Israeli Raids Kill 32 on Third Day of Gaza Campaign

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Israeli strikes on Gaza killed at least 32 people Thursday as an air war entered its third day, with most of the bloodshed in the southern city of Khan Yunis, medics said.

The latest bloodshed raised to 83 the overall number of Gazans killed since Israel launched Operation Protective Edge early on Tuesday to halt cross-border rocket fire by militant groups.

Most of the deaths occurred in Khan Yunis, with a strike at about 1:00 am (2200 GMT on Wednesday night) hitting a cafe where football fans were watching the World Cup semi-final between Argentina and Holland.

Nine people were killed and at least 15 wounded, emergency services spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said.

An hour later, Israeli warplanes struck two houses elsewhere in the city, killing four women and four children.

Another strike on the city killed a 19-year-old man and his 75-year-old father.

A four-year-old child who was also injured in one of the strikes on Khan Yunis died of her injuries during the day.

In central Gaza, a man was killed in an air strike on Nusseirat refugee camp.

In Zeitun, east of Gaza City, a missile killed a man on a motorbike in the late afternoon.

In Deir al-Balah in central Gaza, another man was killed by a missile riding his motorbike hours later.

Another man was killed in a strike on the northern town of Jabaliya.

Hours earlier, a strike on a car elsewhere in Jabaliya killed three men, all of them members of Islamic Jihad's armed wing, the Al-Quds Brigades, a fellow militant told Agence France Presse.

The army also identified them as Islamic Jihad militants involved in firing rockets at Israel.

It named one as Allaa Abd al-Nabi and said he played "an active part in the current escalation" and was responsible for firing long-range rockets over the border.

Earlier, a strike on a car in the west of Gaza City killed a 35-year-old man and two others.

And in the north, a five-year-old boy was killed when an Israeli missile struck the town of Beit Lahiya.

Medics said a 22-year-old man died of injuries sustained in northern Gaza, without specifying when.

Another man who was badly wounded in a raid east of Gaza City a day earlier also died of his wounds, taking Wednesday's toll to 30 people.

On Tuesday, the first day of the operation, 21 people were killed.

The army said it had hit more than 300 targets overnight, raising the total number of strikes just over 48 hours to 750, in Israel's largest military operation in Gaza since November 2012.

On Tuesday, 117 rockets fired by Gaza militants struck Israel, and 29 were intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-missile system.

Another 90 rockets hit Israel on Wednesday, 24 of which were intercepted.

On Thursday, over 120 rockets struck Israel, while another 24 were intercepted, army figures show.

There have been no Israeli deaths so far, although medics said one woman died on Thursday, a day after falling while running for cover.

Hamas has launched waves of rockets across central Israel that have triggered sirens in cities as far from Gaza as Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa.

On Thursday afternoon, Gaza militants fired four rockets at Jerusalem, with two shot down over the city and another two hitting open spaces, the Israeli army said.

Witnesses and Palestinian security officials said one rocket struck near the West Bank Jewish settlement of Maaleh Adumim, while a second hit close to an Israeli military prison near Ramallah.

"Four rockets were fired at Jerusalem, of which two landed in open areas and two were intercepted," an army spokesman told AFP, without giving further details.

Police confirmed the two rockets not intercepted had hit open areas near Maaleh Adumim and in the Ramallah area.

"At this stage there are no injuries," a statement read.

Both the Islamic Jihad and Hamas issued statements taking responsibility for the rockets fired at Jerusalem.

It was the second time in two days that air raid sirens had sounded across the Holy City as Israel and Hamas militants were locked in a fresh round of bitter fighting in and around the Gaza Strip.

Three loud blasts could be heard around the city shortly after sirens wailed, sending people scrambling for shelter, AFP correspondents said.

Sirens also sounded across Maaleh Adumim, and an explosion was heard in Ramallah, witnesses and a correspondent said.

A witness told AFP one struck an open area near Mishor Adumim, an Israeli industrial area adjacent to Maaleh Adumim, east of Jerusalem.

The rocket hit near a cluster of shacks belonging to the Bedouin Jahalin tribe, causing however no damages or injuries, the witness said.

Further north, Palestinian security sources said a rocket had struck open ground near Ofer, an Israeli military prison that lies to the west of Ramallah.

