Notorious Kidnap Gang Chief Arrested in Brital

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Security forces arrested Sunday the chief of a kidnap gang in the Bekaa town of Brital, as part of its still ongoing security plan in the region.

A statement issued by the Internal Security Forces' public relations department said the ISF Intelligence Bureau apprehended “the head of a kidnap-for-ransom gang, who is one of the most dangerous fugitives in this field.”

It identified him as 28-year-old Lebanese national Q. H.

He was arrested “during a raid on his house in the town of Brital,” where a Kalashnikov assault rifle and its ammunition were seized.

The man was “wanted by the judiciary on 16 arrest warrants over charges of forming an armed gang, abduction, theft, attempted murder, impersonation, drugs, shooting and bounced checks,” the ISF said in its statement.

“During interrogation, he confessed to carrying out several kidnap-for-ransom operations in the provinces of Beirut, Bekaa and South in collaboration with other culprits, who are being currently pursued,” it added.

The army and security forces have been implementing an unprecedented security plan since two months in the Bekaa and Tripoli, under which several top fugitives have been captured, especially in Douris, Arsal, Hawrtaala and Brital.


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Thumb freedomarch 06 July 2014, 16:59

Lets Guess what Q. H. Stand for ... Any hints?

Thumb ice-man 06 July 2014, 17:28

Notorious? Kidnap? Gang? Brital? Shia.... I refuse to believe it.

Thumb ex-fpm 06 July 2014, 18:56

thugs and criminals no surprise there

Thumb freedomarch 06 July 2014, 19:22

Could it be Qassim Haidar?

Thumb eagledawn 06 July 2014, 20:01

no, it is Qowaten Hamethrower

Thumb freedomarch 06 July 2014, 20:42

It seems like Qowaten will have to move his H.Q. to Roumieh, I heard the are business cwntees and sofisticated communication, lots of support moral and technical there.

Thumb ice-man 07 July 2014, 07:19

rofl @eagle!!!

Thumb ice-man 07 July 2014, 07:23

pictured above, a repenting flamethrower:)

Thumb freedomarch 06 July 2014, 20:48

! Center

Missing VINCENT 06 July 2014, 21:24

Get the firing squads ready.

Thumb lebanon_first 06 July 2014, 22:26

hang him