Palestinian Factions Slam Haphazard Accusations

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Palestinian Follow-Up Committee slammed on Saturday random accusations against Ain el-Hilweh refugees camp after the assassination of ex-Finance Minister and former Prime Minister Saad Hariri's adviser, Mohammed Shatah.

“The amount of accusations against the refugee camp after any crime that happens on Lebanese territories ahead of investigations” is unacceptable, the committee said in a statement after holding an urgent meeting.

The committee stressed “positive neutrality in approaching any Lebanese dispute and (the Palestinians) keenness to safeguard Lebanon's security and stability.”

Shatah, 62, was killed in a car bombing in downtown Beirut on Friday morning as he headed to a meeting of the March 14 coalition at the Center House.

The Honda CRV that blew up was rigged with up to 60 kilograms of explosives, and parked along Shatah's route. The blast struck the former minister's SUV, killing him, his driver and six others.

Scores of people were injured in the bombing, mainly from flying glass in nearby office buildings and hotels.

The statement condemned a report saying that the Honda used in the bombing was stolen in early 2013 from the coastal town of Rmeileh in the Shouf district and then taken to the Palestinian refugee camp of Ain el-Hilweh in the southern city of Sidon.

“Moussa Khodr Moussa handed himself over to the Lebanese security agencies 10 months ago and testified that he had stolen the car,” the committee said in a statement.

It added “that Mohammed Saleh, who is known as Mohammed al-Sarii, was handed over to the Lebanese security agencies after the report was published but he was released after he was acquitted.”

The report published on Friday had said that Moussa M. and another called Mohammed S. stole the vehicle that carries a license plate with the number 177647/S.

The sources noted that Moussa M. and Mohammed al-Sarii were members of the Fatah al-Islam who receive their orders from the group's top official Haitham al-Shaabi.

The Palestinian Follow-Up Committee called in its statement on media outlets not “to make hasty accusations and be cautious and careful in its reports.”

Meanwhile, on Saturday evening, the Palestinian Liberation Organization, Fatah and the Palestinian National Security Forces in Lebanon released a joint statement denying the alleged involvement of a man nicknamed Talal al-Ordoni in Shatah's assassination.

“Al-Ordoni is the chief of a brigade in the Palestinian National Security Forces and he is committed to the orders of his leaders,” the statement said.

“He arrested Moussa Moussa, who stole the booby-trapped cars, and handed him over to Lebanese authorities and the army Intelligence,” it added.

“We have contacted Lebanese security bodies and they assured us that al-Ordoni is not a suspect in Friday's bombing.”

Meanwhile, 15-year-old Mohammed al-Sarii, and right after hearing his name in media outlets, he turned himself to Lebanese authorities that released him few hours later, according to the statement.

“We do not interfere in local Lebanese affairs and we condemn all bombings that took place all over Lebanon,” the statement noted, urging media outlets to be “careful and accurate in reporting information and base their reports on reliable sources and concerned authorities.”

“Palestinian bodies and leaders are ready to cooperate with all media outlets in their reports about refugee camps.”

Reports on Friday said al-Ordoni was handed over the (olive green) car that entered the Ain el-Hilweh camp and that was used in the assassination of Shatah.

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Thumb geha 28 December 2013, 18:08

abu adas :)

Thumb cedre 28 December 2013, 19:20


Thumb cedre 28 December 2013, 18:13

only donkeys are stupid enough to think that palestinians or ignorant takfiris have the intelligence and training to do such a killing...

Thumb proudm14 29 December 2013, 00:14

i have a good idea that you will love FT, it is called tawteen+opening the camps and incorporating them into our cities. shu ra2yak?

Thumb FlameCatcher 28 December 2013, 18:16

Fath el Islam, created, armed and trained by Bashar el Assad's regime. Hezbollah's partner in crime!

Same Hezbollah who told the army NOT to attack them in Nahr el Bared :)

So in any case : accusing Fath el Islam = accusing Bashar = accusing Hezbollah.

Thumb FlameCatcher 28 December 2013, 20:08

Sorry, aoun and nasrallah called shotgun... wait for your turn #idiot #naive #ghanam

Thumb proudm14 29 December 2013, 00:18

theresistance why are you using hashtags? don't you know that twitter and instagram are tools of the great Satan?

Thumb eagledawn 28 December 2013, 18:22

One of the accused by HA through As Safir newspaper is a 15 year old football player who plays for the camp. He has already been interviewed by the authorities and cleared. What a bunch of lies diverting the attention from the real criminals.

Default-user-icon Old Hand (Guest) 28 December 2013, 18:29

Correct me if wrong, but unless and until Ain el-Helweh coughs up the killers of 4 Lebanese judges, killed in the Justice building in Saida some 20 years ago, they eat crap as far as accusations go.

Thumb cedre 28 December 2013, 20:08

Assir is probably in Syria iranianpatriot...

Default-user-icon ed (Guest) 28 December 2013, 20:16

lol theresistance; your spelling is elementary.