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Thumb eagledawn 10 July 2014, 10:04

have you considered peddling your propaganda on al manar? think about it..

Thumb ex-fpm 10 July 2014, 11:42

ultrahabib; you have been posting the same old broken propaganda since the outbreak of the crisis in Gaza. I am trying to understand your point but fail to do so. The Sunni Arab states in the Arab Summit in Beirut offered Israel peace in return for occupied land, etc and never claimed they want to destroy Israel unlike Iran and your hezb. So, what is the point of your sectarian comments?

Missing spiderman2 10 July 2014, 12:56

They are busy blowing themselves up @ the Lebanese army check points. Bunch of cowards.
Where is Iran & Hezb Iran .
Where is the brave people of Tripoli ..

Default-user-icon Hanoun (Guest) 10 July 2014, 13:52

ouain el 3araab , ouel 3ouroubah

Thumb sevilla 10 July 2014, 14:30

ouain el moqawame' to protect the Umma

Thumb ice-man 10 July 2014, 16:56

how was al najaf?

Default-user-icon hanoun (Guest) 10 July 2014, 17:03

and some idiots count on Israel to solve their problem and Israel cannot control and subdue its back yard

Thumb ice-man 10 July 2014, 17:06

It is a shame that your gems of comments got deleted and I missed reading them dear josephani. Can you re-post them?

Thumb sevilla 10 July 2014, 17:16

so what Hamas is now doing firing rockets at Israel, getting bombarded by Israel's air force and artillery is not a resistance environment? You mean the resistance environment like the one we have in South Lebanon which Nasrallah described as the safest place on earth in his message to the Israelis...

Thumb ice-man 10 July 2014, 17:45

@leb_roar: If people don't know you the way I do, they might mistake you for a sectarian. Any updates on job hunting?

Thumb lebpatriot2333 10 July 2014, 19:24

Lol @ ice hole's new name. Although Ice Ho is even better. How's American Kate Ice Ho?

Thumb cash.puppet 10 July 2014, 17:50

Lebanon for the Christians? haha come on now Roar. Splitting people based on nations and races and religions is wrong whether its Jewish Christian or Muslim, enough of this stone age nonsense. What about those of us who dont identify with any of these religions? Stop forcing the world live in these artificial borders. Nationalism, sectarianism, etc. Its all BS. Divide and conquer. The only way the world will ever know peace is when everyone drops these silly identifiers which are GIVEN AT BIRTH!

Give the children a chance and stop stuffing them into these ridiculous arbitrary identities which they dont even choose. Enough.

Thumb cash.puppet 10 July 2014, 17:56

Believe me Im no defender of Islam or any other religion but your solution wont bring about peace. unless you wanna wipe out billions of people. Education is the answer for everything.

Thumb cash.puppet 10 July 2014, 17:57

Plus, its not realistic. Im not christian (or a practicing muslim for that matter) and Lebanon is my home. Its not christian and I dont support state and church being one. Sorry

Thumb cash.puppet 10 July 2014, 18:00

When has it been tried? Haha youre just being unrealistic. Never gonna happen. Secularism is the only way

Thumb cash.puppet 10 July 2014, 18:00

In fact the only thing we have had in Lebanon is a government based on religions. You gonna tell me Christians didnt butcher anybody in the war? Come on now. Its ridiculous and its all brainwash. Secularism or death to all

Thumb cash.puppet 10 July 2014, 18:11

Agree to disagree then. Not defending those idiots of course but it's just not feasible. Lebanese is Lebanese and you can't go around telling them they're not because they don't adhere to Christianity. It's like shoving people in an arbitrary identifier whether they like it or not. Also that's a massive generalization as the key is education not anything else. Being born in a Muslim society nowadays however does mean you are more likely to be poor and uneducated and that's for various reasons. Anyway, lest I ramble on, if you think being born a Christian by pure chance makes you different than others then that's that

Thumb cash.puppet 10 July 2014, 18:29

Roar I agree with you there but I wouldn't call those Christian nations. They are secular.. Especially the US. Was never a Christian nation that's all propaganda. I think you will find open minded people and laws (which I agree with) are the way to go and I'm with you on that. Peace and love

