Asir Supporters Charged with Attempted Murder of Soldiers

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Military Prosecutor charged on Thursday several supporters of Salafist cleric Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir with belonging to a terrorist group and attempting to kill Lebanese soldiers, the National News Agency reported.

The other charges issued by Judge Saqr Saqr against the detainees were gun possession and involvement in terrorist attacks.

Saqr referred the detainees, whose number was not revealed, to the first military examining magistrate.

The army said last Thursday that five suspects were arrested and handed over to the relevant authorities during raids in the southern city of Sidon.

Backed by a surveillance aircraft, the military staged a major search operation in the groves, valleys and forests situated east of Sidon.

The operation was carried out to determine whether there are any “gunmen, weapons hideouts or fugitives” in the area, said the army statement.

The raids came a few days after near-simultaneous attacks on the military in Sidon.

The communique did not mention the names of the arrested suspects but media reports said at least two of them had ties to al-Asir, who has gone into hiding since the deadly gunbattles between his supporters and Lebanese soldiers in Sidon last June.

Lebanese pop idol Fadel Shaker has also disappeared with the 45-year-old bearded cleric.

Both have been charged along with scores of other suspects with forming an armed gang with the aim of committing crimes, undermining the state's authority and harming its prestige.

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Thumb Mystic 26 December 2013, 14:10

Good this criminals faced justice, now its the mastermind Assirs turn to be charged with murder of our beloved soldiers.

Thumb bill_the_butcher 26 December 2013, 14:24

Ahhh Arab vs Arab.
Muslim vs Muslim.
How beautiful it is to see that they live up to almost every stereotype.

Thumb geha 26 December 2013, 14:43

let them rot in prison, and hopefully each and every other person or group of persons carrying weapons outside the state.

Missing ---karim_m3- 26 December 2013, 14:54

You seem upset that your February 14 brethren were arrested.

Cry me a river, Al Qaeda sympathizer.

Missing ---karim_m3- 26 December 2013, 14:54

Yes! Excellent news! Hang them!

Thumb FlameCatcher 26 December 2013, 15:09

Great ... Assir supporters get charged with "attempted murder". (May they rot in hell).

Meanwhile, Hezbollah member actually murders a helicopter pilot and gets away with it.

What a lesson of equality...

I'm waiting for M8 sheep to puke all over that Hezbollah did not "shoot him on purpose" and all the usual BS.

Missing ---karim_m3- 26 December 2013, 16:27

Got away with it? He was turned over to the military and tried.

Meanwhile, Samir Geagea massacred countless Lebanese Army soldiers in execution-style murders, and yet he's a free man today.

The February 14 Saudi-Wahabi terrorist coalition armed and financed Fatah Al Islam (who murdered more than 200 Lebanese Army soldiers) and were not brought to justice.

Therefore, go back to Saudi Arabia you Al Qaeda terrorist sympathizer.

Missing peace 26 December 2013, 17:01

why would only geagea be the only one to pay for crimes during the civil war? and not the others? double standards?

Thumb bill_the_butcher 26 December 2013, 15:16


Did Hezb hand him over to the Army acknowledging that he was guilty of this crime? - Yes
Have Hezb handed over the "killers" of Martyr Hariri? - No
Therefore the example you stated above lacks any credibility.

Verdict - Stay quite

Thumb FlameCatcher 26 December 2013, 15:29

@Bill ?

The only reason Hezb handed him over to the army is because they negotiated his release and "Excuses" ahead of time.

Unless you know the full details, you should remain "quiet" yourself !

Thumb FlameCatcher 26 December 2013, 16:44

Hello to the 5 voiceless and useless Hezbollah sheep people who "voted" me down because they have nothing to say to defend their terrorist and criminal divine organisation Hezbollah.

Thumb Mystic 26 December 2013, 20:39

Nothing else to do than vote down your comments fc, because its the same bs with you everytime, it is impossible to debate with a zombie such as yourself, denying crimes of takfiris, and all you can do is saying HA this or HA that, get a new subject.

Thumb FlameCatcher 27 December 2013, 00:17

@Mystic ... Please show me where I deny crimes of takfiris ... exposing Hezbollah crimes does not equate to siding with takfiris... Quite the contrary.

Unlike you, i'm neither a partisan nor a sheep.

Unlike you, I appreciate the threat that is Hezbollah and am not distracted by such idiocies feeded to me by Hassan Kezballah and small time terrorists that would never pose a threat as large and imminent as the "Kezb".

Missing peace 27 December 2013, 00:33

flamecatcher : do not bother answering miss tic... she is not worth it. i have stopped addressing this parasite. if you do not address her she ll get tired and goes and plays with someone else...

Thumb FlameCatcher 27 December 2013, 01:11

Thanks peace... the only reason I answer is because they use cheap attempts of defamation when they lack any common sense argument. Its for others that i answer.

Thumb bill_the_butcher 26 December 2013, 15:17

This whole country is full of idiots who accuse one another of crimes and yet they do it themselves.

Thumb souk-el-gharb 26 December 2013, 16:02

Everybody knows but nobody dares to criticize our "professional non-sectarian" army. Ya Zeinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab!!!

Thumb shab 26 December 2013, 16:22

Hang all militias

Default-user-icon murder cleaner (Guest) 27 December 2013, 16:19

the middle east is a terrorist part of the world, good people live amongst the bad, flush'em out and give them spankings!!