Franjieh Rejects Extension of Suleiman's Term, Says he and Aoun are Candidates

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Marada movement leader MP Suleiman Franjieh vowed on Thursday not to extend President Michel Suleiman's term and said he was a candidate for the presidency along with Free Patriotic Movement chief MP Michel Aoun.

In remarks to al-Manar TV, Franjieh said: “I will not back the extension of President Michel Suleiman's mandate no matter what my allies did.”

Franjieh accused the president of being part of the conflict between the March 8 and 14 alliances. He's not a centrist, he said.

The MP warned that the president was throwing the country into an abyss.

“Any cabinet that strikes the plans of the resistance or the Taef Accord would lead to a problem,” he warned.

Franjieh sounded the alarm bell if the cabinet was formed in a “wrong way.”

His remarks came amid a similar warning made by Hizbullah deputy chief Sheikh Naim Qassem on Thursday after Suleiman hinted that he would form a fait accompli cabinet over the failure of the rivals to reach an agreement.

Qassem lashed out at proposals to form a neutral cabinet, saying such a government would spread “chaos, danger and complications.”

Hizbullah is calling for the formation of an all-embracing cabinet in which the March 8 and 14 alliances would get nine ministers each and centrists six.

But March 14 is rejecting such a formula, calling for a neutral cabinet.

Franjieh also told al-Manar that he was a candidate for the presidency along with Aoun.

But he stressed “our team should agree on a candidate.”

No one has yet officially announced his candidacy as Suleiman's mandate expires in May 2014.

The Constitution says the parliament should start meeting on March 25 to elect a new head of state.

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Thumb thepatriot 26 December 2013, 11:58

So we have the choice between the illiterate and the crazy... yeay!

Thumb Mystic 26 December 2013, 12:30

God bless you Franjieh, you and Aoun are the real christian leaders!

Thumb Mystic 26 December 2013, 13:27

I'm actually saying the exact opposite. I believe Aoun or Franjieh would be good Presidents in Lebanon, unlike Sulaiman that cast himself to the Saudi regime.

Thumb Mystic 26 December 2013, 22:20

I will continue to bless the man, that could defy most of the world, and the most of the world powers thought he would be gone within few months, but no he is still there with his people, fighting foreign terrorism. He is the man that won despite everything people said and barked about him. Shabiha btw is a western term & propaganda.

Thumb Mystic 26 December 2013, 22:23

@IbnAlQaeda what are you talking about?

Thumb Mystic 27 December 2013, 07:17

They are the best leaders, protecting christians and in the same time keeps good relations to other sects. You can whine all night IbnAlQaeda it wont change anything. lol

Thumb Mystic 27 December 2013, 07:19

I love to see when i get thumbs down, because then i know i am offending M14 lovers :D Just as good as thumbs up

Missing greatpierro 27 December 2013, 09:09

You criticize Sulaiman to be pro Saudi regime but you think that it is ok for Aoun and Franjieh of being pro syrian regime.

So supporting tyrannic and murderous regimes like Syrian and Iran is truly Christian?

Thumb Mystic 27 December 2013, 09:36

Atleast they don't slaughter them, like the Saudi regime does. Nothing is worse than Saudi, Syria and Iran are angel countries compared to that medieval kingdom of sand.

Thumb thepatriot 26 December 2013, 13:08

FT... you have a binary limited brain... get a hike!

Thumb -phoenix1 26 December 2013, 13:21

Lah lah ya 5ayye FT, none of these candidates are fit to run even a farm, let alone a whole nation. be it Frangieh, or Aoun or Geagea, 3an jad 7aram 3aleykoun, the people of Lebanon cannot take anymore punches, kafanah ya jame3a, kafana biyye3an Basal wou batata. The 3 candidates I named are all corrupt and are NOT impartial, Frangieh has said it publicly, he is tied to Bachar Al Assad, Aoun God knows what he wants and Geagea is as rotten. It keeps baffling, seriously so, I am totally flabbergasted to notice that NO ONE so far has bothered even mentioning the name of a great person, DEMIANOS KATTAR, a true gentleman, a professional economist, and a 100% clean patriot. Why no one mentions his name? because he is unimpeachable and will expose each and every single thief.

Thumb Mystic 26 December 2013, 13:30

Phoenix, atleast they are not worse than Geagea or Sulaiman, and i can't see any wrong with being tied to Assad, in this dark times, Lebanon needs the best killing takfiri machine alliance.

Thumb -phoenix1 26 December 2013, 13:41

Mystic, brother, with all my respects to you and in fact everyone over this issue, I do not like nor wish to see any old face come over to fill this sensitive post. Of course I do know your political views on Al Assad, but at least I feel that we Lebanese need to make a clean break from our old habits, we need the courage and the vision to see a little further than just being bound to anyone, we must stand as a free people, free to decide where we wish to go and where we wish NOT to go, neither of any mentioned candidate has it in him, to me they are all expired products that belong to a bypassed era, they are products that are dangerous to the health and well-being of the nation and the people. We need a strong charismatic figure that can unite instead of divide, we Lebanese now are as broken as a glass of crystal, but we are not yet beyond help, if only.....