Thumb cash.puppet 10 July 2014, 18:37

I'm not beating around the bush. Go to Europe and you'll find a lot of atheists man.. Call it what you will but I know a lot of "Muslims" myself included who are agnostic and/or secular and don't adhere to the things you're saying. You're generalizing.. War, imperialism, money, education and a combination of factors are the reason for this craziness. Why should one at around the bush? Look how advanced Jews are yet they kill indiscriminately.. Trust me. Dividing will never work. Secular states work because most people aren't religious anymore. In Europe and elsewhere.. Religions are just figureheads nowadays in those places. Just go to Sweden or wherever else and ask if they go to church on Sundays.. They aren't Christians, they are just born with that identifier. Anyway in think you get my point

Thumb cash.puppet 10 July 2014, 18:39

And I'll add to that.. The so called Muslim nations are the last places I ant to live absolutely! Not defending them at alll.. Saudi khalij etc are terribly racist places. But for example, their problems are different than lebanons I think you would agree..

Thumb cash.puppet 10 July 2014, 22:33

Haha great dude. I don't hide where I'm from dummy.. Don't personally believe in fairy tales tho

Thumb ex-fpm 10 July 2014, 18:14

God forbids anybody thinks you are sectarian, the_roar! Your comments are self-explanatory.

Missing 10 July 2014, 18:35

You forgot to mention that when Hamas refused to support Assad in his buytchery of the Syrian people, Iran cut off Hamas.

Default-user-icon Apost (Guest) 10 July 2014, 18:50

Hamas has shown and Fatah as well , that their true colors are to destroy the people of Israel.They are responsible for this reaction by Israel. In no way can Israel protect their people by allowing Hamas and Fatah to exist on their borders.It is now time to eliminate them.

Thumb lebpatriot2333 10 July 2014, 19:17

Jerry, Hamas backstabbed the resistance and will suffer the consequences.

Thumb beiruti 10 July 2014, 21:14

More Palestinians killed in Gaza. Does Israel become incrementally safer and more with each Palestinian life that is taken, or is this exercise more like the TSA at the airports, it's done to make us all"feel" safer, but doesn't really do anything toward that objective.

could this operation really have something to do with the oil and gas reserves found off of the coast of Gaza?? If there is no Palestinian state, under international law, who has rights to the offshore discoveries of oil and gas? Follow the money, not the rhetoric.

Thumb cityboy 10 July 2014, 23:41

The_Roar, normally i would agree with much of what you say, but I think your opinion on this one is wrong.

Thumb kanaandian 11 July 2014, 01:59

i was thinking great news, but then it wasn't even hamas terrorists who were killed- mostly just regular people. probably not islamists watching the soccer game, nor the 75 year old and his 19-year old grandson.
i guess you could call that: terrorism as well.

Thumb cash.puppet 11 July 2014, 02:35

Blame the aggressors. Stick true to justice. Dont be a coward.

Thumb cash.puppet 11 July 2014, 02:35

So who is to blame for this? Why we must we accept such israeli onslaught ad the way of life? Wake up bro, its not that we support "iranian militias" its just that these crazies will stop at nothing to destroy and take over everything. They have the saudis and khalijis bought out... We dont wanna live on our knees, simple as. Ill be the first in line for a modern and secular lebanon, but the zios wont allow it unless we bow down to them. Never.

Thumb lebpatriot2333 11 July 2014, 06:58

All I can say is retard. And I'm sorry to insult all the truly mentally challenged people in the world for using that term but Tex you bring it out.

Thumb ex-fpm 11 July 2014, 07:54

he enjoys being a woman, strange?!

Thumb cash.puppet 11 July 2014, 12:18

Sure sure. When zio backed takfiris kill it's ha's fault and when zios kill it's Hamas fault. Never the one doing the killing. Enough texy you're ridiculous

Default-user-icon Apost (Guest) 11 July 2014, 16:10

The peacefull solution to this is to turn the Gaza strip into a parking lot. Nice trees and park benches even a private lake, something like central park in New York. Then you can sit back and enjoy birds and the peace and quite.But first evil must be destroyed.Hamas is evil, Their intentions are evil being driven by hate. It must be very stimulating to never know peace, or knowing that they will never know peace. People in that area need to WAKE up and realize that peace must first be attained within themselves before they can give it to another.Islam is not the answer, Its the problem.