a range of Israeli political websites.

The restrictions were first reported by Haaretz newspaper, which said the Wifi service was blocking access to sites run by leftist organizations such as Peace Now and Breaking the Silence, as well as right-wing groups like the Legal Forum for the Land of Israel.

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