Terrorist Group Linked to ISIL Claims Duroy Bombing

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A previously unknown jihadist group linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has claimed responsibility for the Duroy Hotel suicide attack in Beirut.

The group calling itself the state of Damascus-Qalamoun said via twitter on Thursday that two ISIL members targeted General Security agents at the hotel in Raouche.

It also vowed to carry out more attacks against Hizbullah and its agents, saying Wednesday's bombing was just the start.

The Saudi suicide bomber blew himself up at the hotel when he detonated his explosives during a security raid. His accomplice, also a Saudi citizen, survived the blast and is being questioned at hospital.

The General Security agency on Thursday circulated the picture of a Lebanese man, al-Monzer Khaldoun al-Hasan, accused of providing the Duroy Hotel bombers with explosives.

Media reports have said they were plotting to target al-Saha Restaurant in Beirut's southern suburbs.

Wednesday's attack was the third suicide bombing in Lebanon in less than a week.

Syria's civil war has spilled into Lebanon on numerous occasions and inflamed sectarian tensions. A series of car bombs have struck Shiite areas across Lebanon, killing dozens of people.

Sunni militants have claimed responsibility for the attacks to avenge Hizbullah, which has sent its fighters to Syria to help President Bashar Assad's troops in their fight against the rebels seeking to topple him.



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Thumb saturn 27 June 2014, 10:50

Treat cancer with radiotherapy, nuke the Middle East.

Default-user-icon yaacov (Guest) 27 June 2014, 13:57

we will

shabbat shalom from jerusalem

Missing thebigkohen 27 June 2014, 13:59

we will

shabbat shalom from jerusalem

Thumb FlameCatcher 27 June 2014, 14:32

When you have a cancer such as Hezbollah, it will metastase into the entire social fabric and spur off other cancers.

Put an end to weapons and eradicate those who refuse to drop them !

Thumb sophia_angle 27 June 2014, 11:33

divide to conquer..no one must win until they dissolve each other...beautiful plan to finish up all extremists then to divide the region..a plan very well implemented

Thumb lebpatriot2223 27 June 2014, 13:08

Sunnis are the cancer of the world.

Thumb eagledawn 27 June 2014, 13:58

they might be, but in Lebanon you and your sect are.

Thumb eagledawn 27 June 2014, 13:50

provide youtube videos, selfies, links where geha, cedre or geagea said ISIL are the good guys or forever shut your sectarian lying mouth.

Thumb cedre 27 June 2014, 16:59

blablabla and ft : will u stop lying during holy ramadan or is it halal in ur religion to lie ? Do u teach ur kids as well to lie shamelessly ? Do they learn quickly ?

Missing thebigkohen 27 June 2014, 14:00

we love watching you muslims kill each other in ever greater numbers

shabbat shalom from jerusalem

am israel chai

Default-user-icon nobody (Guest) 27 June 2014, 15:23

This claims seems fake. It says: "bayna katil wa jari7". One would expect a claim to say: "shahid" not "katil"

Default-user-icon hanoun (Guest) 27 June 2014, 15:37

5 of February in achrafieh I quote geagea :1these are our friends do not touch them
2falyahkom el ekhwan another one
3 out of prison deal made he gets out and the dinnieh terrorists army killers out also ......

Thumb gma-bs-artist. 27 June 2014, 17:22

Lebanon is once again missing out on an economic windfall a scheme that will appeal and attract a peculiar type of tourist untapped till now, the suicide bomber. We should build suicide bomber parks where suicide bombers from all over the world and many nationalities will come to exercise their common love and fantasy, the hobby of suicide bombing. We can set these suicide bomber parks all over the country thus helping the economies of the regions as well. And folks the beauty of this all is that it's a tourist season that can last the full year instead of just summer the summer and the holidays.

Thumb gma-bs-artist. 27 June 2014, 17:23

I suggest offering an all inclusive package I call "the suicide tour". It consists of a one way ticket to RHIA and a week stay at one of our finest hotels. You will then be collected in buses, with your choice of Shiite, Sunni, Christian or Hebrew markings and drive you to you selected suicide park. You enter the parks into a Sauna where you will stay for a while until you're hot and dehydrated. You then exit the Sauna into a beautiful air conditioned salon where classical music is playing and cold refreshing grape flavored Kool Aid is served. Once you drink the Kool Aid you will be directed into one of two gated movie sets depicting a city block festooned with crash test dummies dressed as citizens. One movie set will have a tastefully made of cast iron cartoon of Oussama Bin Laden above the entrance gate the other movie set Ayatollah Khomeini. You will enter through your preferred gate and follow the instruction provided and fulfill your "fantasy mission". The END, literately..

Missing peace 27 June 2014, 19:16

oh! a group nobody heard of before.... how convenient