Gunmen Take to Streets in Tripoli after Shatah's Assassination

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Gunfire erupted in Tripoli on Friday as news broke that former minister Mohammed Shatah, who hails from the northern city, was assassinated in a car bombing in downtown Beirut.

Gunmen roamed the streets on motorcycles and opened fire in the air, according to state-run National News Agency.

Meanwhile, a number of young men blocked the main road in al-Beddawi in protest at the murder.

And in the Abu Ali River area, unknown individuals hurled several hand grenades into the river's stream as gunshots echoed in the district.

Shatah -- a former finance minister and an adviser to former premier Saad Hariri -- was killed in a powerful explosion in the Starco area in central Beirut as he was heading to a March 14 meeting at the Center House.

Several people were killed and dozens others were also wounded in the attack.

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Thumb primesuspect 27 December 2013, 16:01

¡They should march on the jabal mohsin and deal with the eid terroristas. And if the army tries protecting the assassins, so be it attack the corrupt army!

Thumb geha 27 December 2013, 16:11

for your information agents of hizbushaitan on this site:
all of Lebanon is about to burn because of what hizbushaitan did today.

Thumb lebanon_first 27 December 2013, 17:19

FT. I saw your link. But the virgin Mary is a symbol for sunnites as much as for christians. This is not a message of hatred against christians as marketed. It is a message of hatred towards tolerance and love

Thumb FlameCatcher 27 December 2013, 17:31

FT : you have the audacity to talk about Burning Tires, Thugs on Bike ? Telmiz Hezbollah ghanam. Speaking of ghanam, how are you today ? happy ?

Default-user-icon M7amD (Guest) 27 December 2013, 18:53

Shame on all the Lebanese all were good at is blaming each other and killing each other! When will we wake up and defend our home and land! Instead we just deflect blame on each other while we but our Country and the make the Israels happy! Wake up stop this Shia Sunni bullshit!

Who wins when we kill one another ...the west looks at us and laughs because all the arabs countries are going backwards the Israels watch with amusement as we kill one another and the general public suffers!

What a shame such a beautiful country is burning from the inside out! And the people support their politicians so blindly