شمعون يعتبر انه سيتم التمديد للبرلمان: عون هو أكبر المتآمرين على الوجود المسيحي

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رأى رئيس "حزب الوطنيين الاحرار" النائب دوري شمعون ان التمديد لمجلس النواب هو "شر لا بد منه"، معتبراً في الوقت عينه ان رئيس "التيار الوطني الحر" النائب ميشال عون "هو اول وأكبر المتآمرين على الوجود المسيحي في لبنان والمشرق العربي".

وفي حديث الى صحيفة "الانباء" الكويتية، الاربعاء، لفت شمعون الى ان "حزب الله نجح حتى الساعة في تعطيل الانتخابات الرئاسية من خلال تبنيه مبدأ عون "أنا او لا احد"".

وأشار الى ان "الاستحقاق الرئاسي بات بفعل اطماع العماد عون بالسلطة، في قبضة المحاور الإقليمية الباحثة عن رئيس في لبنان يعيد عقارب الساعة الى الوراء".

وأضاف ان "عون هو اول وأكبر المتآمرين على الوجود المسيحي في لبنان والمشرق العربي، وأن ممارساته بحق مصالح المسيحيين في لبنان لا تقل خطورة عن ممارسات داعش بحق المسيحيين في العراق".

وأوضح ان سياسة عون "التعطيلية تتقاطع مع هدف حزب الله بإحلال الفوضى السياسية في لبنان"، واكد شمعون ان "لا انتخابات رئاسية على المدى المنظور مادام حزب الله والعماد عون يستأثران بنصاب جلسات الانتخاب".

يُشار الى ان عون يصرّ على خوض المعركة الرئاسية بعد ان يتم التوافق على اسمه، وتقاطع قوى 8 آذار الجلسات الانتخابية في ما عدا كتلة "التنمية والتحرير"، في حين تخوض قوى 14 آذار الانتخابات الرئاسية بمرشحها جعجع، وسط دعم رئيس "الحزب التقدمي الاشتراكي" النائب وليد جنبلاط لمرشح "اللقاء الديمقراطي" النائب هنري حلو.

وتابع شمعون عبر "الانباء" بالقول ان "مصالح عون الشخصية والعائلية خدمت وتخدم مشروع حزب الله القاضي باستعادة المرشد (المرشد الاعلى للثورة الاسلامية في ايران آية الله علي خامنئي) ومن خلفه (الرئيس السوري بشار) الاسد لموقع رئاسة الجمهورية".

الى ذلك، رأى شمعون ان تعطيل الانتخابات الرئاسية، "وضع موقع الرئاسة من جديد في مهب التسويات التي لن تأتي حكما برئيس قوي للجمهورية".

من جهة أخرى وعن الانتخابات النيابية والتمديد لمجلس النواب، فأكد شمعون انه "ضد التمديد للمجلس النيابي"، معرباً عن خشيته من "عدم قدرة الحكومة على اجراء الانتخابات النيابية في موعدها المحدد ووقوع السلطة التشريعية في الفراغ".

ورأى ان "التمديد للمجلس شر لابد منه، ويبقى افضل من المغامرة بانتخابات لا قدرة للحكومة على انجازها".

يُذكر ان مجلس النواب أقر في 31 ايار 2013 التمديد لنفسه 17 شهرا تنتهي في 20 تشرين الثاني 2014، في جلسة حضرها 97 نائبا، صوتوا جميعهم للتمديد، وقاطعها نواب "التيار الوطني الحر"، بعد أن فشلت جميع الأطراف السياسية بالوصول إلى قانون انتخاب في أربع سنوات منصرمة.



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Missing lebalways 08:52 ,2014 تموز 30

Finally, someone speaking the truth. Dory, one of the few remaining bastion of Lebanese politicians we can be proud of. Why not make him the President?

Missing forces 12:56 ,2014 تموز 30

Don't be angry. He is just saying what every free thinking Lebanese is thinking that's all. Don't shoot the messenger.

Missing greatpierro 13:15 ,2014 تموز 30

Are tous praline about Logic? If course your logic is to follow Aoun blindly comme les moutons de Panurge even though Aoun has no logic but to bend to Hizbollah in return for their coverup and support in order for Aoun to obtain a Christian imarat in Lebanon.
No other logic whatsoever for Aoun. He was against the Syrians he is with the Syrians. He was for a secular state he is the champion of confessionalism. Once he is for majority rule and once he is for consensual rule.

Missing bigjohn 15:59 ,2014 تموز 30

Oh God forbid if the Lebanese people are allowed to vote for President..that is so "undemocratic" according to this sectarian bimbo!BTW, he is the ONLY NLP member representing his party in parliament thanks to Walid jumblat, the great friend of the sectarian Christians where ONLY in Aley and Shouf MOST Christians were driven out, and for different reasons, have not returned.

