Hizbullah Mulls Stance on Aoun's Initiative, March 8 Says Constitutional Amendments 'Impossible'

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Hizbullah is mulling its stance from the initiative that its ally Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun proposed recently, as March 8 coalition considers that it's impossible to carry out any constitutional amendment amid the ongoing presidential vacancy.

Sources close to Hizbullah told al-Liwaa newspaper published on Wednesday that the party will discuss Aoun's proposal before taking a final stance.

The Christian leader called on Monday for a constitutional amendment that would allow the people to elect their head of state in an attempt to resolve the presidential deadlock.

The proposal lies in allowing only Christians to vote for their candidates in the first round that would pave way for both Muslims and Christians to choose the two candidates who received the majority of votes in the first round.

March 8 sources told the daily that it's “impossible according to the constitution to carry out amendments amid a presidential vacuum as the parliament is only considered an electoral body.”

The sources said that some parties affiliated in the March 8 camp have stances that differ from those that Aoun has.

“Aoun is our ally but we don't have to agree with him,” the sources said, pointing out that discussing the proposal now will not lead to any positive results.

Seven presidential elections sessions have been held so far, six of which were not staged due to a boycott of March 8 camp lawmakers, mainly those of the Loyalty to the Resistance and Change and Reform blocs.

The boycott was prompted by an ongoing dispute with the March 14 alliance over a presidential candidate.

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea had declared his candidacy, while Aoun has said that he will only run in the polls if there is consensus over his nomination.

The term of President Michel Suleiman ended in May.



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Missing forces 02 July 2014, 08:06

old man aoun is not a politican, indeed at 80 years of age he is from the era of the ottomans and the beiks and cheikhs, Lebanon has not been granted to you by the emir mr aoun, you cannot rule by force! da'3ass 3a'la r'abitak you must respect the constitution and the laws of the land. you are nothing but a traitor.

Democracy mr aoun is you nominating yourself by the due date and attending and ensuring we have a president within the democractically scheduled timeframe, otherwise if you fail to garner the support you need by the due date you shut up concede defeat and elect someone else, you do not have the right to cause vacuum and flip flop to suite your own personal agenda... did you get that old man?

Default-user-icon Samih (Guest) 02 July 2014, 09:56

To Forces, this is the real truth. I like your comment !

Thumb zeinab.ali.jaafar 02 July 2014, 10:25

lol @ Aoun.. When is he gonna realize that we are using him as a mere cover in order to fulfil our own agendas? Poor guy, he doesn't know that we need some sort of christian backing to pave the way for our wilayet el fakih. lol
Long live Iran !
Long live Kahmeneï !

Missing forces 02 July 2014, 12:56

Flame I will tell you something you already know. You are the Bajam.

How does this initiative solve the current vacuum that aoun himself has caused?
How does this initiative compare with tangible initiatives Geagea has offered aoun ie: either nominate yourself and we both contest OR come sit with me and agree on a consensual name we both can support?
This initiative clearly cannot be implemented right now until we have a president then hold parliamentary elections. Does he think the public are stupid or is it he who caused vacuum and now claim to have a vision to fix it albeit does not solve the current crisis that has lost his mind?

Missing forces 02 July 2014, 08:29

aoun=zero credibility

Default-user-icon Kazan (Guest) 02 July 2014, 08:30

The following has been said at several occasions, one should admit there is some logic in it: "A precondition to have a president accepted by the majority of a society, is that the majority of the society experience and feel that they have equal rights and belong to one nation. Unfortunately this is not the case in Lebanon. No doubt sooner than later a compromise president will be agreed upon ; throughout the history of Lebanon political solutions tackled the symptoms but never the root cause of the problem which is Lebanon has 2 different societies; to solve it ensure to unify them through sound civic education or make 2 Lebanon."

Missing peace 02 July 2014, 11:31

another blow for aounies... LOL

Thumb FlameCatcher 02 July 2014, 11:54

If Aoun cannot get Hezbollah to agree with his great divine initiatives, how can he lead the country as a president ?

He simply cannot ! He has no power over Hezbollah and is incapable of convincing them. He is not the "Strong candidate" he claims to be.

Missing greatpierro 02 July 2014, 13:47

The vast majority of sunnis in lebanon are moderate and sunni radical movements are mainly non lebanese. Sunnis in Lebanon are claiming out loudly that they want a strong Lebanese government, strong institutions, and arms only with the lebanese army and police.

It is not the case of a majority of the shia in lebanon, that support hizbollah and amal and their armed militias.

Thumb beiruti 02 July 2014, 16:05

He didn't even talk to his "Ally" Hezbollah before floating his "solution" to the crisis of his own making.