Report: Concerns Raised that Army Will Be Terrorists' New Target

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The latest bombing in Lebanon has raised fears that the army may be a new target of terrorist groups in Lebanon, reported the daily An Nahar on Sunday.

Political sources told the daily that the army may be targeted in an act of revenge for its past clashes with terrorist organizations.

They called for exercising vigilance to confront this possibility.

The army had in 2007 waged a battle with the al-Qaida-inspired Fatah al-Islam group that had taken up the Palestinian refugee camp of Nahr al-Bared as its base.

The months-long battle saw the defeat of the extremist group and the imprisonment of a number of its members.

On Saturday, three people were killed, including two soldiers, and 16 wounded, including five soldiers, in a car bombing against an army checkpoint in the Bekaa region of al-Hermel.

Hermel, a Hizbullah stronghold, has seen multiple attacks in recent months related to the war raging in neighboring Syria.

Until Saturday, the attacks had all killed civilians.

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Thumb smarty 23 February 2014, 11:22

I think the Army is being targetted because they sided with Hizballah against al assir. they're paying for this...

Thumb Loubnani 23 February 2014, 14:01

When you speak like that you make it sound like the Army is someone else's army not our national armed forces made up of all it's people, "they're" no we're paying the price. When you attack the army you are attacking the nation. From what I remember the Army was attacked by Assir. Do you mean to tell me they should have done nothing?
What alternative do we have other than the army? Is there an alternative? Do you like not want us to have an Army? The army is controlled by the state, the president, ministry of defence etc... If they act it's because they got orders to act. If they don't it's because of the same reason. If you're unhappy the army isn't to blame because the decision is not in their hand. Take it up with those people...

Thumb _mowaten_ 23 February 2014, 16:16

smarty is certainly not lebanese, it shows from all his comments..

Thumb Loubnani 23 February 2014, 13:52

@Ibinharethreik That might have been the case during yesterday's suicide bombing I'm not sure the bomber intended to blow himself at the army check point and his target was possibly Hermel. The threat however is real. These terrorists are not necessarily logical in their thinking or kind enough to spare anyone. It has gotten way too out of control in Syria and the more it continues the more sectarian hatred it will cause and the more chaos and blood shed it will lead to. I understand you hate Hezbollah but are you not even slightly concerned about what is happening on the ground. Are you 100% convinced that if Hezbollah leave Syria this will end and the threat will disappear? I'm against Hezbollah's interference in Syria and for anyone other than the LAF to carry arms but I believe the threat is real. The country needs to form a united front against any danger. How that is possible with all the sectarian hate brewing in Lebanon I honestly don't know. Here's hoping for a miracle!

Thumb kataebi1965 23 February 2014, 14:16

CLOSE THE BORDERS , limit movement of refugees in camps only , impose a fine of at least a 1000 USD on employing any illegal , build a high security prison and increase punishment ways and durations .

Thumb _mowaten_ 23 February 2014, 16:15

loubnani: i think the suicide bomber didnt really comment about his intentions, so until he does, we will not know his motives.
all we can see is his actions, and his action was to blow himself up at the army checkpoint. he could have abstained from pulling the trigger and be caught (can it be worse than dying?), but he didnt make that choice.

Thumb cedre 23 February 2014, 17:09

orphans ?

Thumb cedre 23 February 2014, 17:10


Thumb Loubnani 23 February 2014, 19:08

@Mowaten either way it's a heinous and unspeakable crime from a low life I hope is rotting in hell as we speak. Honestly the target is irrelevant. I am basing it on the information I read on naharnet and as I mentioned above, I am not sure if those were his intentions. Either way God bless our soldiers who gave their lives to protect the Lebanese people.

Thumb _mowaten_ 23 February 2014, 23:49

yes cedre, the last bombing that was "near" the iranian cultural center actually was right in front of an orphanage.