This is why (most of the times) I do not read Lebanese politics or bothered to vote. I will not vote for a parliament when you have billionaires and plenty of foreign money buying the MP's to make stupid statements like that.

Thumb lebnanfirst 16:30 ,2014 تموز 30

I think you will agree that the key here is for MPs to come to parliament and VOTE.

Thumb ice-man 17:22 ,2014 تموز 30

are you shia or secular?

Default-user-icon kazan (ضيف) 09:13 ,2014 تموز 30

Just an observation: why in this country we focus on our religion differences and we ignore our common interest ?don't we realize that social security,employments ,equal rights, education,healthcare, wellbeing , national pride are our common goals?don't we realize that by focussing on our religion differences, we will be fragmented and our common goals will never be achieved? don't we realize that since the independence of this country most leaders were and are crisis managers who can only survive in crisis situation? subsequently the country is in a continuous crisis and becomes an easy prey for regional powers? and it is a fact that most of us abroad , get fair opportunities and become more successful than at home !

Missing bigjohn 16:08 ,2014 تموز 30

Kazan...you asked a good question. The former colonial powers who "fragmented" (to use your words) the middle east into little states after they left knew what they were doing to keep control of the middle east. We have been following a political system that keeps the people weak, divided, and humillated.

Thumb beiruti 09:15 ,2014 تموز 30

Cha mount would be a good compromise president, come to think of it. And he has spoken the truth here.

Thumb ex-fpm 09:43 ,2014 تموز 30

“Aoun is one of the conspirators against the Christians' existence in Lebanon . I say he is the only conspirator!

Thumb sophia_angle 09:51 ,2014 تموز 30

General = Orient christians
how can someone conspire on himself?

lebanon will be strong through General the one n only he is the leader who stopped the conspiracies !!!!!! who made the change in lebanon after decades of conspiracies done by all of you you sold our lands n mankind but you will never steal our SOULLLL !!!!!!!!!!

Vive le General !!! Ya inta ya mafi balad "."

Thumb eagledawn 11:13 ,2014 تموز 30

what happens to the Christians and to the 'balad' when he dies..... food for thought;)

Missing forces 11:18 ,2014 تموز 30

Lol x 2
Sophia please let go of your false hopes for this sick old man. Everyone is working on a consensual name and when agreed it will be HA and berry who will break the news to aoun. Alas he doesn't appear to be loosening his grip but when he does you will see for yourself ( if it hasn't hit you already) just what a self interested in Christian aoun really is. All these years he has disgraced himself supporting HA and they will leave him holding his old fella out in the cold. Then we will see the aouniye's true disassociation policy in work.

Missing forces 11:22 ,2014 تموز 30

*un Christian

Missing zakariah 17:31 ,2014 تموز 30

Sorry, but on what planet do you live?

Missing forces 12:53 ,2014 تموز 30

Ft you are right kind of like appointing an incompetent TV CEO to run a station just because he is related.

Default-user-icon dddd (ضيف) 14:06 ,2014 تموز 30

for once i agree with mr.Chamoun.... Aoun is the american conspiracy since 1988 infused like a virus against the christian militia LF then...
he was planted to divide and weaken the christians... he was promised the presidency in that order so he was offered instead exile!

Missing abraham 14:53 ,2014 تموز 30

bint jbeil, you are sooooo right
The tragedy is that the young Christian Lebanese don't know their history before 1975, and follow these clowns

Thumb ice-man 17:20 ,2014 تموز 30

MF (My Friend) flamethrower; please do not worry about those who get your posts deliberately removed... just keep posting and posting and posting. They will never be able to silence you... you are the beacon of freedom and unbiased reporting. Allah Yihmeek Ya Rabb

Thumb galaxy 19:09 ,2014 تموز 30

You are an arrogant misinformed propagandist. The quorum claimed by Berri is two thirds of 128 Mps. Explain to me how M14 and Jumblatt command 85 MPs.

Thumb eagledawn 19:34 ,2014 تموز 30

he is a known troll

Thumb galaxy 20:12 ,2014 تموز 30

you just confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt you are clueless!!!

Default-user-icon JCWilliams (ضيف) 21:33 ,2014 تموز 30

Most of you people are idiots. When have inflammatory statements, even those based in reality, ever produced a desired outcome? Never. You as a people, as a nation, are pathetically absurd, grow up and face the truth. Quit serving foreign masters and face the "facts' on the ground in Lebanon. You are worthless as a nation until you face reality.,

Thumb cash.puppet 22:00 ,2014 تموز 30

"well respected"? Excuse me? You mean an imperialist stooge of the worst kind