Customs Seize Thousands of Captagon Pills, Raid Spoiled Food Warehouse

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Customs announced on Tuesday that it confiscated thousands of captagon pills and raided a warehouse containing expired food during two separate operations in April, reported the National News Agency.

On April 14, 400,000 captagon pills were found hidden in agricultural equipment that were prepared to be shipped to Saudi Arabia.

The pills weighed about 74 kilograms and were valued at around 4 million dollars.

The suspects, including a Syrian, linked to the case have since been arrested.

On April 13, a customs patrol in the northern city of Tripoli seized a pick-up truck that was carrying a quantity of spoiled food, including tomatoes, molasses, ground bell peppers, sesame, and apricot jam.

Stickers used in the forgery of food expiry dates were placed on the sealed products.

The consequent investigations led to the discovery of a warehouse that contained these products.

A number of spoiled food was seized during a customs raid.

Equipment and seals used in the packaging of the products and the forgery of expiry dates were also seized.

All those involved in the case, including Syrians, have since been arrested.



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Missing karim_ 20 May 2014, 18:53

Filthy FSA-Al Qaeda jihadist terrorists and their Saudi sponsors.

Thumb freedomarch 20 May 2014, 19:36

Half-men working hard. UNDER GROUND!

Missing abou.omar 20 May 2014, 21:46

Good Job! keep up the good work and hopefully some cash will flow to the Government institutions not to the heads of the Jamerek 0r Ali hassan khalil