Thumb -phoenix1 28 December 2013, 20:33

(1). We are again living a very sad and tragic period of our history, and to add insult to injury, almost everyone these days has lent himself to mutual accusations and counter accusations. A brutal assassination once again has been perpetrated, this time on Mr. Al Shatah, a highly respected and moderate M14 figure, yet as his blood is still wet and hot on our footpaths and roads, here we are, Lebanese as usual, at each others throats. Yes, I blame our state, for being inconsistent, for not being straight with its citizens, for allowing itself to be split right in the middle, for yet again allowing speculation to take place, to push the Lebanese to suspect each other and to come to conclusions whilst investigations seem to drag drag and drag, then after a while things are pushed to a distant shelf, left to gather layer upon layer of dust, awaiting the highest bidder to shift files to his favor. ple.

Thumb -phoenix1 28 December 2013, 20:34

(2). When was the Lebanese State ever coherent, in fact when did it exist? The Palestinians will forever remain a dubious entity in our land, Hezbollah will drive its wedges here and there, and so will all the other sides when and if they could, left the poor honest Lebanese citizen, not knowing what to do, or where to go from here. It's been decades, nothing has changed, nothing, we keep dreaming of peace, of good times in our country, yet our good people keep getting killed, one after one, their blood is spilled, from Kamal Jumblat, to Bachir Gemayel, to Rene Mouawad, to Grand Mufti Khaled, to Rafic Hariri and now to Al Shatah, it's worse than looking for a pin in a haystack Wallah when it comes to finding the killers.

Thumb -phoenix1 28 December 2013, 20:36

(3). Let the state at long last leave the job of traffic cop, let it start working like areal state, then let's see if militias will try to rear their ugly heads again. Right now big work awaits the state, let it find and inculpate the culprits of this heinous crime, and let it publish its findings impartially, then let's see the peace return to the people. Justice is denied when it hesitates, it only creates a fetid environment for confrontation between a people of all sides who are now truly sick and tired of living in a country where every dirt is dumped, in a country where almost nothing works, in a country that is called Lebanon, but that still does not really exist. ENOUGH!!

Missing VINCENT 28 December 2013, 20:48

It must be a coincidence that almost all slain Lebanese politicians happen to be "prominent politicians who oppose the Iranian/Syrian/H.A. platform". On the other hand, those to will always blame Israel, tend to disregard some obvious facts. (1) It seems like the only thing constant in Lebanon is Israeli dominance whether during Syrian occupation or current days. (2) If an Israeli rapes your neighbor's wife and pins it on you, you should be pissed off enough to say "may be my neighbor is not so bad after all", lets unite and address the real enemy which Lebanese do not. (3) If Israel is able to manipulate Lebanese like puppets to kill each other, then we need to reevaluate ourselves. (4) If rich monarchs are giving us large sums of money, they expect a few things in return. In my humble opinion, it seems like religion takes center stage, and others use this weakness to advance their own agendas. Not Lebanese. Some of us said this as early as the late 70s.

Missing VINCENT 29 December 2013, 01:43


Absolutely correct.

Missing VINCENT 29 December 2013, 01:48

That goes w/o saying.

Thumb cedre 29 December 2013, 00:48

HizbIran drove through the camp to put the blame on them.
A pity then dont have CCTV all over the place.
For what reason would the palestinians kill Hariri's adviser?
How would they know the itinerary he's using, his car, his timetable ?
Soon we'll hear that the palestinians are takfiro-zionists who killed rafic and pierre as well...

Thumb cedre 29 December 2013, 03:22

palestinians and armenians are our guests...
Stop ur blame game, palestinians this, takfiris that, saudis this, israel that,etc...
Btw Palestinians cant claim their land, one of the many reasons is HizbIran protecting the border...

Missing VINCENT 29 December 2013, 06:17

Regarding the Palestinians, sad but true. Generations at limbo and lost in chaos instead of getting educated and prospering. At the same time, their existence in Lebanon has put and will continue to subject Lebanon to an uncertain future. And you are absolutely correct about HizbIran active role in the boarder. It is a stalemate.

Default-user-icon Hammerhead (Guest) 29 December 2013, 14:33

The army should investigate the source of the news. Would HA give instructions to the army to find out who invented this scenario? I wonder. And yes our army is under the command of HA.
And by the way Wolf, I'm with you on the issue of the Palastnians, and don't even care if thay get their land back or not, they don't deserve our support any more, as for your remarks regarding them, their belligerens here is not the issue, a story was fabricated to mislead the investigation, it would be easy to find out who, and from there you can conclude who is behind the assassination.

Default-user-icon Armenian (Guest) 29 December 2013, 15:29

You can’t compeer Palestinians with the Armenians, we Armenians are Lebanese from the day Lebanon existed, please check the history.
And about Palestinians so called trouble making it was our fault, Lebanese where not living in harmony before there arrival.