Six Arrested for Building Captagon-Producing Machine

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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The anti-drug bureau in the Bekaa arrested on Thursday four Lebanese and two Syrians on drug dealing charges, reported the National News Agency on Saturday.

It said that the security forces arrested in their possession an electrical captagon pill-producing machine.

The machine was previously used as a candy-producing machine.

The suspects were arrested during a raid on a farm in the northern Bekaa town of Younin and a garage in the Baalbek-al-Kiel region.

Due to its small size and ease of transportation, the captagon-producing machine would have been difficult to detect.

The security forces also confiscated 300 liters of amphetamines, the main component of captagon.

The cost of a liter sells for 2,500 dollars, added NNA.

Other assorted equipment used for the production of captagon pills were also discovered along with 10 kilograms of locally-produced cannabis and 50,000 packaged pills.

NNA added that the drugs were going to be smuggled to Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

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Thumb primesuspect 04 January 2014, 15:36

Can we get their shia names please?

Thumb Mordekaiser 04 January 2014, 15:58

Dr. Walter White and Jessie Pinkman

Missing coolmec 04 January 2014, 15:41

prime suspevt
how do you know they are shia?

Thumb popeye 04 January 2014, 16:04

Only shia take and make captagon. Bekaa also is where HA manufactures these drugs.

Missing michel_saba 04 January 2014, 17:51

Klebsiella, again, it's a shia village and if you know someone familiar with bekaa then you can ask them who is behind these pills. It's no secret, so don't just throw accusations around when it's so easily refuted. This doesn't mean that others aren't criminals as well, it only means that in this particular case, the culprits happen to be shiite.

Missing michel_saba 04 January 2014, 16:12

Younin is a shia village.

Missing michel_saba 04 January 2014, 17:48

Klebsiella, we are not talking about a city, we are talking about a small village with a couple of families in it who are farmers. It's a shia village and if you don't believe me, ask around. I am sure of my statemn

Missing michel_saba 04 January 2014, 17:48


Thumb proudm14 05 January 2014, 00:37

klebsiella another thankless M8'er living in the west and pretending to know things about lebanon...

Thumb primesuspect 04 January 2014, 22:15

Coolmec, Popeye answered u.

Thumb -phoenix1 04 January 2014, 16:34

The blind accusations are flying wild again.

Thumb Marc 04 January 2014, 16:38

حزب الله اختبرَ طائرة هجومية بدون طيّار في "يونين" بالبقاع

They already have the production technology in town .... Google it?

Thumb freedomarch 04 January 2014, 16:59

add the Pills to the plane man :) ... Crazy flying plane man.

Thumb ice-man 04 January 2014, 16:46

Are you a secular Shia?

Thumb smarty 05 January 2014, 00:02

Why did these men get caught? they were impeding on Fneish's enterprises.... they manufacture the same poison.

Thumb cedre 05 January 2014, 00:36

There must be a khomeynist fatwa or taklif shar3i making it halal to sell drugs to enmies of Wilayat Faqih...

Thumb ice-man 05 January 2014, 03:54