Suleiman: New Wage Scale is Legitimate Right, but it Mustn't Impact Economy

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

President Michel Suleiman stressed on Monday that the new wage scale is a legitimate right to those demanding it, but the people's interests must be taken into consideration before endorsing it.

He explained: “A balance must be struck between revenues and expenses in a manner that will not negatively impact the economy.”

In addition, he hoped after holding talks with Premier Tammam Salam that approving the new wage scale will not result in more taxes that burden the people.

The implementation of the pay raise should be met with administrative reform, combating corruption, and controlling spending, stated Suleiman.

The president had also earlier held talks with Interior Minister Nuhad al-Mashnouq on the implementation of the security plan in the northern city of Tripoli and the eastern Bekaa Valley.

On Friday, the joint parliamentary committees gave the green light to the pay raise which has been put on the agenda of the legislature on Tuesday for approval.

Despite the move, the Syndicate Coordination Committee, a coalition of private and public school teachers and public sector employees, called for a protest near the parliament in downtown Beirut on Tuesday to pressure MPs into approving the raise without slashing the 121 percent wage hike demanded by the grouping or making the payments in installments.

Several officials and economic committees have expressed their concern over the wage scale, warning that it would further burden Lebanon's economy.



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Thumb popeye 14 April 2014, 14:14

He explained: “A balance must be struck between revenues and expenses in a manner that will not negatively impact the economy.”

Berri and the terror party don't understand this concept, Mr. President. They have their own revenues from smuggling, bullying, drugs, captagon, and arms trade.

Thumb galaxy 14 April 2014, 17:24

For your information 800 million USD worth of captagon pills have been confiscated. Now, who has the production capacity, the protection and shelter, and distribution channels to get them to the port?

Thumb -phoenix1 14 April 2014, 17:29

But you ya Bani Maarouf, you have absolutely no say in anything, except to keep smudging your dignity on the floor. Bani says he is from Hrajel, kezeb.

Thumb lebanon_first 14 April 2014, 15:57

121% wage hike? are you kidding?

Thumb lebanon_first 14 April 2014, 19:08

speakfreely. It is too big a decision to give to a single man
But what is amazing is the size of the raise. a raise of 121% means more than double current salary.