Hizbullah Fighters Publicly Appear at Midday in Northern Bekaa

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah fighters heavily deployed in the northern Bekaa Valley in a first-of-its kind appearance by the party that previously sought to move discretely during the night in the area.

According to An Nahar newspaper, Hizbullah fighters moved military vehicles, cannons and rocket launchers at midday in al-Labweh, al-Ain and several other areas on the eastern mountain range near the border with Syria.

Sources said that the movement aims at confronting the Syrian opposition members on the Syrian side of the border.

In April, the army kicked off preliminary measures to begin implementing in the northern and central Bekaa a security plan similar to the one executed in the northern city of Tripoli.

The army removed then Hizbullah checkpoints between the regions of Baalbek and al-Hermel and in Arsal is the first sign of the implementation of the plan.

The impact of the Syrian crisis has been felt in the Bekaa, with the army arresting a number of gunmen attempting to enter Lebanon illegally from the neighboring country and seizing booby-trapped vehicles that were to be used in terrorist attacks in Lebanon.



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Missing imagine_1979 08 July 2014, 08:19

Our own revolutionary gards...
Real banana republic

Thumb ex-fpm 08 July 2014, 08:35


Thumb zeinab.ali.jaafar 08 July 2014, 10:00

يقبرني ابني علوشي كان معهم مبارح. الله يحميكي يا مقاومتنا الشريفة. الله يحفظلنا آيتلله قاهمنئي. إيران هي وطننا الأم.

Thumb zeinab.ali.jaafar 08 July 2014, 10:02

وفداء صرمايتو للسيد

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 08 July 2014, 10:14

Thugs who are destroying the nation.

Thumb _mowaten_ 08 July 2014, 12:01

with all these terrorists of nusra and da3esh roaming around looking for arabs to slaughter, i feel reassured when i see the lebanese army and resistance deploying and being prepared to take them down.

Thumb Maxx 08 July 2014, 18:17

@zeinab: "Iran watanik al oumm?" Farja3i ilayhi, wa khuthi al sayyed w el sarami te3ulo ma3ik, Allah la yriddkon.

Thumb ex-fpm 08 July 2014, 08:37

what a joke! Where is the military intelligence heroes to arrest them and show the authority of the state. No wonder extremists groups spring out here and there.

Default-user-icon Edy (Guest) 08 July 2014, 08:54

May God get rid of his beleivers who instill suffering on their fellow Human beings in the name of of his Holy name.

Thumb eagledawn 08 July 2014, 08:57

They are resisting in Labweh since Israel moved its borders to eastern lebanon and Shebaa farms are now Labweh farms.

Thumb popeye 08 July 2014, 09:02

The terror party once again demonstrates its total control of Lebanon right under the nose of the LAF and in violation of the constitution. The security agencies are controlled by this terror group, paid by the terror group, and take their orders from the terror group. How can the ordinary citizen on the street, the peaceful law abiding citizen, the tax paying citizen have respect for the armed forces when he/she sees the borders violated daily by the assad regime, border villages bombarded by his air force, and the lebanese armed forces stand to watch this play unfold.

Missing imagine_1979 08 July 2014, 09:05

Even for presidential election khmayini puts vetos/so does hezbollah, khomayini put house arrest over oposants (so does hezbollah, not dirrectly but it is a defacto....
Welcome to lebanese bannan hezbolah republic...

Missing imagine_1979 08 July 2014, 09:06

Maybe we should now axcept the fact that they r our revolutionary gards, u know we alreaddy accepted that they have their private phone network (silah al ichara) that they can tople governement (7may, black shirts), that they are above the law (5 accused by stl, boutross harb assassination attempt, hachem salman killed in daylight in front of our armed forces) that they can lauch war (they have their jihadist duty to fullfill..) and th they are dirrectly linked to islamic republic of iran and our dear suprem leader ayatolah al khomayini...
Our army was there in 7may, in blackshirts, at hachem salaman assassination (even isf were there) the army arrested sunis going to fight in syria (u know some few fanatics which should defently be arrested but for thousand of hebollah jihadist ca va....)
So maybe now they are a special unit of our army (like revolutionary gards)

Thumb cash.puppet 08 July 2014, 13:04

Broken record

Thumb galaxy 08 July 2014, 09:16

Why have a military parade in downtown beirut on independence day. Let's have it in the Bekaa and wave yellow flags of HA and say goodbye to what was once known as the Republic of Lebanon.

Thumb geha 08 July 2014, 09:47

may they all come back in body bags.

Missing georgeskyp 08 July 2014, 17:09

Man-ooshi, love the name. how about if its a Sunni militia? would that be considered as Al Qaeda by all March 8th supporters?

Thumb ex-fpm 08 July 2014, 09:57

speakfreely; The state should protect its citizens not a sectarian militia. Second, ISIL attacks on Lebanese soil are a direct response to HA war in syria and iraq. I doubt HA is lebanese. What is your definition of Lebanese: someone who carries a Lebanese ID on the outside but follows a foreign agenda, is armed by a foreign power, and takes orders from a foreign power. Until we all agree on what Lebanese means we will continue to have severe problems.

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 08 July 2014, 10:16

Yes Jerry it is and only a simpleton does not get this. What do you call a militia that invade the capital, overthrows a government, kill people with impunity, violates the constitution, ... Shall I continue

Thumb _mowaten_ 08 July 2014, 10:30

lol rafehh what movie what that in?

Default-user-icon majd (Guest) 08 July 2014, 10:31

Too bad their divine leader cannot do the same and appear in public anywhere, his consecutive victories were so complete he's doomed to live for the rest of his life where the sun don't shine.

Thumb jabal10452 08 July 2014, 11:24

@resistance_m8, I think that the following describes your post:

"They pour out their arrogant words; all the evildoers boast." (Psalm 94:4)

Thumb ex-fpm 08 July 2014, 11:45

lol jerry

Thumb jabal10452 08 July 2014, 11:52

My post was meant to Imagine_1979.

Thumb jabal10452 08 July 2014, 11:55

What the hell is wrong with me today? My apologies to Imagine_1979. My post was as originally intended: to resistance_m8. I'm reading those posts too quickly. I think I better log out and concentrate on my work. I screwed up enough for one day.

Thumb jabal10452 08 July 2014, 11:57

FT. The should stand under the umbrella of the state, under the command of the Army. That's when they will gain the unconditional support and respect of most Lebanese.

Missing georgeskyp 08 July 2014, 12:56

Can I ask what is the point of our army exactly????

Thumb jabal10452 08 July 2014, 13:22

FT, Parliament is crippled partly because of HA:s machinations (I repeat partly). HA state-within-the-state contributes to further weakening the state and all of its institution. We are caught is a vicious circle because of this. HA needs to reassess it strategies and policies and at least declare its willingness to discuss a roadmap that will lead to one, all inclusive defense institution. The roadmap needs to include a set of millstones that both camps agree to deliver. We can't continue this way.

Thumb jabal10452 08 July 2014, 13:35

And I want to point out that I am against HA disarming, but rather turning HA's military from a national liability into a national asset.

Thumb shab 08 July 2014, 18:35

Filthy murdering militia

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 08 July 2014, 20:28

Just in "النظام يفتح ممراً آمناً لمرور رتل مبايع للدولة الإسلامية

Missing VINCENT 08 July 2014, 22:22

Iran, Israel, Syria? Who are we resisting? Islam or Israel?

Missing cedars 09 July 2014, 05:56

Why the Ba'ath party was not efficient in Syria ? Or every army in every country require a militia alongside to the protect its citizens ?

Default-user-icon Johnc364 (Guest) 14 November 2014, 09:54

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