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At Least Seven Killed in Kabul Car Bomb Blast

At least seven people were killed and ten wounded, including four foreigners, when a minivan packed with explosives detonated during Kabul's morning rush hour Wednesday, an interior ministry spokesman said.

The spokesman, Nasrat Rahimi, said the bomb -- targeting an SUV belonging to a private Canadian security company, GardaWorld -- had gone off in a neighbourhood which is near the interior ministry and north of Kabul airport.

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Spain Socialists, Far-Left Podemos Agree in Principle to Form Govt.

Spain's Socialists and the radical leftwing Podemos on Tuesday agreed in principle to form a coalition government in what would be the first such power-sharing deal in the country's modern history.

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Bolivia's Morales Says 'Struggle Continues' after Taking Up Asylum in Mexico

Bolivian ex-president Evo Morales vowed Tuesday to remain in politics, saying "the struggle continues" as he arrived in Mexico to take up political asylum.

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UK Labor Suffers 'Major Cyber Attack' ahead of Election

Britain's main opposition Labor party said Tuesday it had suffered a "large-scale cyber attack" which undermined some of its campaign efforts for next month's election.

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Turkey Begins Deporting Foreign Jihadists

Turkey deported three foreign jihadists on Monday, with more than 20 Europeans including French and Germans in the process of being expelled to their countries of origin. 

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Pakistan Installs Statue of Indian Pilot Shot Down over Kashmir

Pakistan has put on display a statue of an Indian pilot whose plane was shot down over Kashmir earlier this year, invoking the ire of India's media.

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'No Complications' from Carter Surgery for Brain Pressure

Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter was recovering in a Georgia hospital following surgery Tuesday to relieve pressure on his brain after he suffered multiple falls, an aide said.

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Hong Kong Protests Hit Universities, Business District

Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters clashed with riot police in the city's upmarket business district and on university campuses Tuesday, extending one of the most violent stretches of unrest seen in more than five months of political chaos.

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Iran Accuses Europeans of Hypocrisy over Nuclear Deal

Iran accused European nations of hypocrisy on Tuesday for criticising its latest step back from a nuclear deal while failing to fulfil their commitments of relief from US sanctions.

President Hassan Rouhani made no mention of a new report from the UN nuclear agency that reveals its inspectors detected uranium particles of man-made origin at an undeclared site in Iran.

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Communist Rebels Kill 6 Philippine Troops in Ambush

A communist rebel ambush killed six Philippine soldiers and wounded 20 others, the military said Tuesday, in one of the deadliest assaults in the nation's five-decade-old Maoist insurgency. 

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