Thumb -phoenix1 26 December 2013, 13:56

Yeslam temmak FT, Ziad Baroud is an excellent choice, bravo, one that I have absolutely no qualms in seeing fill this post.

Thumb Mystic 26 December 2013, 14:15

Thx for your input bro phoenix, I'm always excited to see your views on things, thats the only reason i want to debate with you, because you are a respectable person, even tho we do not agree on everything.

Thumb thepatriot 26 December 2013, 15:29

And now... FT the idiot wants Baroud (an independent)... when we know that M14 is screaming for an independent government... it makes you wonder how brainwashed and binary FT is...hehehehe...

Thumb ado.australia 26 December 2013, 17:35

Ziad baroud would be a great candidate. Unfortunately he will never be Presidant because he is non partisan (not political) and he can't be bought (too honest), by the powers to be, he will to be allowed... Or if he was elected by some chance, he would proberbly end up like Elias Sarkis! Not decisive or strong enough to deal with the mustaqbul and hezbollah conflict.

We need a strong leader that has the balls to truly put Lebanon agenda before any other. This requires diplomacy and foriegn connections but also the military connection. This leaves khawajie as the best candidate and with him a military coup of all institutions to clease us of the sectarian controlled and corrupt institutions.

Thumb ado.australia 26 December 2013, 19:30

FT... Your right about the expired parliament, but how is this challenged when the LF, mustaqbul, Hezbollah, amal, psp, and the rest of the current financed "independant" MPs have agreed to ignore the constitution?

My view is that only a military coup can realign and correct the Lebanese republic.

Thumb thepatriot 27 December 2013, 09:53

FT... triple Idiot! ZB is a friend of mine... you don't have a clue what you are talking about. Like I said, you have a simple mind and equally simple explanations for much more complicated maters...

Thumb ice-man 26 December 2013, 12:05

Isn't there a prerequisite/requirement a Presidential candidate should be able to read and write?

Thumb mckinl 26 December 2013, 12:14

or moderate posts ??

Thumb mckinl 26 December 2013, 12:06

Seems Suleiman will not get an extension ... And once again M8 and M14 are miles apart from any cabinet agreement.

Thumb ice-man 26 December 2013, 12:11

How was your Xmas? Got any presents, any new video games? Any Plans for New Year's.... in Dahiyeh or the South?

Missing cowboymicho 26 December 2013, 12:44

That's great. If Lebanon wasn't already a disaster. Imagine the franjieh mafia or the crazy aounists in power. God help us.

Missing thatisit 26 December 2013, 12:46

great a choice between a pimp and an unstable creature for president

Missing watan-libnan 26 December 2013, 12:48

Go to hell franjieh with aoun

Missing watan-libnan 26 December 2013, 12:51

Prerequisites for presidents no theives, no dynasties, no senility,

Default-user-icon hanoun (Guest) 26 December 2013, 13:50

who represents the sunni as prime minister ? isn't the majority sunni leader
who represents the chia as head of parliament? isn't the majority chia leader
so let it be the same for Christians for the sake of equality

Default-user-icon TK (Guest) 26 December 2013, 14:13

Loving all the names of the proposed cabinets.. A national embracing loving fait-accompli cabinet is the solution i think.

Thumb bill_the_butcher 26 December 2013, 14:30

Blah, Blah , Blah....
Its about time the real Patriots take back this country.
The hell with both sides of this corrupt political spectrum.
Badna na3mel shewet V for Vendetta style diplomacy.
Who's with me!!!

Thumb geha 26 December 2013, 14:31

southern needs to be corrected:
- m8 are majority: if they were, they would have chosen their cabinet and president.
- they don't receive orders from anyone: what about iran?
- no external connection nor financial dependence: again iran and Syria?
such a stupid comment.
please spare us such stupidity.

Thumb cedre 26 December 2013, 14:37

Sleiman 2 or a neutral president is best solution...

Missing peace 26 December 2013, 15:30

no to geagea, no to aoun and no no no to frangie... they were all implicated in the civil war so enough is enough!
baroud would make the perfect choice! independant, efficient and intelligent...
but i believe these are no qualities in lebanon for the governing mafia....

Thumb cedre 26 December 2013, 15:59

this sleiman frangieh jr was sent to syria after zgharta massacre where he was brought up by Bassel al Assad. He called his own son Bassel. How knows maybe if he has a second son he'll call hum bashar or hafez...

Thumb Mystic 26 December 2013, 17:01

cedre if you can't live with other sects. Then go to Saudi arabia, they will bless people like you with no doubt. Lebanon is for all religions live with it mr. wahabi

Thumb cedre 26 December 2013, 18:55

Rien que ton avatar en dit long, tocard.
Encore un gogol fanatiser complexer dans la vie reelle qui joue les durs sur le net.
Au fait, j'ai jamais habiter au Liban et j'y habiterai probablement jamais...

Thumb Mystic 26 December 2013, 20:23

Arreter de pleurer. Who is acting tough? Thats you always accusing everyone of not being muslim this or muslim that, or praising the ottoman satanic empire. We don't want to hear it cedre, it is boring you can always take your bs to Saudi arabia, and change your damn avatar to the Saudi flag aswell.

