شربل يأسف لوجود "هاجس الاغتيالات": الاجهزة الامنية تمسك بالامن

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اسف وزير الداخلية مروان شربل من ان "هاجس الاغتيالات، لا يزال موجوداً" في لبنان، مشدداً على ان قيادة الجيش تمسك بالأمن وتسهر عليه.

وفي حديث الى صحيفة "السياسة" الكويتية، اعتبر شربل أن "شبح الاغتيالات لا يزال قائماً طالما بقي الوضع السياسي متوتراً والخلافات السياسية قائمة".

كما تابع، قائلاً ان "هذا الهاجس لا زال موجوداً للأسف، وهذا يتطلب من الذين يشعرون بأنهم في دائرة الخطر أن يتخذوا تدابير خاصة لحماية أنفسهم والتقليل من تحركاتهم، والأجهزة الأمنية جاهزة لاتخاذ ما يلزم من إجراءات على هذا الصعيد".

الا انه أكد أن "بيان قيادة الجيش الذي صدر وتوجه إلى الرعايا العرب والأجانب للمجيء إلى لبنان، هو تأكيد من القيادة أن الأمن في لبنان ممسوك من قبل الجيش والأجهزة الأمنية كلها".

يُذكر ان الاحد الفائت، اصدرت قيادة الجيش مديرية التوجيه، بياناً دعت فيه العرب والاجانب الى زيارة لبنان، في موسم الاعياد، مشددة على انها ستؤمن كل اشكال الامن والاستقرار في البلد.

واكدت على أنهم "سيحظون بأقصى درجات الرعاية والإهتمام، والسهر على أوضاعهم المختلفة من قبل الجيش وسائر الأجهزة الأمنية التي تتابع مهمتها بكل عزم للحفاظ على مناخات الحرية والأمن والاستقرار التي تنعم بها البلاد" .

كما يُشار الى ان الإمارات كانت قد دعت مواطنيها، الاسبوع الفائت، إلى عدم السفر للبنان في الوقت الحاضر إلا للضرورة القصوى، نتيجة للظروف السياسية الصعبة والحساسة المحيطة بلبنان الشقيق.

وقد اعلن عدد من اعضاء قوى 14 آذار عن تلقيهم رسائل نصية على خواتفهم الخلوية من رقم سوري، تهددهم بالاغتيال، كما يُذكر ان رئيس "حزب القوات اللبنانية" سمير جعجع والنائب بطرس حرب، اعلنا عن نجاتهما من محاولتي اغتيال، الاول في نيسان والثاني في تموز.

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Thumb geha 10:12 ,2012 كانون الأول 29

threat are issued in the media!
why don't you arrest those threatening stability and peace?

Default-user-icon The Disgusted (ضيف) 10:54 ,2012 كانون الأول 29

... And you can't do a thing about it... You don't have what it takes to protect us... or the politicians and members of the M14 coalition... Thank you for reminding us over and over...

Thumb mckinl 11:14 ,2012 كانون الأول 29

Will M14 feel safe enough to attend parliament ever again? It seems as though a few threats are enough to disable M14 and preclude them from ever being taken seriously as a majority government.

Almost the entire security apparatus, army and internal security branches, are lead by party members and this is still not good enough. M14 has proven itself to be both immature and unreliable.

Thumb geha 11:20 ,2012 كانون الأول 29

Are you for real?
" a few threats"?
murdors and attempted murders plus daily threats, and they refuse to hand over suspects for questioning,.....
that is nothing?
twisting reality is what you do best.

Thumb mckinl 12:28 ,2012 كانون الأول 29

The ruling government has bent over backwards to meet all M14 security needs in an effort to begin dialog but M14 still refuses to meet.

As far as the threats most are: only threats, threats from outside M8 or "false flag" operations by M14 to exaggerate their case.

As far as the recent assassinations no suspects have been named and both Geagea and Harb have many enemies besides Hezbollah.

The assassination of Hassam must have been planned with insider knowledge ... his whereabouts were only known by confidants ...

Thumb geha 12:55 ,2012 كانون الأول 29

do you recall there is a wanted guy from hizbushaitan in the case of the attempt on Harb?
No you are blind to evidence that hizbushaitan is behind assassination attempts :)

Thumb mckinl 13:31 ,2012 كانون الأول 29

@ geha

How many M14 PMs have been threatened?

All the members?

M14 lacks any justification for a total boycott.

Missing peace 11:44 ,2012 كانون الأول 29

i bet mckinl that if you were threaten to be killed you d lead a totally normal life wouldn t you? WAW! you are soooo brave, a hero!
you should then teach those threaten by death to take it easy and that it is totally normal...you don t even ask yourself why M8ers never receive threats? strange isn t it? but i guess for you that politicians being threatened is part of your democratic system you want to impose on lebanon, the baath style! like in syria....
i see only one immature here it is you by your childish comments, void, nil and stupid.

you are just a M8 moron just good to be abaday behind your keyboard...

Thumb mckinl 12:48 ,2012 كانون الأول 29

How many M14 PMs have been threatened? All the members? Those that have been threatened could be allowed to send surrogates to stand in for them until it is safe.

Thumb geha 12:57 ,2012 كانون الأول 29

and .... why should they?
why should they accept that hizbushaitan and cronies threaten them openly in the media and still come to these useless meetings, that hizbushaitan will be the first to beak what was agreed upon ?

Thumb mckinl 13:36 ,2012 كانون الأول 29

@ geha

And just how many PMs does Hezbollah have? 12?

You punish the entire government for Hezbollah for only 12 of 68 members?

Missing samiam 21:05 ,2012 كانون الأول 29

so why don't you compare the number of M8 to M14 members killed in the last decade--better yet, since M8 and M14 are relatively new, why don't you see how many pro-Syrian figures have been killed in that period vs the number of people hostile to Syria.

Once you answer that question, then maybe you can think about what you are saying vs what is actually happening. Syria and its proxies are responsible for almost all of the political assassinations--why do you think that is?

Thumb shab 13:22 ,2012 كانون الأول 29

Our dear interior Minister just realyed a message from Assad.

Thumb LebDinosaur 00:07 ,2012 كانون الأول 30

Exactly. What a bunch of idiots they are.

Default-user-icon Mehdi (ضيف) 16:01 ,2012 كانون الأول 29

Fear of assassinations still lingers in Lebanon as long as the goons of the Zionist spy infested corrupt Iranian Islamic armed terrorist Fakih party are allowed to roam free outside the law.

Missing canadianadam 23:59 ,2012 كانون الأول 29

Mckini and the resistance and their Farsi masters, you must be smoking crack. Trying to focus on M14s boycott as the result of SMS messages is so short sighted, it's like you think we have such a short memory that we ve forgot about the assassination attempts and assassinations. We have one of the most unstable political climates in the world. Don't be retarded.