15 Suspected Terrorists Charged with Assassination Plot

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The military prosecutor charged on Thursday 15 suspected terrorists for plotting to carry out attacks and target a top security official in northern Lebanon, the state-run National News Agency reported.

NNA said Judge Saqr Saqr charged the suspects, only six of whom are in detention, for belonging to the Abdullah Azzam Brigades and Jund al-Sham in northern Lebanon.

The six men have been apprehended in the northern region of Qalamoun, it said, although the Lebanese army claimed on Wednesday the arrest of five suspected terrorists.

It identified then as Wassim Ahmed al-Qass, Wissam Ahmed al-Qass, Dani Ahmed al-Qass, Amjad Nouhad al-Khatib and Nabil Kamel Bayda.

The suspects attended training sessions on preparing explosives, using arms and booby-trapping cars, the agency said.

The charges also include complicity with a plot to assassinate a top General Security officer and to carry out terrorist attacks across Lebanon, NNA added.

Saqr referred the suspects to First Military Examining Magistrate Riyad Abou Ghida.

Al-Joumhouria daily said Thursday that the target of the plot could either be the chief of the army's intelligence in northern Lebanon Brig. Gen. Amer al-Hassan or Lt. Col. Khattar Nasereddine, who heads the General Security bureau in the North.



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Thumb lebpatriot2223 26 June 2014, 12:36

Burn them on hell!

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 26 June 2014, 14:03

A fair trial and then a fair judgement.

Missing karim.. 27 June 2014, 08:51

A Salafist terrorist trying to use Western values for justice. LOL.

Thumb Mystic 26 June 2014, 13:10

joshbustani, do you defend the actions of the assassins? Doesn't surprise me at all.

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 26 June 2014, 14:03

The difference is that the Hizb protects its assassins and the authorities have no power to arrest them.

Default-user-icon Chewchew (Guest) 26 June 2014, 15:43

Maybe because your accusations are just empty propaganda josh.. Just saying...

Missing rayan_saab_bint_jbeil 26 June 2014, 16:45

Northern Lebanon is starting to remind me of Afghanistan

Thumb cedre 26 June 2014, 18:19

coz u dont know northern lebanon and afghanistan, all u know is dahieh shisha cafes...

Missing karim.. 26 June 2014, 18:16

Hang them all.