Bkirki Rejects Constitutional Amendment Ahead of Presidential Elections

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Bkirki is engaged in a battle to elect a new head of state only and rejects to interfere in details that impede the poll as the Maronite Patriarch is holding onto his decision that all matters should be postponed until the parliament selects a president.

A source close to Bkirki refused to comment on Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun's proposal.

The source stressed in comments published in al-Joumhouria on Tuesday that Bkirki is only interested in carrying out the presidential poll.

Aoun called on Monday for a constitutional amendment that would allow the people to elect their head of state in an attempt to resolve the presidential deadlock.

According to An Nahar newspaper, Bkirki deems any constitutional amendment ahead of the election of a new president as void.

Sources told the newspaper that all suggestions will be discussed after the presidential poll is staged as the priority is to fill the vacancy at the Baabda Palace.

Aoun's initiative states that the parliament should carry out a “limited constitutional amendment,” allowing Lebanese citizens to elect the head of state in two rounds to avoid the same scenarios that parliamentary sessions are witnessing.

Parliament has failed in several rounds to elect a successor to President Michel Suleiman, whose six-year term expired on May 25 after the March 8 and 14 alliances failed to agree on a compromise candidate.

The majority of the March 8 camp's MPs, including the lawmakers of Aoun's Change and Reform bloc, have boycotted the sessions, leading to a lack of the needed two-thirds quorum.

Aoun said that his proposal lies in allowing only Christians to vote for their candidates in the first round that would pave way for both Muslims and Christians to choose the two candidates who received the majority of votes in the first round.

Al-Joumhouria newspaper reported that Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi is seeking to hold a wide Christian conference soon, to press parties to carry out their national duty and elect a new president.

The FPM chief has refused to announce his candidacy, claiming there should be consensus on him first. But the March 14 alliance, has backed the candidacy of his rival Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea.

Both Maronite leaders claim that they represent the majority of the country's Christians.

Under the National Pact of 1943, the president should be a Maronite, the speaker a Shiite and the premier a Sunni.



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Thumb lebnanfirst 01 July 2014, 08:06

Why couldn't the same proposal work with Christian MPs voting and coming up with two candidates which the parliament as a whole can then vote one of them into office?

Missing imagine_1979 01 July 2014, 08:14

Bc according to aoun they donnot represent christians eventhough it was him and its friends hezbos, after glorious may 7 who asked for this electoral law in doha, now that he has has lost he has lost, a new law is needed cause there cannot be anyone else that glorious, patriotic, secular, democratic and moumana3 aoun...
I think all our politicians should go have some chupachups.... Our country is falling appart, hizbos are doing there jihadist duty and wondering why is sunni extremisms rising, why hatered is growing, yes why? Why?.... All selfcentered Idiots

Default-user-icon kazan (Guest) 01 July 2014, 08:08

Conclusion: as long as the people themselves do not vote to choose their president then we can pretend to be democratic.

Missing greatpierro 01 July 2014, 08:33

Aoun has led lebanon and the christians into turmoil at the end of 80's in order to become president (and 6 ministers). He wanted to be the leaders of the Christians by force. He went all the way fighting a bloody war among Lebanese Christians that creating strife, death, destruction leading to weakening the christians demographically (emigration) and politically.
He has not succeeded and so he is trying again though less violently. Just to become president, he is weakening the christians role by imposing a vacuum in the presidency. To become president, he is unilaterraly imposing the destruction of the Lebanese National Pact and Taef.

Missing greatpierro 01 July 2014, 12:52

FT, If I had to choose I would rather agree with israelis rather than with iran and syria.

Missing coolmec 01 July 2014, 10:00

I wish someone will blow his brains
oh wait he has no brains

Missing greatpierro 01 July 2014, 11:14

As heneous

Missing greatpierro 01 July 2014, 11:14

It is unfortunate that he has so many followers as stupid and generous as he is.

Default-user-icon hokum 1820 (Guest) 01 July 2014, 10:15

No not same, Rai will say bless you my son, Nasrallah will put a fatwa on you Salman Rushdi style or let some black shirts loose on you Hashem al Salman style see the difference?

Missing greatpierro 01 July 2014, 12:10

Placing a violent fatwa on islam is a good think unfortunately. This is rooted in the foundation of Islam.

Default-user-icon Georges Breidy (Guest) 01 July 2014, 11:04

Fully agree with you...let the religious leaders meditate and teach their true values rather than diving into politics and armed conflicts. Otherwise no salvation for Lebanon

Thumb jabal10452 01 July 2014, 13:40

His proposal is a good one and should be further explored and a analyzed by all parties instead of being summarily dismissed just because Aoun is in the M8 camp. What exactly is wrong with giving me, a simple citizen, the right to choose my country's president, instead of forcing me to rely on an MP who more often than not is a corrupt and incompetent fool?

Default-user-icon cpt latif (Guest) 01 July 2014, 14:45

FT with nothing to say and infuenced by Brazil 2014 doing the play by play on M14ers but he's like the clueless America commentator know nothing about the game..

Thumb gma-bs-artist. 01 July 2014, 17:38