Zgharta Municipal Chief Dies in Car Crash

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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The municipal chief of the northern town of Zgharta died on Thursday in a horrific car crash in Beirut, the state-run National News Agency reported.

Engineer Toufiq Moawad was driving his black Audi Q7 on the Karantina highway at 4:45 am when he rear-ended a truck parked on the side of the road, the Beirut firefighting department said.

Rescuers from the firefighting department, which lies near the crash site, rushed to the scene and transported Moawad to hospital after removing the front part of his vehicle from under the truck, it added.

NNA did not state whether Moawad died at the crash site or at hospital.

Also Thursday, at least five people were injured in separate accidents across Lebanon.

Two people were wounded when a pick-up truck overturned on the Jiyyeh highway, the Traffic Management Center said.

The accident caused heavy traffic, it said.

According to TMC, an individual was also injured when his car overturned on the Emile Lahoud highway not very far from where Moawad died.

Two other people were wounded when a vehicle overturned on Qob Elias-Chtaura main road, it said.



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Default-user-icon N (Guest) 19 June 2014, 12:39

RIP Toufic :(

Default-user-icon Paid Thinker (Guest) 19 June 2014, 14:03

Another senseless loss. We need traffic police to enforce traffic laws. People are driving like lunatics.

Thumb FlameCatcher 19 June 2014, 14:40

Those trucks have nothing to do being parked on the highway ! Highways are not parking spaces for trucks or any vehicle for that matter! The owner of the truck should be held responsible.

Thumb FlameCatcher 19 June 2014, 16:09

Truck was parked on the side of the road.I don't believe they have stop lights running when parked.

In all cases, this road is full of trucks parked on the side which have no business being there and represent a danger for anyone driving.

I'm pretty sure Moawad was speeding and not very "awake" so early (late) in the morning. This doesn't mean that the truck owner / driver do not have some kind of responsibility.

It's simply illegal to park any vehicle on highways.

Default-user-icon Joe (Guest) 19 June 2014, 15:38

...drunk people have nothing to do (driving) on highways... thank God he didn't kill anyone with him... but may he RIP...

Default-user-icon marko (Guest) 20 June 2014, 01:44

Flame Catcher...

You're right in that No vehicle should be parked on a highway, but although labelled a highway, this road does not meet the standards of a highway...

If you take US/Euro highway standards, then there should be no shops or anything like that. But when a family of 5 need to reverse their SUV half way into the 'highway' in order to leave Sea Sweet guided by a valet attendant who has to stop oncoming traffic on the main national road, then that isn't classified as a highway.