Seven Kilos of Hashish Seized at Tripoli Checkpoint

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Security forces confiscated seven kilograms of hashish on Thursday in the northern city of Tripoli.

LBCI television said “security forces managed to seize 7 kilos of hash at the al-Bohsas checkpoint in Tripoli.”

Sharp objects and personal firearms were also confiscated, according to LBCI.

The Internal Security Forces intensified their measures in the northern city with the coming of the holidays and have erected a fixed checkpoint in the al-Bohsas area.

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Thumb bill_the_butcher 26 December 2013, 18:44

Weed, Axe, Brass Knuckles ??? Thats not Lebanon..
Were more about the Cocaine, Ak's and Grenades.
Im pretty sure thats what they found at Future TV headquarters in May 2008, No?

Thumb skeletor 26 December 2013, 18:55

You are an interesting specimen... I think we should meet.

Thumb FlameCatcher 26 December 2013, 19:42

You mean after Hezbollah turned their weapons against Lebanese and illegally stormed Future TV headquarters and forgot their drugs and weapons there ?

You're funny... The Hezbollah's God is holding an AK on his flag. Most hashish in Lebanon is planted in Hezbollah territory. They are implicated in cocaine smuggling all over the world. Their "name" is used as bait to trap other cocaine networks.

And you try to point the finger towards useless Future TV ? They could not smuggle panadol if they tried to.

You are ridiculous. Typical Aounie I bet ...

Missing the1habibshartouni 26 December 2013, 22:31

You would know being a Bankstown boy .

Thumb Mystic 27 December 2013, 07:11

Lol Tripoli.. Ofcourse, nice stash tho

Thumb bill_the_butcher 26 December 2013, 19:00

The Five Points, in the central lower area of the Manhattan borough of New York...12am.
Dont be followed

Missing phillipo 26 December 2013, 20:26

Confiscated, Seized.........but what about arrests? None mentioned.

Thumb proudm14 27 December 2013, 00:29

Legalize it. The security forces throw 20 year old kids in jail for having a joint and let assassins and Syrian muggers roam about unchecked. It's ridiculous. The amount of tax revenue being lost because of archaic and religious laws is in the billions of dollars.

Thumb alor 27 December 2013, 01:15

That hash should be used to ease the political trip in Tripoli, now what, returning to alter markets after taxes? Legalization would mean a great leap forward, doing historic justice to Bekaa's world-renowned hashish, tangible and intangible heritage to be reckoned with.

Missing servant-of-jesus 27 December 2013, 08:36

kilos? what about the TONS?!?!?
This shouldn't even be posted as news...