Report: Telecom Data Analysis Finds Link between 12-Member Terror Cell and Fatah al-Islam

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Twelve suspects charged with planning terrorist activities in Lebanon, including assassinations, have been in contact with members of Fatah al-Islam terror group in Roumieh prison, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Thursday.

The newspaper said that analysis of the so-called telecommunications data revealed that the members of the network had contacted several Fatah al-Islam inmates in the prison.

The examination of the calls is ongoing to know the connection between the two sides, it said.

The State Commissioner to the Military Court, Judge Saqr Saqr charged on Wednesday the 12 suspects, including a Lebanese and 2 Syrians who are in custody, with plotting terrorist activities and forming an armed gang to carry out terrorist operations.

The charges include buying arms, rockets and bombs to plant them throughout Lebanese territories, and plotting assassinations against personalities in northern Lebanon who back the Syrian regime.

The suspects were also planning to booby-trap vehicles.

Security and judicial sources told al-Joumhouria that two personalities from the Syrian opposition were on the assassination list of the 12-member network, in addition to several Sunni clergymen in the northern city of Tripoli who are supporters of the regime in Syria.

The daily identified the clergymen as Bilal Shaaban and his brother, in addition to another Sunni man – Kamal Kheir, who heads a political association and a charity in northern Lebanon.

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Thumb justice 10 October 2013, 10:49

No, No.... Israel only tampers with telecom data when the accused are HA operatives.

Thumb haile.selassie. 10 October 2013, 11:33

thats no telecommunication data nothing its easy they just took the phones of those who are in custody dial all the numbers that they have previously dialed and are on their phonebook and tell them to talk to them normally to get to know who they are. Inno you believe that they will bother going to telecommunication data and analysing and figuring?

Thumb eli-g 10 October 2013, 13:56

they have cell phones in JAIL.......??????????????
what the F--- is that for?
where on earth do inmates get cell phones??
yea Lebanon

Thumb _mowaten_ 10 October 2013, 14:24

they were asking for ALL communications by ALL lebanese during 2 MONTHS. that was an abusive request. they were aked to narrow down to what would be relevant for the investigation but they refused.

Thumb _mowaten_ 10 October 2013, 14:26

in the case at hand, they identified suspects and requested THEIR telecom files, which led to discovering they had been in contact with fath el islam members. that's how things should work, dont point your fingers at the security bodies who operate correctly because your incompetent rifi didnt know how to.

Thumb lebanon_first 10 October 2013, 16:17

yeah FT, like if Hezbollah was going to allow the ISF to eavesdrop on their conversations while they are planning a little bomb here or there.

Thumb lebanon_first 10 October 2013, 16:21

Any telecom data should be made available upon a procedural routine to all security agencies. Fullstop. However when an ally of syria wants to drop a bomb somewhere to kill a bothersome lebanon loving politician, HA protects this little syria ally by preventing the telecom data. He does so by giving instructions to sehnaoui to withhold information. And sehnawi knows that he has no chance to play "be a minister for one day" if HA does not want so. Hence he complies.

Thumb haile.selassie. 10 October 2013, 19:30

that is not true at all. Because Hizbullah does not opperates using the telecommunication that every normal person does. They have their own telecommunication which is made very simply by Wire and protected by observers who only they know where they are but do not know for whom is it connected which means that Hizbullah communication system does not allow them to wire tap people but just simply plan in a closed communication circle which is hard to wiretap due to its location(unknown). Plus if they want to kill someone i dont think Hizballah which is known for its professionality in the battle field needs to make cell phone calls or even using Ogero. they can just plan and execute whenever they want by heading closed secret meetings. Don't be naive all the time.