Judge Demands Death Penalty for Female Syrian National

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Military Examining Magistrate Imad al-Zein demanded on Thursday the death penalty for a Syrian female for the possession of detonators and handing them over to another compatriot, the state-run National News Agency reported.

The NNA said that al-Zein issued his verdict against Syrian national, identified as Samia Sh., for the possession of detonators and delivering them to another, who is yet to be identified.

A search warrant was issued against Samia's accomplice,

The defendant, who has an arrest warrant against her, was referred to the permanent military court.

In January, the Lebanese army arrested several Syrians for the possession of detonators in the eastern Bekaa Valley.

Some of the suspects admitted to having entered Lebanon illegally and of being in contact with security and military leaders in the Syrian opposition.



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Missing karim.. 03 July 2014, 11:45

Torture her, extract all the necessary information, then hang her.

Missing trigger 03 July 2014, 12:01

no man, ... then torture her again!!!

Missing imagine_1979 03 July 2014, 13:31

Good job our judiciary system..
But just one question michel smaha? Or still waiting for liban post to send the invitation to mamlouk?... Don't get me wrong but he also was found to transport a lot of detonators and also trying to do terrorist attacks..
And ali eid and co, trioli bombings are also terrorist acts i think...
No? Am i wrong? Or march 8 have soecial immunity, like hezbos?...
Don't get me wrong they all should be arrested and go on trial whatever religion background or political affiliation, but nobody else sees some biased ?...

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 July 2014, 14:07

let them judge samaha, what are they waiting for? in the mean time he is in custody, it's not like he's on an open-ended vacation like oqab saqr

Missing imagine_1979 03 July 2014, 15:34

They are waitring for mamlouk to get the request to appear from liabn post, really that's the official reason why they r not juging smaha....
And last time i checked ali eid and friends where also missing...
3okab saker is not wanted by lebanese judiciary as i know but if he is of course he should get trialed..
I was just pointing that mostly the missing guys, or guys with jugment on hold for "terrorist activity" were hezbos friends... Don't u find this weird, really....

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 July 2014, 19:12

they dont need to wait for mamlouk, why do they two trials have to be linked? what if mamlouk never shows up? they can and should judge samaha with whatever evidence they have and for whatever charges they hold against him.

and about your claim that "guys with jugment on hold for "terrorist activity" were hezbos friends", it is totally untrue, actually it's one of the main complaint by islamists in roumieh, saying they have been held for years without trials.

Missing imagine_1979 03 July 2014, 19:45

Mowaten they decided to postpone smaha case and every now and then u have some march 8 guy wanting him released, they could have reach mamlouk even by general ibrahim who met him officially or just via syrian judiciary (at that time it could have been done and juged in abstencia)
The diff is islamist in roumieh want to be juged and i wish they can all have forced laber or so (i wish the same for smaha ali eid...), but again to keep thing shitty they have decided not to juge them (official excuse the court room is not big enough and this for bearly a decade..)
See the difference big guy
Now chupachups?...

Missing thatisit 04 July 2014, 00:08

so when a judge issue a death penalty- IS he a judge or yet another murderer like the one he is trying to kill?

Default-user-icon Hanoun (Guest) 03 July 2014, 16:22

absolutely justice must deal with samaha case cause he was transporting bombs
and don't forget also the lutfallah ship that was transporting tonnes of arms and bombs , what happened justicewise ????

Missing VINCENT 04 July 2014, 06:00

We can hope for a catastrophic selective interference of biblical proportions to change the DNA, mind state and culture of these barbaric animals. Here is a little something to always remember: If people can not differentiate between reasonable and unreasonable claims, then they don't the tools to make good judgment. When you don't have the tools and merely rely on hope or others, then the seeds of manipulation, here political, are sown and God help you because your entire destiny is out of your control. These people are hopelessly living is chaos and destruction grounded in the false hope and manipulations of the devil.