Because i know you are a takfiri and i knew that for quite a long time now.

Thumb Mystic 26 December 2013, 20:24

Tu pensez que vous etes intelligent, parce que vous pouvez ecrire francais? Nobody gives a s***

Thumb Mystic 26 December 2013, 20:25

Just like benzona, when he is out of arguments he start whining on french. You guys are the same lol

Thumb cedre 26 December 2013, 18:57

FT, it's not about children's names or animals, its about the fact that for 3 generations the frangieh have been syrian agents...

Missing peace 26 December 2013, 19:07

frangie is even proud of it and says it openly... this is the kind of people M8 love for their independance !

Thumb shab 26 December 2013, 16:26

No thanks. And no thanks to former war lords. Bring forth the other candidates.

Thumb ado.australia 26 December 2013, 17:43

Aoun maybe, but Franghie is too young and inexperienced. He is too partisan and too pro syrian. His family connection to the Assad family is too much and his grandfather, although he threw an ashtray at Henry Kissinger when he suggested that Lebanese Christians leave to Canada and allow the Palestinians to live in their place to resolve the Israeli problem...we cannot forget that he supported the Syrian occupation of Lebanon until the very end!

Thumb ado.australia 26 December 2013, 19:25

M11er... Where can u back up that claim that Aoun vetoed Ziad baroud? Ziad baroud was supported by the fpm and was the fpm's suggestion as a neutral interior minister! It was only a few years ago and already some are trying to rewrite history. Ziad baroud was often questioned and challenged by the fpm during his duty as a cabinet minister but this is what should be expected in a democracy.

Aoun often was seen as bias by defending him but also pointing out the reality that he was an honest person swimming amoungst sharks.

Politics aside... Ziad Baroud was too good for the dirty politics of Lebanon and he will still struggle today. One day he will have a great and popular role, but only after this dirty and joke of a parliament is finished.

Missing peace 26 December 2013, 19:31

"Aoun said that Baroud's performance as a minister was not good "due to the authority he represents" and refused to repeat the same experience for three new years." al manar
"He says he was targeted by both Aoun’s coalition and the Future Movement and its March 14 allies. " al akhbar

aoun contributed along with M14 to smear his image and attack him...

Thumb ado.australia 26 December 2013, 20:41

For those that have selective memories... Here is a link to ya libnan... A m14 site.

Baroud resigned because ashraf Rifi refused to take his orders as his superior...the interior minister! He could not control the isf that was led by Rifi and the marytre Hassan.

The isf and intellegiance branch invaded the telecom ministry and held the telecom minister marwan Charbel hostage. Ziad baroud ordered them to retreat and they refused... Only leaving after the Prime minister intervened.

This was why he resigned. Because the mustaqbul followers in the government refused to obay his orders.

This is the truth and the fpm where only against him because the interior ministry needed some me capable of cleaning out the sectarian elements. Something Ziad baroud clearly couldn't do if they refused simple orders!

Missing hmorsel 26 December 2013, 19:33

Doesn't matter who gets elected president as long as the terrorist resistance is in Lebanon nothing will be fixed. As long as hisb is there we belong to ayran and hmar I mean assad

Thumb cedre 26 December 2013, 19:41

Default-user-icon carlos (Guest) 26 December 2013, 20:35

an ant eater smarter than franjieh

Thumb primesuspect 26 December 2013, 23:17

even the syrian lapdog lahood is better than a franjieh or aoun for presidency. it sums it all.

Default-user-icon FREE CHRISTIAN (Guest) 27 December 2013, 04:41

Phoneix 1 with all due respect to you only because you have the patriot of Bachir, I ask you to stop attacking Samir Geagea because if you don't know he was the right hand of Sheikh Bachir for many years. I need to explain why Hakim doesn't deserve the presidency knowing that he had sacrificed so much for Lebanon and the christians. I ask you if you know the guy and if you kow his achievements. Did you know that he used to be on the front lines at all battles and defeated his enemies in most battles.

Default-user-icon FREE CHRISTIAN (Guest) 27 December 2013, 04:41

Did you know that he didn't start any battle but rather was shoved into them like harb share2 Saida (east of Saida) which was started by Fouad abi Nadel or Harb Jabal started by Hobeika, Fadi Frem and Amine Gemayel or Harb elgha2 where AOun declared war on the lebanese forces to disarm while non-lebanese and the syrian army were armed to their teeth. DID GEAGEA MAKE MISTAKES ? Definitely but who didn't. Remember he never sold out nor bought. He spent 11 years in jail because he has principles and he never knelled to anyone. So please be objective with your posts

Default-user-icon dddd (Guest) 27 December 2013, 09:01

frangie doesn't have a brevet he is an illiterate of the finest and aoun is a reknown lunatic with many issues and psychotic problems? so which one dear Lebanese? el oummi yamma el majnoun? TFEH!!!

Default-user-icon dddd (Guest) 27 December 2013, 09:02

helwi carlos... 'from zgharté'