Army Deploys in Baalbek after Clashes between Hizbullah, Armed Men Kill 5

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Five people were killed on Saturday after clashes broke out between Hizbullah members and al-Shiyyah clan in the Bekaa city of Baalbek.

“An exchange of fire occurred between armed men in al-Qalaa market in Baalbek, using light arms,” the army command said in a communique.

The statement added that three people were killed and other were injured in the clashes.

“An army unit swiftly deployed in the area and raided suspicious locations,” the army added.

Later on Saturday, the army issued another statement confirming that the troops continued their deployment in the Bekaa city, and have adopted intensified security measures to restore security and stability in Baalbek.

The communique revealed that a soldier was gravely injured while at his home in the city.

“Several fugitives were arrested in the raids staged by the troops,” the statement pointed out, warning that all gunmen and armed presence will be “strictly prosecuted.”

“The Army Command urges the residents of the city and its prominent figures to exercise self-restraint and cooperate with the measures adopted by the military institution to avoid an escalation.”

The state-run National News Agency reported that Ali Sami al-Masri, who was riding a motorcycle in the market, was killed in the clashes.

Two of the wounded people were identified as Ahmed Toufiq Hassan (hand wound), Mohammed al-Shiyyah (chest wound), Yasser Saeed, Abdul Nasser Jary (head wound), and Ali Mahmoud Wehbe.

Several shops were set ablaze in the area.

LBCI television said that Hizbullah member Imad Ballouq was killed in the clash, while the National News Agency identified the other victims as Hisham Wehbe and Ali Mustapha al-Rifai, who is a vegetable vendor.

Later, the news agency reported that Mohammed Ali Soleh was killed by sniper gunfire in the renewal of clashes, bringing the death toll to five.

The unrest broke out when youths from the Shiyyah clan opened fire at Hizbullah members in the market, reported NNA.

The party members fired back, resulting in the ensuing clashes.

NNA said Saturday's attack was in retaliation to a shooting between the two sides in the Baalbek market on Wednesday.

The bloodshed is the worst sectarian violence to hit Baalbek, and it was the second clash in the city since Wednesday involving Hizbullah and Sunni gunmen.

It was not immediately clear what triggered the clashes on Wednesday and Saturday, but both happened at a checkpoint manned by Hizbullah.

Hizbullah members took to the streets of Baalbek after the clashes, an Agence France Presse correspondent said, adding that five Sunni-owned shops were torched by unknown arsonists.

A security official said the three-hour firefight also spread close to the ancient Roman archaeological site.

Hizboullah has set up checkpoints in the Baalbek region after deadly bombings tore through its main southern Beirut stronghold in July and August.

Fifty people were wounded in the first attack and 27 killed in the second.

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Thumb Roaring-FlameThrower 28 September 2013, 13:26

God Bless the martyrs of the Islamic Secular Resistance aka HA (Hussain Army) as they fall defending Lebanon's eastern, northern, and more importantly southern borders. This incident only highlights the sacrifices the resistance is incurring to defend us from the real enemies who hate our way of life. Those Shiyyah youths who fired at the warriors of the resistance committed an act of treason against God and Country. I wonder what they were up to and/or who paid them to instigate this uncalled for occurrence. May the Lord take the martyrs into his heavens and bless their innocent souls. I, Roaring-Flamethrower, urge the President to declare a week's mourning in honor of these heroes who fell in the line of their jihadist duty.

Missing orangutanmehdi 28 September 2013, 13:55

Ma fi wali illa Ali! Takbir!

Missing ignorance 28 September 2013, 20:17

You sound like you're saying that when they get shot at they shouldn't defend themselves?

Missing ignorance 28 September 2013, 23:57

Not only is it officially recognized, but anyone who is being shot at has the right to self defense. Did they really think they would shoot on hezbollah men without being answered? And are you saying they have the right to shoot on hezbollah? You really make no sense.

Default-user-icon ABU BAKR al BAGHDADI (Guest) 28 September 2013, 15:41

The mujahidin will kill you in 99999fh!!!
DWALAT al islam fi aliraq WAL sham
Is coming to make from you meet for YAHUD to eat!!!

We will bomb you in BAGHDAD and 200 FARSI SHIA will die!!!


Thumb Marc 28 September 2013, 16:01

That is what happens when tere is so much weapons outside the government and army. Period

Thumb benzona 28 September 2013, 16:17

Charchaf el nass!

Thumb benzona 28 September 2013, 16:23

Thanks for the interesting link from yesterday. Can we access everyone's ?

Thumb benzona 28 September 2013, 16:27

I'm in!

Thumb lebanon_first 28 September 2013, 19:31

True that allnosra flags were raised in baalbeck ?

Missing ignorance 28 September 2013, 19:33

Why the anti-shia sectarian talk? Especially knowing they were the ones attacked in the first place

Missing ignorance 28 September 2013, 20:15

Excuse me? The article clearly states that the hezbollah men were attacked first and fired back.

Thumb general_puppet 28 September 2013, 20:33

Hizbullah is an Iranian militia, they make no secrete about it. Nasrallah takes orders only from the ayatollah and pledges allegiance to the Axis. The only thing they Resist is the formation of a real Lebanese government and LAF national authority.

Missing helicopter 28 September 2013, 22:34

Here is another reason why so many Lebanese are fed up and leaving on board of unsafe ships at the risk of losing their lives.

Thumb dasphinx 28 September 2013, 23:01

Amazing that Hezbollah has his army in a market in Baalbeck. Fighting Israel there?

Default-user-icon Tina (Guest) 29 September 2013, 02:30

Unite shia and sunni you are ALLmuslims. Put down your weapons and your hate

Missing Cloudhopper 29 September 2013, 02:54

Oh ya, spoken like a true Lebanese.

Thumb whyaskwhy 29 September 2013, 07:25

Hizb was defending or resisting Israel from Ba3albak? This will boil over and a week from now we will have another issue with Hizb and their peacefull gunment in Lebanon. As long as the government cannot control these clowns then history will continue to recycle itself. Oh yeah and death to Israel and all the infadels out there....

Missing VINCENT 29 September 2013, 17:33

Southern: How would you reconcile or separate "true facts" from "sectarian" comments? Is a sectarian comment disrespectful or discriminatory because it relates to or criticizes characteristics of a sect, or because it relates to the sect but said with bad intent? Also, how can someone preach to avoid sectarian behavior while the same person or group he/she supports has a sectarian militia?

Default-user-icon The Truth (Guest) 29 September 2013, 18:10

The resistance is burning the stores of Lebanese businesses. They truly are defending us from Israel now, if Lebanese are dead they can't be bothered by Israel anymore.

Missing VINCENT 29 September 2013, 18:13

Southern: The primary reason why your comments are constantly targeted with responses disputing your position is because "you pick and chose, avoid or embrace facts that suits you to make your point." The SLA was a Shiite army deeply rooted in the South for the protection and the difficulties that the South was facing. Does that change the characteristics of the then intended formation because someone like Saad Haddad was the point man? Then, the same position can be taken or argument made about Iranian sponsored and built H.A. militia. Who runs H.A.? You speak from both sides of your mouth. Does it really matter that the Shiites "initially" embraced the Israelis because they saw a benefit? Indeed, the PLO was a huge problem and still is. And at the same time, you have the audacity to call H.A. a Lebanese "Resistance"? It also sounds like you denounce sectarianism when it suits you.